[News] A soft Warcraft:Reforged relaunch incoming?

sounds like blaming the team to me

also wild to call me a shill while I’m criticizing them as well lmfao
seems like you wanna just be hateful for the sake of being hateful

ALSO, if you were an AAA company, would you keep spending $ on game servers that collectively host <100 people per day


sorry, just a weird day here…

Consider this:
Spend 100 bucks per year to serve those people while keeping all 3 As.
Do Reforged and lose 1 A (at least) from the AAA.

You cannot consider Blizzard the same company after reforged. They managed to sink the company name just for not spending those 100 bucks.

So the question is not about spending money for pleasing 99 people. It’s keeping a standard level of service.
The backlash of reforged caused more damage than what spending on that server for 10 more years could have meant.
Failing to foreseeing it is what you would expect from a newbie company, not from an AAA company.

You don’t keep RoC for hosting game. You keep RoC because it is a symbol, one of the 3 pillars of your company. It an establishment. If you fail to understand it you are not worth to work for this company. Simple and clear.

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Still disregarding the fact that there were 1000 active accounts playing ladder on RoC on every realm…
I don’t see why this double digits thing is even being taken seriously.

because it came from a former developer? like what more do u want

Now, we firmly believe he said that. Ok. Now, question, who told him?
He is not the database administrator, nor the network administrator, nor the manager.
And since we have clearly witnessed that they were neither able to create a basic network layer or a simple database to store the ladder score my guess is that one of those employers told him “hey! there are like 30 people playing RoC everyday!”, when possibly there were 3000, or 0, or anything.

“He said so” doesn’t make it real…
Getting on their log files would make it, but I guess they lost them in the reforging process, as our accounts, as RoC, as their dignity as game designers…

If they do it I hope they take into consideration not only the gameplay and the feature but also do what they did for diablo 2 and give us reforged cinematics at least.
Also as a modeler of warcraft 3 reforged model I have found a lot of issues with the models in general and map designs
They look and feel good and more in tune with 2020-2023 but they need to fix the visual issues that many models have.
My focus has been to actually repair them for my own personal enjoyment and fellow warcraft fans, but I do hope they do it themselves because there are a lot of models to repair.

So disagreement on exactly where the blame lies for the failiure we all agree on is shilling now?

Seriously: You try to work on a game for a big company that won’t give you the resources to maintain a big enough team to build a game and see how that goes.

People need to be paid to do work. If you don’t do that, people have to be fire, and then work doesn’t get done, or fewer people have to do more work and something has to give somewhere. It’s not a hard concept.

If it was really just developer incompetence, they would have fired people and spent money hiring people who weren’t incompetent, not just letting the project fail.


read the rest… -.-

Well you know how badly sarcasm can work in text.

And you know, i’ve been called such multiple times on this forum even though i’ve entirely recognized and acknowledged all the failiures. The even funnier thing about calling anyone here a shill is just the very idea that Blizzard would pay people to post stuff. They were too cheap to spend the money to see this project succeed, so why would they do that?

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That is actually completely true :wink:
But if you remember in the beginning there were all those paid reviews… that backlashed to the reviewers exposing how ridiculous they were…

That’s nice! Give the classic graphics a polish and remaster so that the graphics look high definition and up to date! Like what C&C and AoE did with theirs, which was a fanatical hit! WC 3 current graphics is just too iconic, I think that’s one of the reasons why Reforged graphics was biased against along with some other things such as competitive lag advantages online etc.

Hopefully blizzard abandons the “reforged” graphics and doesnt waste resources on it.

Focus $$ on balancing redesign, multiplayer features/systems, better skirmish/campaign AI, new campaigns etc.
They can polish up some of the rougher War3 models but VERY CAREFULLY to not destroy its original looks.

Personally i would not mind a better UI for selecting the whole army (like in SC2).

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Guess I’m the only one that actually likes the new models. Although I agree a polish up of the classic ones would be cool. Like the starcraft 2 HD hero models.

They just need to fix the bugs and continue adding features and hopefully skins.


Many like them, but they are much less vocal about it.

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pretty sure they won’t; we already have sizeable amounts of projects with the HD models such as Chronicles of the Second War and Re-Reforged; and Kam/Artict is even a contributor of those projects

I may be a bit biased since I’m an HD model reviewer in Hiveworkshop and I already made some custom HD models but I’d rather Blizzard not throw away the reforged graphics after spending effort and money for it


To each his own but that is sunk-cost fallacy.

The reforged graphics are so reviled that you will struggle to find any streamer/youtuber using them, unless they are contractually obligated like some tournaments were in the east.

There is definitely an underline resentment between people on the sides of the visual topic, there is no shortage of lines of thought or indications that one wouldn’t care if anything happened to the other even they dont publicly admit it.

There is however, something important to write, and its that Blizzards idea on how to implement something is probably very different to how the community thinks they will implement it in their headcanon, something on the surface can seem harmless but the execution of it can be lethal.

They should focus resources on fixing the game and making sure certain asthetical and customizable demands for mapmakers are met instead of making new skins or more content. the thing that hurts me the most is that the practical solution to our problems is not “hype market material” for blizzard, its just honest hiring of people who actually care and know how this game works, to fix the game. try and sell that idea to a marketting team now :stuck_out_tongue:

The only decent, very neutral no harm done to parties and no hostilities encouraged option i saw was Reduce Storage Capacity, all the other options on the survey makes me afraid of how will they implement it or would it cause one side of the community to hate the other if it happens even if those items may seem genuine high priority things to pay attention to.


I use them. I don’t really think your statement is accurate either. They’re only “reviled” by classic WC3 purists. I think the units and such look good. The terrain could be a lot better but it’s at least still higher fidelity.


Honestly I liked the new models too. Even the spell icon looks really polished and all. Still, it did provide some graphic disadvantages when competing online, including how some of the graphics got in the way of fights as such etc.

I’ve also grown to realize that the classic graphic is just too iconic to give up and is better to work with that then change what seems like a different genre of graphics.

A new art forshadowing the soft-relaunch ?