[News] A soft Warcraft:Reforged relaunch incoming?

Apparently Blizzard is preparing us to relaunch Warcraft:Reforged with big missing features. And it’s absolutely not a joke, I’m almost in tears :

This kind of surveys from Blizz are usual before an announcement.
It could include UI revamp, graphics improvements (something says that current reforged graphics weren’t 100% done), some campaign fixes or adds…

Stay tuned


-Why don’t you play it?
It’s unplayable with lags and disconnections?

  • Art Reworks
    No need more footprints thx

  • UI/UX Revamps
    The old one was more than ok

  • Storage Size Reduction

  • Campaign Improvements
    For improvements you mean revert?

Now, what about the implementation of a reconnection button and scrap all the rest? (apart from the space)?


No point getting excited. They won’t revert to legacy Warcraft 3, or bring Reign of Chaos back from the dead.
Old battle net was superior in every way, unless they revive every single aspect from the original UX/UI, bring back ladder (with unique icons for both RoC and TFT), revive custom games (and remove the clause that they take ownership which killed it).

And at this point the people likely receiving the surveys are probably not old Warcraft 3 players who are the audience they lost.
Idk I will forever be sceptical until they can prove otherwise. But judging on the past 3 years of non updates, it’s not looking good.

They should have done what they did with Diablo 2 and kept legacy alongside the resurrected versions.
But ultimately Warcraft 3 was where they learned what NOT to do, before D2.

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I am excited and hopeful.

This is one very long redemption arc.


it’s not blizzard tho. its some b team candycrush-activision crap. who thinks letting them change fundamental mechanics in a 25 year old game is a good idea?

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where in the survey did they mention fundamental mechanics

I didn’t see any survey, for now. But I cried, too!

You’re not really supposed to post stuff like this. But I got the survey too and answered it honestly and frankly.

However some parts of it were odd, like it asked about tournaments. Which were specifically removed from the game due to low activity (as I understand it).

It was also particularly interesting for it asking if you bought and still have reforged, refunded it, or never bought it at all.

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They should work on improving what’s there already, instead of soft-relaunching. A steady, focused and consistent flow of patches to improve on readability, performance and fixing all bugs. Don’t waste resources in what might divide the community even more.


The old one is definitely not ok. In 2023, we need a small and clean UI which doesn’t take half the screen

Well when we say soft relaunch, I think more along the lines of fixing the game up and then announcing “hey we fixed the game pls buy it and we aren’t granting special refunds anymore because we’re confident it isnt a trash product anymore.”


Agreed. Take it one patch at a time. Don’t just throw in everything at once (SD improvements AND Refoged improvements). It will throw people off. Unfortunately you can’t market consistent patches as easily as a big 2.0 update.

Consistent patches are the way of No Man Sky. Also, Blizzard, remove the refund policy and put the freaking game on sale.


For the old one I mean the original one.
Get on Bnet → join channel → chat on sx, clan on dx → talk → join game → enjoy.
Everything stays in the game.
Community grows.

In game interface, I agree that a smaller and configurable interface is a very good option.


Automatic tournaments were fantastic when they were functional.
In the latter years of pre-Reforged WC3 they had “low activity” because they were bugged and unplayable. In particular, you could not invite allies to your team and queue for a 2v2 or 3v3 tournament, because the invite system was broken.

I would love to have automatic tournaments implemented back into the game. Everyone should, it is a no-downside proposition.


reforged needs a terrain-trees retextures, better unit recognizition (colours , etc…) .

I want how game looked in 2018 blizzcon gameplay, not what we have nowdays. I have to use quenching mod which improve graphics a lot, and ofc, more smooth animations, not the 30 fps animations from old warcraft 3. Would be nice if they use new client for reforged and old client separated. like age of empires 2 definitive edition.


My biggest problem here. Reign of Chaos wasnt event mentioned in the survey…


Probably because reign of chaos is obsolete and has been for years. The decision to drop RoC support came after the amount of people playing RoC would be in the single digits every day.


“on battlenet”

don’t forger “on battlenet”

That is a wrong.

Here are thousands of active RoC players who were actively playing before Blizzard shut down RoC who had their community destroyed overnight:


This is just the gateway Northrend (Europe), not to mention the other 3 gateways and 5 game modes.
Worth noting the exp has been decaying since nobody can play games anymore.

I’d like to see this evidence for single digits because thats quite frankly just incorrect.

EDIT: It seems in the past week these links no longer work. Interesting.
Well up until last week you could still view each page and all of them had 50 pages worth (1000) players minimum shown as ranked, not to mention the unranked players.
Taking the old ladder site offline is a new development.

Here using the waybackmachine 24th August 2018 (which is before Reforged shut this down). But you will have to look through the individual ladders/gateways yourself: