Native Linux Support

Hey, I have been a fan of WC3 since it’s initial launch and am quite excited about Remastered.
While I do have some issues and suggestions, most of them have been addressed by other threads already and so I posted them there.
One thing I haven’t seen much discussion is whether or not the game will be running natively under Linux. Grubby asked one of the devs during his interview (sry, I didn’t catch his name), but he said he couldn’t tell yet.
So my guess is that there are no plans for Linux support (yet), and since Remastered is slated to use the Blizzard launcher, I’m guessing it would be difficult to implement Linux support for just this one game and not all others in the launcher at the same time.

Still, I wanted to use this thread to let the guys at Blizzard know that there is a market of Linux users that would appreciate the support! And I really hope it will be within the scope of this project to bring it natively to Linux!


I wouldn’t hold my breath, but a native Linux build would make this an insta-buy. Just sayin…


Not only as Linux gamer but also as concerned consumer and seeing where pc-gaming world is heading . I hope blizzard will consider adding Linux client or atleast Vulkan Support at some point for warcraft3 reforged.

This would be good point to start adding proper modern opensource-“like’ish” support for the game.

WC3, Wow, Starcraft, Diablo all well known blizzard games used to have atleast OpenGL support not so long ago.

One might say “ya they did that only because of Mac” or “Mac has Metal now a days” etc… But let me remind you that OpenGL were on windows clients too.

And of Modern Apple side Khronos group has released MoltenVK as opensource alternative layer to mac which translates Apples Metal to Vulkan. So making mac port based on Vulkan should not be that much of an issue.


I use linux on my PC so linux support would be greatly, greatly appreciated


Certainly the most important aspect to make me purchase.


We all want that, and we all know it’s not gonna happen :confused:


Yeah, this is the sort of thing I don’t even have the courage to ask from developers.
It would be awesome though!

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That would be great. Has anyone figured out how to make Warcraft 3 work since the patch? After the OpenGL support was removed I never was able to reinstall the game and play.

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This would be a pretty awesome thing, but i doubt it would ever happen seeing how all Blizzard games are made primarily for windows.
Another problem would be the BNet client.


I’m not expecting it, but I like Linux. I would like to see support added for you folks. :slight_smile:


You know blizzard. They don’t know that other OS than windows and mac even exists. I’m tired of trying to start their games through wine. I recently play only steam games. Take an example from them!


Yes, +1 for Linux support. And thank you very much for reforging this great game.



I know it’s not gonna happen. But as a Linux user I must upvote this


Linux please …


I quit WoW (around 2months ago) because of being annoyed with problems with BattleNet app on Linux. If they will support Linux with WC3 or at least the BattleNet app itself, I’m instantly buying both.


BNet is built with Qt. Porting it should be really easy.


Like everyone I don’t expect much, but I would love a Linux port.


-1 Blizzard can’t trust it because Linux is a free OS that is ran by the general public.

+1 for linux support :heart:


+1 for linux support
EDIT: amount of views tells better than just posts. numbers would be way more higher if more people knew, it’s not like all linux system owners are here (this just because this is not linux supported).