Native Linux Support

+1. Bought it. I hope it will work on wine or something…


+1 for linux support


+1 All bnet games for Linux, blizzard please.
p.s and destiny 2 :wink:


+1 for linux support


There was a working internal Native Linux client because of the Mac version. However, they didn’t want to support it.

Now that they have moved to DX11 and they seem to have moved on from OpenGL, I wonder if they are working on a Vulkan version for Mac OS X?

Even so, I doubt they’ll ever release a Linux version because of the smaller market share.

Regardless, the PTR works great under Linux now and with DXKV, it is running faster under Linux than it does under Windows for me.

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I’ve been wondering, how much does it entail to support an OS like Linux? I’ve only programmed simple C++ programs that never gave me any issues when compiling on linux or windows.

As you’ve said, making it cross platform is not too difficult.

This refers to user support and not code support.

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I have been playing on wine for years, please do a full linux release! :smiley:


They didn’t remove OpenGL. They updated the installer and updater to use the Battle net service. You just have to have the client running within your Wine prefix.

I recommend using Lutris for this as it is pretty straightforward to get it working with that.

Also, the latest PTR uses DX11. The game can be run with DXKV and it runs really fast now.

I would really like to see linux support for Blizzard games, especially for Warcraft 3 Reforged.

  • yes please. Need a Linux version so my nephews and I can play. Entire family is on Linux.

Yes please for native Linux support! Instabuy

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+1 Even these days wine supports war3 sc2 with no problems, it will be great to have it properly ported on Linux. It will make the Linux users feel like first class citizens :wink: .

As a longlime linux programmer I know porting apps/games on linux is not an easy task, especially huge games like war3, sc2, etc., but is not hard either. Your effort (and investment) will be paid off in no time.

Dependencies, tons of them, and with OpenGL out of the way all hope is lost.

I’m using GNU/Linux on my gaming PC, so i hope there will be Linux port of Warcraft III Reforged.


Yes, please officially support Linux in some fashion!


+1, I am a linux user and having it native would be pretty awesome!


+1, been a full-time linux user for four years, and anyone who supports it gets my money for what its worth!

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As an “already pre-ordered” guy: yes please. Btw, that would be a nice start for Blizzard to achieve an instant Linux supremacy.

I please request a native client for Linux.

I got most of the Blizzard games working through the latest version of Lutris, except for Heroes of the Storm. World of Warcraft that made going through dungeons difficult with stutters. Starcraft 2 had a stutter and quit during a game. Feral Interactive has a Game Mode for Linux that has resolved most of these stutters but this took a long time to figure out how to fix it. A native port would help to make sure users have the best experience and prevent issues like the client breaking.

I am fine if you port the most popular games first like World of Warcraft and Overwatch and later on add native Linux support for older games like Diablo 3.

I am sure partners like Nvidia and AMD would also be able to provide assistance. They have been making massive improvements in their Linux graphics drivers over the last two years. Vulkan is a great cross platform graphics Api also and is supported on devices like the Nintendo Switch (Good job with the Overwatch and Diablo ports!)

Linux also has the advantage of being available on other form factors besides just a PC. Google is working on getting Linux apps working through Chrome books. Android phones are starting to be able to use Linux apps. There are Linux game consoles like the Atari VCS and SmachZ. Windows 10 demands having more than 25 GB of storage which is too big for 32/64/128 GB devices.

Remember Windows 7 has its support ending on January 14, 2020. Millions of Windows users will be looking for a different operating system at this time. Windows 8 and 10 have not been very well received compared to Windows 7. Windows 8 even caused a massive drop off in PCs sold. I switched to Linux after seeing the future of the Windows platform with Windows 8 and 10. I would have played more Blizzard games if they had been available.

Linux has a very nice update system which is very fast. This is a great time saver when installing a new PC and all I have to worry about is updating the blizzard games I want to play.

Windows 10 has been having issues like a new issue recently discovered with high CPU usage. This was reported on the Forbes web site. Last year’s October update also had a issue with deleting users files!

Please consider making Linux ports of your great games!
Thank you!