Let it come out in December 2020 but as completely "reforged"

As the title says, i’m ok with waiting for 1 year more as long as they give us the game we expect (even more). Game is totally the same of Warcraft III classic but with new graphics. I don’t think it’s really worth buying/playing.

I’d say, let them delay it and give us completely new concept such as:

  1. New and modern campaign cutscenes as we have seen in Blizzcon 2018 Culling of Stratholme video,
  2. Remake of all ingame campaign cinematics as we have seen in Blizzcon 2018 game intro,
  3. New hero types (example: Warlord/Berserker Hero class for Grom Hellscream. He looks so absurd with Blademaster kit),
  4. New and more realistic graphics,
  5. New campaigns for the story between Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne and WoW Classic. (Thrall campaign for example since his voice actor is the same as WoW)

I’m ok with old voice records since old voice actors/actresses were far better than current WoW ones.

Who else thinks like me?


Well, you understand that anyway, no one will delay anything?

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Awesome! If is possible to they launch as “Early Access” or “Open Beta” this will be able to be possible still receive this things, polishment,updgrades and other things!

This year the game just will need launch as “Early Access” or “Open Beta” and not as Final.


NO! Just NO! Never…Please. Please,It’s imposible…


Yes!!! Do it!!!


Please NO! I understand that you want that but that DOESN’T worth another year of waiting! Please!


I would be worth another 5 years of waiting, much more 1.


No It doesnt! I have been waiting for Reforged many years and I just wanna play it already!


If the game needs more time to have all the promised content, i wanna wait till the game receive all the promised content!


Promissed content will never back - Purists and Pro’s won’t let that happen

They will, if you just let them rot in an untouched Classic.


Listen,I’m tired of waiting…I just wants to play campaing already,changes can wait…

Play Classic, then. As it stands now, Reforged would have the exact same Campaigns.


I don’t want to play classic - I want to see new maps,with new models and new VO,stop taking it away from me

Those will not be on the actual Reforged, if it comes out now.

All of that was cut. The only way to get it, is with a delay.


We WILL get new maps,closer to their canon look
And We already get new VO
We already get new Models
And it’s dumb to wait for something more


Remake Grom in WoW, he looks so absurd without the blademaster kit.

He is NOT a Blademaster in a first place - He isn’t Orc from Burning Blade clan and he doesn’t even have a Blade - He uses Axe


An Axe is a blade.

I do agree that he should be a different Hero class altogether, since Grom was never a Blademaster.
Clanchief would b a good name for another class, and would fit since he lead the Warsong.
The other alternative would be for Blizz to restore the Beta Warlord class (it used the same model as the Slavemaster in the first Human mission), with Command Aura as a skill, like it was supposed to have.

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Or at least make an addon later, with campaign rework!