Let it come out in December 2020 but as completely "reforged"

They sure can do it,as well as graphical update. Let them release this game in this month - And the new stuff will be on it’s way

If game needs more time, go ahead. I don’t mind either.


One more year of delayed content to add some campaign/cinematic stuff. This guy is a genius! I bet you are the one paying them for the additional year of work? Right?

I agree with everything!

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I am sure that he is one of many who then buy this game.

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If it meant getting all that + more balance updates, bug fixes, optimization/performance stability, UI changes, and more, then it’d be worth waiting a year for.

Plus they need to do marketing… advertisement. Game is DOA at this rate. If they come out next week and say “ok the game is here”, like 10 people would even be aware.


It’s getting delayed at least 4 months anyways according to the former lead designer but they also have more people on the team soon so i guess thats a good sign

Citation needed.

If the game will be delayed - It’s oficially doomed…Why…Why you want them to ruin this game?..Sure…adding new stuff is important but WHY NOT JUST A GLOBAL UPDATE? Please! The game is so close that I can almost reach my hand to it…I-I don’t want to wait another silent year of unknown changes and high exspectations!

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The game is doomed if it ISN’T delayed.
We don’t want to ruin the game, we want the perfect game.

To quote Miyamoto - “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”


You need to get out more. Seriously, you sound completely pathetic. You’re like that bratty kid in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” - “But I want it NOOOOOOOOOW!”


Blademaster kit for Grom is fine, I don’t need a new orc hero. If any new heroes are to be made, add the to the neutral heroes.

Also, while Grom isn’t technically a blademaster, the warsong lived around the same region as the original burning blade. The burning blade were also just as bloodthirsty as the warsong after drinking the blood of mannoroth, if not more so. With the close geographic proximity and similar berserker natures of each clan after their corruption, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say that both clans interacted with eachother, either as friends, enemies, or possibly both, in which they’re cultures and fighting styles could have overlapped in areas.

A real life example could be medieval Europe and medieval Asia. One could easily distinguish a European knight from a samurai, but a closer look at the countries in each region would herald subtler differences in cultures. French knights and German knights have different cultures and styles that are obvious to them, but they’re both knights. Same thing between a medieval Chinese and Japanese warrior.

Also, an axe is a blade, and not all burning blades were samurai. They did still fight with grunts wielding axes.

(as a side note, I also noticed that blizzard included every racial class as a main character in each campaign. When a old chatacter comes back they’re level 10 since you’ve already played with them before and any new classes start at level 1 so you can build them up throughout the campain and learn the class. If Hellscream is changed to some new class, then there would be no blademaster in the campaign. I guess you could add Samuro, but with no new voice lines from main characters, where would you fit him?)

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Youre making a complete idiot out of yourself on these forums. Are you some 12 year old who cries bc he’s not getting what he wants whenever he wants it ? Holy sh*t youre embarassing


This argument is not completely true, as, for example, you never get to play as anty Dreadlord in the RoC Undead Campaign.
Having Orc Campaign without Blademaster would not change much in the way that it teaches you to play the race, as Campaign unit stats are already different than Melee ones.

Agree. Devs if you need more time and you think you can give us everything you planned originaly or most of it do it. We love the game and if it means it will be better many will support it.


This may come as news, but the world doesn’t revolve around you. This is what the community majority wants.


And where was this majority a year ago,when everyone was talking s–t about “WoW is Trash! Game looks like Starcraft! What a terrible cutscenes!”
If you wanted them to hear you - why you didn’t show it back in the day? Why you make devs believe that community doesn’t like changes?
Where were your positive opinions about changes on YouTube,On news sites…Where was “Ohh! That’s idea is actually pretty cool,I hope they will keep it!”?
There wasn’t…You make them believe that the majority of fanbase is Purists,who screamed,quote: “DON’T CHANGE MY GAME”
Why you care about positive opinions only now?
And why don’t you care about the people who likes even this state of Beta?

Nope nope nope.

You don’t. Almost everyone else does. He’s supposed to be brutish and savage, not tricky.

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Seriously - All that you want (Including visual updates and lore changes) can be added in the game later as a global update, there’s no reason why it should be delayed

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