J Allen Brack's Disastrous Response

Yes, fans didn’t want the game to change, which includes voice acting.


^^ This is a search of this forum for the word retcon. There are tons of threads from the months prior to Blizzcon regarding the proposed changes to the story. Most (not all) of the discussion was players asking that the story NOT be changed.

Obviously, new story and dialogue would need new voice acting, right? If they’re not changing the story and dialogue, they don’t need to change the voice acting. Pretty straightforward.

I’m sorry if your language / localization is different, I have no idea about that.

My entire point linking the PC gamer article above, and now the forum search, is to show that Blizzard not having a changed story and dialogue is not another example of Blizzard failing to deliver for W3 Reforged.

In fact, abandoning those proposed changes is literally what tons of people were asking them to do.

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<.< All I did was point out a fact and then you accused me of hating a race of people in Asia. I hated their quality of work not them, jeez sjwbro over here going hard.

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But they literally did what players did not want them to do if they changed the voice acting. Moreover, this localization does narrow down the distance to WoW. I don’t know what the opinion was in that case but the standard tenor I experienced in the past was that players always liked to see WoW non-canon from Warcraft III perspective.

edit: It’s supposedly redone in multiple languages.

I have no idea about localization. The people posting asking for no changes to the story (and therefore voice acting) were talking about the English version of the game, and they were posting in English.

I have no idea about your still unnamed localization.

If you’re unhappy about your localization, let blizzard know about it. Responding to me trying to disprove the fact that player feedback and preference pushed Blizzard to abandon plans to change the story and dialogue is laughable.

There is no discussion to have here. They were going to change WC3 to better align with 15 years of World of Warcraft lore, and people said they didnt want that, and then Blizzard didn’t change WC3 for the Reforged update. That’s it.

Welcome to age of corporatocracy. They have no limits. Only scary thing is what is next ???.. They will have your dna at sooner or later point…

I believe the ones who truly cared at blizz have already left. And activision filled their empty spots with their own goonies to try and give us the impression that blizz is still around while in reality, it’s just activision in disguise.

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Just refunded mine, thanks.

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You should be paid for playing this game 30$ !!! I hope their stocks go down even more. Stop buying their sh1t !!!

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It still amazes me anyone puts any kind of faith in this company anymore. I admit it took me awhile to draw the line too but holy cow they keep lowering the bar. This is hideous.

J. Allen Brack is an absolute goof, too. What an ugly, awful person he is. I guess I didnt expect much of a response out of him especially after ‘I accept full accountability’ (which somehow worked on the crowd?!?! - literally empty words, you morons. He didnt do anything to make up for what they did, he didnt even lie about it after that, he just said ‘we accept accountability’. Just… insane) so in retrospect this response is really in line with his ideals. I actually kinda feel bad for Kaivax because it seems like he was just given a script from Allen. They’re playing ignorant on what they did, what they are still doing, and they continue to blame US for it.

And yet some of you are like ‘yeah we are to blame’.

I get it, I really do. But hoping you’ll get the same great gaming experience from Blizzard as you did over a decade ago by supporting Blizzard as they are today is only going to have the opposite effect and I hope you come to your senses for your own sake.

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While blizzard deserves a lot of hate. I’m not seeing this one. That said I’ve damn near stopped caring about blizz as a whole. The old blizzard would never let a game as unfinished as war3 reforged be released. The old blizzard would’ve delivered on most of the promises of reforged.

J Allen. You need to stop trying to please china and worry about your company’s reputation. There are some that put blizz at the same level as EA. Do you want that? Bfa burned warcraft fans because the classes were poorly designed and azerite was unfun. Beta feedback was ignored by lore. You need to fix this.

Ever since J Allen Brack took over, there has been blunder after blunder. This is his legacy as of right now. I really don’t doubt Diablo IV will be underwhelming as well.
In all honesty tho, i would be completely be embarrassed to be the “guy” that people will remember who ruined Blizzard. If i were him, id go above and beyond for Reforged to be fixed. and not just fixing bugs, adding ladder and missing chat features. Which, is probably all that’s going to happen.

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Overwatch 2 is a reskin of overwatch and diablo 4 is going to be a reskin of diablo 3

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we’re blaming activision because it IS activision. Blizzard is wholly owned by them. The head of Blizzard is a talking head for Activision. They are one company and Activision proper is running the show. When blizzard was acquired by Activision is precisely when things started getting sloppy, for lack of a better term.

To be honest its both him and bobby.

You know what happened with microsoft recently? They had a executive shake up months back and what happen? Microsoft suddenly became very focused on games and now we’re seeing a huge boom for the company and one of the best game passes we could ask for hell HALO on PC and AoE 2 Definitive edition is amazing.

We need the same here. We need both the parent company and the subsidiary to start giving a damn about their products again. There NEEDS to be a shake up.

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Goes both ways if you’re making this argument. How can you confirm that they actually listened to any of us? And don’t tell me they said so at Blizzcon because, companies will do anything to justify why they’re not doing something that clearly the majority of the community wanted. You are being delusional. They couldn’t re release an almost 20 year old game in a state that is even passable. Let that sink in because it clearly hasn’t yet.

Edit: stop apologizing for them. They took your money and gave you turd on a plate and you’re gobbling it up like it’s hot cake.

The only response to J Allen Brack:

I’m sorry you didn’t have the experience this week that you wanted.

J. Allen Brack reminds me of my own boss. When things go bad and disastrous, his delusional mindset makes him believe all the nonsense he speaks and if he recognizes a problem, he puts the blame on other employees or customers.

To sum up the whole response:
"Release now, Fix it later."

It’s because of this mentality why I cannot ever support this game despite how much I love(d) the original WC3.

Brack could have easily postponed the release if he wanted. But he didn’t which gives me the impression that he, like every other executive within Blizzard, just doesn’t care about their customers anymore. All they seem to care is to get a quick buck out from their customers to keep their share holders happy, so that they can get bigger revenue bonus from their shares.

I do believe that the developers who worked on this aren’t happy with the end product either, but when they have no say against these greedy executives and directors and they’re forced to do their bidding.

If this was Blizzard ~10-years ago they wouldn’t have released half baked game like this and I think that WC3: Reforged is the final proof that the Blizzard we all love and cherish is long gone.

It’s not about the words. It’s about dodging the matter. Instead of talking about how we broke the game, we will talk about, that fans are disappointed and claim we didn’t do our job. It’s saying, that fans are to blame for expecting quality. It’s Schopenhauerian eristic. If your opponent is right, slightly change the subject into something similar, but something you are not technically wrong on. He is right, fans had high expectations and they are disappointed. The other matter it’s their fault we had expectations

wait he says that we had to high expectations?. So we want the stuff they showed and promised us at Blizzcon 2018 is now “to high expectations”? srsly what is this man taking?