J Allen Brack's Disastrous Response

People who blindly support his behaviour and the priorities of the new Blizzard are causing the game developing to walk into a dark, bitter way, where releasing a game becomes normal (because it will (might) get updates to fix it.

It’s just carefully thought out PR speak to give the impression that things are not that bad. By saying that the standard players are saying wasn’t met is super high he subtly implies that the standard that they met was still high. He doesn’t want to tell investors that what players are actually saying is that the game is terrible and that the bar that they didn’t meet was their own advertisement.

It’s a double-edged sword, unfortunately.

Blizzard listens to the people who don’t pay them even less than they listen to the people who do. The company’s been consumed by pride and hubris, they legit believe they can do no wrong.

I read the summary of his conference call as well in regards to Reforged. He didn’t seem sorry at all about the quality of the game that was released.

I guess this is what happens when you have a businessman calling the shots when they don’t really know anything about their consumer.

I would have loved to be on the conference call and question him about why the game is less polished than the original material that the reforge was built off of.

This type of game development and community management is what we’ll have in the future. Be it Diablo 4, Shadowlands or anything else.

Near permanent hate culture, that’s what we live in now.

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Extra missions exist in reforged mode.

Ranked play is fair.

Clans are unneeded and can be replaced with discord or Blizzards in app group feature.

Custom campaigns, fair but not exactly used all that much, not that many decent custom camps to begin with.

If 2020 plays out like 2018 and 2019, Brack may just have to fall on that sword…

Way to manipulate what he says.

You know in business they say ‘ 2% of your angriest customers will take 80% of your energy’. Because no matter what you do, they’ll never be happy. Fix, not fix. Give money back, not give money back.

I’d say who needs to be fired is that 2%.

There is a difference between the complaints of. The Kaldorei don’t have what they deserve.

And you scammed your fans.

If they do not fix reforged it is a shadow that they will have on top of each other with the remaster.

although it seems that they want to let the company die.