J Allen Brack's Disastrous Response

He basically blames everyone, all of us, for expecting too much. To put it plainly, he says that whatever we think about the game is meaningless and they’re behind this game.

STOP blaming Activision. It is the president of Blizzard Entertainment who is doing all of these. Blizzard is the main reason of creation of this game(?) and they are so shameless that they can blame US for not liking the game.

I’m not allowed to post links but it’s in pcgamer. Just write “j allen brack warcraft 3 reforged” on Google.


activision and blizzard are the same company and have been for years


Links please.


D4, Shadowlands, Overwatch 2… President himself is saying that they don’t care about whether we like the game or not and it’s our fault to expect too much.
What do you expect of other Blizzard IPs? They are bound to have the same or worse fate with this type of mentality.


I think he ment that “appology” that we got few days ago on this forum.

I’m not allowed to post links but it’s pcgamer. Just write “j allen brack warcraft 3 reforged” on Google.


Nah he means the Q4 interview thing they had today.




“Concerning Warcraft 3: Reforged, honestly, it’s been a bit of a hard week. Our community has come to expect really amazing things from us, and we’ve heard from them that we did not achieve that bar,” Brack said.

“But we stand behind our games, and have consistently shown that not only do we support them, but we continue to build on them even after launch. And we’re committed to doing that here as well. We’re going to continue to update the game, and we’re going to continue to update the community with our plans going forward.”


My Spanish is too rusty to read this.

I think people are trying way to hard to read this negatively.

There’s plenty to be upset with Blizzard about, this is not one of them.


Google My friend. XD

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if that is That is not an insult. It is a neutral message.
Moreover, they say that now they are going to inform us about things.

That can still be a lie.

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It’s just usual PR spin. It’s nothing worse than the blue post tbh. They’re not admitting fault, and the usual “we’ll fix it trust us” bs. People will just see it as another example of Blizz being Blizz at this point.


Think about it this way, exactly how would you respond to this kind of backlash if you were the developer of a game and how would you do it without completely falling on your sword or in a way that demeans all the hard work your employees put into get the game into players hands?


Oh yeah, I’m not faulting him for it, he can’t go to the stockholders and yell “YEAH GUYS WE F***ED UP PLEASE DON’T BELIEVE IN US!”

I’m just saying people will see it as the CEO just saying more things that makes it seem like we’re at fault rather than them.


The one where he says WC3R launch was a ‘hard week’?

if he says “we don’t deliver what we promised” that same day Blizzard loses a record of his actions.

I don’t expect him to say that. I hope he says “fans expected a lot from us. We will do what it takes to comply.”
wait 14 years for this game I can wait one more.

I will continue to point them until they correct it.

Which i see as completely blizz’s fault. They put themselves in that position in which words now truly mean nil. Until they have like multiple good releases, the community ain’t gonna let up regardless of what they say.

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To be fair, some players are at fault. There was a lot of misinformation in this first week of outrage.


Well yeah it’s Blizzards fault but I also live in the real world where I don’t believe CEOS will randomly admit all faults to their stockholders :wink: