J Allen Brack's Disastrous Response

they are. but the fact is we don’t know when, and it shouldn’t have been removed in the first place.

no, but its stuff that factors into the work load, which factors into the price. you charge us 30$ because you promise a bunch of big updates, but then scale back the updates but keep the price the same…

blizzcon 2018 was when the game was announced, smart one.
i guess you mean blizzcon 2019 - so basically. i had to PAY to hear about the update. sounds totally fair after i already PAID FOR THE GAME. maybe blizzard should have taken a page out of microsofts books - they made all the updated information readily available and engaged the playerbase quite frequently with forum posts, emails, and videos. all FREE OF CHARGE.

Yes I remember them mentioning they were going to change the game this was very unpopular with a lot of people including myself. I’m very happy that the dialogue and story was not changed. They said they were abandoning plans to update and retcon the game a while ago due to player feedback. This is not surprising or new.

where was this advertised? website to this day still advertises a cinematic that didn’t even get in game. maybe that should have been removed. maybe they should have made a FORUM POST detailing the changes so people would know they were coming…

I read about it here first (Nov 2019):


so an interview from blizzcon. GG. why wasn’t this information posted on the forums? why wasn’t the main website updated to reflect?

stop defending shoddy information sharing.

by the way - that was just about changing the focus to add more sylvanas and jaina. nothing there talks about why stuff like the culling cinematic was removed. which by the way - the blizzcon one is easily the best of the 3 by a metric mile.

Oh please. I’m going to bet that you’ll be the first one crying when confronted with an unrelenting critique of your creative output. I see it happen all the time in development. The ones most critical of others work are the first ones crying in the corner when their own work gets hammered.

Grow up.

Hey buddy, Don’t put words in my mouth. Thanks.

Fans were vocal for quite a while asking blizzard to not retcon the game. I know it’s shocking, but Blizzard actually does listen to its playerbase. They scrapped the plans to retcon the game because we asked them to.

not retcon. aka - we had enough sylvanas and jaina just in wow. we didn’t need to shift the focus of wc3 to them as well.

please - explain what that has to do with not using cinematics in the style of the blizzcon culling one (which is too this day advertised on the website). that cinematic is fantastic.

I agree it was neat to see the in game cinematic using different camera angles, but them choosing to pan out a bit is not the same thing as abandoning their initial plans to change the story and dialogue of the game.

Hi. The in game cinematic style has nothing to do with changing the story to better fit wow. Aka a retcon of war3

I agree that the close up camera angles were cool. That is a different topic than Blizzard changing the story and diologue.

Please stop moving the goal post here, and let’s stick to one topic at a time.

except they did more then not pan out a bit. the blizzcon one actually has interactions between the characters and actually looks like a cinematic cutscene. the one in game just uses the gameplay footage and you don’t see stuff like where arthas is pointing or uthers shocked reaction.

i’m not moving the goal posts. i’ve literally asked a dozen times or so in this very thread for an answer to that. no one has one.

yeah go ahead. don’t shift the story narrative. no issue there. that doesn’t explain why they discarded using a perfectly good cut scene setup.

For the 3rd (4th) time…

I agree the close up cinematic style was cool.

I’m talking about a different topic. Why do you keep bringing up the in game cinematic? I agree the version shown at blizzcon was cool.

because i’ve literally asked that question about a dozen times and no one has an answer. they literally just throw out the answer you gave to the other one “fans asked for it to be removed”. i cannot imagine fans said that the blizzcon culling trailer was terrible.

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Ok I’m done talking to you. Stop responding to me about the damn cutscene style.

I was talking about them scrapping their plans to change the story and diologue.

They are two different topics.

Two different topics, friend. We asked them to not change the story and diologue to better fit wow, and they listened to us.

I don’t know why they didn’t end up using the stratholme cutscene style.

Two. Different. Topics.


I think he is trying so hard to remain a relevant meme. People memed him for the “you think you do but you don’t”. Now that they can’t, the guy is kinda sad and thought “maybe, just maybe if I greenlight a shirt game, and complain about people not liking shirt games I would become a meme again.” And whadayaknow… Here we are.

I like how all I did was ask a question and you start crying. Do you work for them? Are you sad? I’m sorry I insulted your development skills, but your studio should have done better with the rendering and the shading.

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You only think that they listened to you. The fact is that they wanted to cut corners. And by cutting corners they unintentionally delivered what you preferred. So just please stop with these bs arguments. They don’t give 2 pigeon turds about what anyone thinks.

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Nah, not biased really… I am equally disappointed about the “content” (though a more appropriate word would be features as that is what it is) that should have been present (clans, working chat channels, custom games and ranked games) and the amount of bugs related to connectivity which really should have been ironed out or at the very least - any online play should not be reflected until these issues are gone. I’d wish they would do betas that extend beyond just half a year - it is not enough time to find and fix critical issues, in the same category of betas I would like a return to the old tried and tested system of using people that actually do test and does it properly rather than the random invites or streamer preferences to promote. I would like stress testing to last at least 4 months in which people are gradually accepted to stress servers even more.

The only thing I don’t care about are the cutscenes that were shelved due to player demands (just use the forum search and you can find these topics).

What I do, however, is see it through the investors eyes (shareholders) and they would most definitely look at his statement as an acknowledgement of failing to meet expectations. This does, after all, cut in to their profits and trust in the company. J. Allen Brack does not need to say it out loud, it is plain and obvious.