I've paid for a Remake Not a reskin

but they are raging about not getting something that they are getting…

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I like the reskin and multiplayer!! I dont mind if they wanted to use WoW type of story cause it made me curious when I saw the new WoW. But im not buying this for campaign im buying for the multi.

Im surprised they event wanted to change story, Reforged for me echoed since long ago - remastered. Yes HD, just that

no 13+ selection
no new races multiplayer (omegalul)
nothing else.

I told you that what you want is not realistic for what a reforged does, some postarz thought it is what WC4?

It may likely follow the activity of SC1 (hope it lasts longer hype) and then back to unpopular RTS

didnt you hear public in Blizzcon? Anything War3 or RTS related = silence. WoW or Overwatch YAAAAH Loud crowd


here is the petition to do it:
http:// chng.it/8D8MR76jV7

Complete agree with the OP.

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They promise us very many new features last year. Where are they?
Where are my new campaigns? Where is my queen Sylvanas from WOW?
Where are my multiple unit select? In wow I can select eveything i want.
Where is my wow UI? In wow I have good addon that makes UI nice.
Where is new cinematics. I want to see my queen.
This is 2019. Where are my female workers? They can chop trees and collect gold too!
I thinked we were promised new voice actors. Where are they?
I still can’t seem to find my queen.
Models not as good as in WOW.
What a shame, can i get me money back ?


The upgrade campaign was too good to be true, the examples mentioned by Blizzard include adding certain lines from Arthas: Rise of the Lich King to add some more context to parts of Arthas’ story arc, as well as expanding the scene of Admiral Proudmoore’s arrival to Theramore in order to better reflect what Jaina thinks of the situation. That would be amaizing, but the life is cruel with us this time for denied this


Why did you pay for something they literally never said it was going to be? Why did you think it was a remake not a remaster? Rebalancing the game isn’t cut are you actually braindead? Balance will come every 3 months. They’ve been balancing live for past while now.

People complained about the campaign being touched, they scrapped it yes. Your opinion doesn’t outweigh many peoples opinions sorry snowflake.

They literally showed off Arthas v Illidan at Blizzcon?

Cancel the preorder and don’t ever come back to these forums. Please. I will paypal you $40 myself as well. Just go away. Whining entitled snowflakes who have 0 clue what theyre talking about aren’t to be welcomed here.

You need to learn what a remaster is which is what this game was marketed as from day 1, just like SC was.

For someone who claims to have read or seen the dev panels you sure do know nothing. The whole “not balancing game” thing is a real doozie since they literally stated every 3 months post launch. Maybe go back and read stuff since you clearly didn’t. And look at the video teaser on MMOC and Twitter of the Arthas v Illidan.


Why are you spreading misinformation? The purists need to cut it out with this notion that apparently we’ve all been deluding ourselves.

We were promised and expected a revised campaign, not a new campaign, but a story that is essentially the same but with lore enhancements established in WoW and novels. “+4 hours of Reforged cutscenes”, newly done voice acting and narrative changes to help bridge the gap between WC 3 and WoW were ADVERTISED.

During Blizzcon 2018 it wasn’t just said to be a “remaster” but a reimagining of the same game.

And that’s also false. Look at the year of radio silence, an extremely late beta that more resembles an alpha and no release date. They were clearly too ambitious and still want to make a 2019 release date, and for that reason all of the above has been cut.


Yup. I aggre
I dissapoint the game, the graphics look very 2006 maybe they can fix it adding more advance settings, but also the gameplay is bad. Just check the difference between sc1 and sc2 gameplay, the units in sc2 are very 200 IQ and sc1 are 0.1 iq. the warcraft 3 maybe is 0.5 iq.

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People complained about the campaign being touched, they scrapped it yes.

False. The map changes and lore character cameos are still a thing. The only things that got scrapped were the new cinematic styles and the planned side content for Jaina and Sylvanas that would have required the whole campaign to be re-voiced.

Saying that the campaign is untouched is disingenuous.


Because at last year’s Blizzcon they certainly made it sound like much more than a mere remaster. Now they are backpedaling. People have a right be be annoyed.


Can I have 40 bucks just because?


totally deceptioned!


I mean one thing I can agree on is that Blizzard/Reforged team made this sound more than just a remaster/visual upgrade year ago and I can understand that people expecting more than just visual upgrade are pissed.

But I also see many people having COMPLETELY way off expectations what their original plans were, ESPECIALLY with the story additions. I mean go read Christie Golden’s intervew from last year, she said that they would have only SLIGHTLY touched the lore and added some additional scenes and dialogue for Sylvanas and Jaina, but thats pretty much it. Even in their original plans the story/campaign of Reforged would have been 99% the same!

The major things that they scrapped really was the new voice acting (not needed imho and of that most Warcraft III fans AGREED on year ago, so when they said they listened to the community on that, they were NOT talking bullcrap, even if you might think its just excuse to cut development costs) as well as remaking all the ingame cutscenes the way they did with Stratholme demo last year. And of the latter we can all agree that its a shame and that Refroged team should really delay the launch of the game to remake those ingame cutscenes. But then again if they are denied resources/schedule changes from higher ups, then there is little they can do about it.

But overall Reforged even with its original plans would have been more of a glorified “remaster” than a remake. Warcraft III’s storyline has NOT changed that much over the years compared to Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and WC2 atleast, even with all the stuff (events or characters) that were added into the lore later its 99% same and we are only talking about some additions into the lore like Arthas killing Anasterian Sunstrider or Saurfang’s role in Third War, but NOTHING in the grand scheme of Warcraft III’s lore/history has changed over the years.

So you people who claim you were robbed of completely reworked campaign were not really listening. You would have only gotten few added scenes here and there, but no new campaign missions, nothing dramatically different with the story…the main things that you are not getting now is the new voice acting and the completely redone ingame cutscenes, but you are still going to get many maps that have been re-designed, most notably Stratholme, Silvermoon and Dalaran that are still going to be more in line with how the cities looked/were designed in WoW.

Anyhow I can understand why some of you are pissed but at the same time some of you are really exaggerating and having false image of just how much different the original plans for “Reforged” campaings would have been.

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what the purists does not understand is that during the panel they said that they still doing the sylvanas retcon in the campaign and some major locations but not an overhaul of the entire campaign like they said last year.
so everyone loses. go and watch the panel.
plus,the UI of last year where you could see the unit upper body was far superior to the old one. the purists who are acting like an extreme religious cult just don’t understand the potential of what it can do to the RTS genre.
there are people who play warcraft since orcs & humans and only play for the campaign. and it’s very important to us to get new content. not every one is a multiplayer only. in fact most of the players are interested in campaign custom modes.


I don’t know about you but I paid for a reskin, not a remake, I have been playing this game since 2002 and never stopped and someone like yourself wants it to follow right up wows butt and it’s not happening.

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Well again, Im ENTIRELY open for new content, however I think ALL of that new content should be added in as NEW campaigns that happen AFTER WC3: TFT, while the original campaigns should remain unchanged as far as the story goes. Again my main worry there was they would ENTIRELY replace the old voice work with new voice cast, that for me would have been uncceptable, especially if there had not been option to choose the original voice cast with Reforged campaign. SO thats why I was one of those who did voice my concerns over here and in Reforged YT channel/vids among countless others, cause we didnt want the old voice cast to be replaced with new ones.

And that’s what they said themselves in the interview, that they noticed that people were open for small lore additions, but did NOT want the old voice cast to replaced, thus (in their own words) they decided to scrap the whole re-recorded voice acting and new added scenes in the process.

Anyhow imho it would be far better if we get some entirely new Blizzard made content later as entirely new campaign scenarios rather than just added few short cutscenes in that werent there in the old campaigns originally.


They would. Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne are not becoming unplayable.

I agree with TS. In almost everything. Thoughts of returning money have not yet visited my head (and it is unlikely that they will ever visit me), but I don’t like what were told. You promised new cool cutscenes, a modified and augmented campaign, so do it. Even if you release the promised augmented campaign later than Warcraft 3: Reforged (where only the classic story will be available), we will wait. Just do it, we ask you. Do not choose the easiest way - do not just give us the reskin of the campaign, when promised reforged, this is not your level, Blizzard. Is not it?


How can you not understand?
Already from the very announcement of the game it was known that there would be an opportunity to switch to the CLASSICAL version ingame (like now in Warcraft 3 between RoC and TfT). Nobody will take away the old voice acting, the old campaign from us. But we want to look at the augmented story, more detailed and corrected in some places. What is the whole point of abandoning the new when they will not take the old back? What stupid thing?
And about that they (supposedly) add new content after TFT - they did not promise this, just only thinking about it. You just want to give up something new, staying with the old, and you yourself have come up with the idea that in return they will give you something else new.

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