A thread about disinformation - what is really the truth

Can anyone bring some truth into these conversations?

Go to their site and see their 4 hr of Reforged cutscene promise.

Then all their marketing they die last year post Blizzcon.

They told us story is changing and jaina and sylvanas getting more attention etc.

Now they scratched all of tht plus the voice acting so yh



In Back2Warcraft’s video they said they’re not doing any new voice lines (except probably for multiplayer like the female demon hunter) where the Campaign is concerned. This means characters like Anasterian are guaranteed to be mute without any lines for Arthas to acknowledge him.

That’s the truth. They’re porting over the original lines from Warcraft 3 and that’s it.

The true https: //www. hiveworkshop. com/threads/warcraft-3-reforged-leaked-previews.31940 6/page-31

Can you please post links? Either with x_https or https.

its much easier to just put an X infront of the http:// instead of breaking the link up with a bunch of spaces :zipper_mouth_face:

Here’s the full panel. There are timestamps in the comments section but for the section related to the campaign and what exactly has changed with their approach from last year to now, it starts at 21:50.