I've paid for a Remake Not a reskin

have to agree on that. oh well, I guess blizzards time is at the end. cant believe they even managed to screw up with their best project. I am done with them. after seeing wc3r full game… it looks like cheap shit. soo many bugs also. the 2018 missions looks much much better then beta and even the live one. quite shocked.

warcraft 3: recycled lets go

I blame the FANS and PLAYERS just as much as Blizzard. If you read PC Gamer’s review, they state that Blizzard acquiesced to many fans’ crying and complaining about new voice actors and wanting to keep the game “true to the original.” Which is utter BS. Therefore, Blizzard scrapped all their plans. We could have maybe had the best of both worlds. Maybe they would have had playing either the original story or the updated story as options? Now we’ll never know… So thank you to everyone who did so, you just ruined it for everyone else who’s willing to grow with the times. These are probably the same people who complain about movie remakes, reboots and video games for not living up to their own warped idea that everything has to be perfect for them individually, rather than for everyone as a whole. Players who refuse to play a game due to religion, theme, or no female characters with tig ol’ bitties… Cancelled content over voice acting? Are you f***ing kidding me, people? What’s next? Are you going to cry and complain about Tifa Lockhart’s breasts aren’t big enough? Oh wait… Lol… Blizzard, you guys messed up royally over such a miniscule issue. But I loved the RTS Warcraft games and I wish and hope you make a true sequel. I’ll still buy the game even though all these “true fans” refused to get with the times and forced you to ruin it for me and for those who are in agreement. They could’ve just stuck with the original if they complained that much about new content. I love new content. I love sequels. I love games, movies and TV shows that continue to create new content. By the way, please push for a Warcraft movie sequel! Lol. Who cares if a bunch of grumpy, old, high class, sophisticated movie critics tear the movie to shreds. We, your REAL fans, will embrace you with open and loving arms. Zug Zug.

This is scapegoating by ActiBlizz, not what actually happened.
If the recent forum explosion is anything to go by, most people wanted radical changes and/or additions to the base game, in order to justify Reforged’s pricing.

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Aye. Whatever the case may be. I truly wanted the new changes. I understand it would’ve been more in line with WoW (I’m not a WoW player, but I appreciate it from afar) therefore it would’ve been great to see how that would translate into Reforged.


Well about that lets make this again clear once and for all…

What they meant by “being more in line with WoW” would have been such SMALL adjustments to the lore and the campaign. Some of them DID actually make all the way through to Reforged like the Assault on Silvermoon map that was completely redone and it does actually include you killing Kael’s dad Anasterian Sunstrider and Sunwell actually looks like…well well (pun intended :D) and is located on island and there is even small cutscene addition where Arthas creates ice bridge with Frostmourne over to the island…

All of those tiny bits of lore were added in after Warcraft III, and all of those additions made it into Reforged campaign. Also High Elf buildings and Silvermoon trees (as well as Ashenvale trees) look like those from WoW and Stratholme is also more like in WoW.

In addition to these their original plan would have included only small tiny bits of added in dialogue/possible short cutscenes for characters like Jaina and Sylvanas, but nothing major and the new voice acting. This latter issue was the one that the fandom most vocally opposed back then and who then others here on the forums started to blame purists about “ruining everything”.

Anyhow the main point is that in the end we didnt really lose that much in terms of content, other than the entirely remade cutscenes that most of the fanbase DID want to see. But if you can count 1+1 and add all these things together its clear that Reforged team simply underestimated the amount of work in the short timeframe they had and thats why they had to backtrack on these things that they originally had promised/planned.

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Dear W3 Purists,

this Reforged shiiteshow is your fault.

Hope you take some damn responsibility for your nonsense and apologize to all the fans out there and their wasted dreams of having an actual refreshed and progressed WarCraft III experience.

With kinds regards,
all the actual fans

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The name Reforged alone stands for more than was delivered.
Game should be called Remaster (and it’s barely that considering features now missing).

I pre-ordered thinking, what could go wrong? WC3 enhanced and with better graphics.
The “Fans didn’t want the game to change” is just an excuse for them actually simply not been able to deliver the promises.
I’m very patient and not easy to lose me as a fan (I like the Kelvin Star Trek movies, Star Trek Discovery and even Star Wars Episode 8), but this is too much.
Blizzard is now off my very small list of companies I am willing to pre-order games from. They probably don’t care anyway.

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I paid for a reskin. I liked WC3 just fine, I just couldn’t replay it with how dated the graphics were.

I am not really happy with this game. However, they never pretended that this would be anything other than a reskin. It was obvious from the beginning. Biggest dealbreaker for me is how awful Arthas looks. You can tell that they outsourced this to some chinese company. The artstyle looks like that of a cheap mobile game.

I have to agree with you. I’m dissapointed by the quality of the supossed “reforging”; cinematics were left intact, with the exception of the intro. The campaign cinematics now look worse than the in-game graphics; I think that’s a big mistake considering you’re advertising a “reforged” game as a whole and you only add a new interface and graphics to it.

Also we got a very bugged game as released. I can’t believe a company as big as blizzard is delivering an incomplete game with no ladder, no way to socialize and to create a community (clans) right at the start of the game, and full of buggs that get you out of the game or even won’t let you get into the game even when it tells you the match has been found.

I can accept that from indie developers, but not from the multi-billion dollar valued company as Blizzard. Shame on them.

I agree this entire game has been a scam. I was so hyped to buy it but once I heard they weren’t doing any new cinematics, or retelling the story to be more up to date, I never purchased it. Meanwhile my friends who were foolish enough to trust Blizzard got it on launch day and have complained about the constant bugs and unplayable launch experience so I guess I dodged a bullet.

Blizzard… if anyone wants to play the old WC3. THAT GAME ALREADY EXISTS! I want something new. I want something that connects more faithfully to WoW. I can watch the old cinematics on youtube and they’ve been there for almost two decades. Create something new if you want my $40.

I can guarantee you I’m not the only one who held off from buying this crap attempt at “reforging” your game so there’s still money to be made if you bother to go in and update it later with a free patch. It’s very scummy to try and blame fans for “not wanting things to change” in a game that’s entire point of existing is to change and update it to modern times. Again… THE OLD GAME STILL EXISTS, any of these so called “fans” can go play that one! At the very least give us the option to play the classic campaign or the new one. Let us decide what we want to do.

This was never advertised as a remake, it was advertised as no more or less than what was done for SC:BW.

Also do people actually want storyline coherence with WoW? That game’s story is awful. I think that would actually have made this even worse.

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If you think WoW’s story is awful then you should think WC3’s story is awful. Both games are very amature esque fantasy. The whole “hero turns into villain” plot has been done to death… and Blizzard themselves has done it over and over.

What would have been wrong about having like an extra mission where we get to see Silvermoon’s leader? How does it make sense to have a leader just die off screen and not even have a second of screentime when we invade his capital city? WoW shows us a crappy little flashback where he dies in a 1v1 duel with Arthas so we know he was there but WC3 just didn’t flesh out any of the details.

Or what would have been wrong with replacing some generic “grunts” with like Saurfang or Drek’thar in the orc campaign in the vein of Falric/Shandris? Plus if you like WC3 so much feel free to go play that game to death you shouldn’t get the right to deny an entire fanbase to play something new.

Besides money should talk. More people bought and played WoW than WC3. A smart company would cater to where the money is. Gotta say you’re a crappy fan of the franchise if you don’t like all their Warcraft games and you’re like the last person anyone should listen to. Despite that I’d still be totally fine if you wanted a “classic” reforged campaign in the options just as long as I can choose a reforged one.

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Reforged is a marketing way to say Remake, for what i can tell. Besides, in Sc:BW they clearly stated they were only adding extra resolution and some polishes on the same graphics. The trailer at blizzcon 18 (if I’m not mistaken) and the advertisement of the game was about a remake with better graphics and added content, coherent with the WoW story, not necesarily redone exactly to it.
Here’s a good thread about the advertising subject with evidence.


I completely and utterly disagree with literally everything you’ve said. It is a typical plot, but it is a well done one. WoW has so many holes and lazy writing and retcons it’s appalling.

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Cool you’re free to disagree just know that you’re wrong. Play WC3 if you want, I want to play a reforged storyline that they promised to me when the game was announced. Again what is wrong with giving me the choice to choose the classic or reforged campaign? Why are you so damn selfish and stubborn to make choices for me?

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Ah yes the typical “I’ll pretend to take a middleground but in reality I want to say i’m in the right here”

Yeah cool, “you’re free to disagree, just know that you’re wrong”.

Also some people don’t like to see what they consider art changed. I don’t want Blizzard going back to wc2 so they can have Doomhammer kill Lothar with some fight as Deathwing pulls some BS.

Lothar died on the shores to an ogre ambush.

And WoW’s addendum to the warcraft story is awful.

Not everything is open to compromise. Adding a “reforged” story wouldn’t be just be a different take, it would be as good as a retcon.

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Again cool, you can play those games. They still exist. I can play both the original Metal Gear Solid and Twin Snakes just fine. You’re essentially stealing a choice from the rest of us though because you’re too selfish for something your elitist opinion designs as “NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!” to even exist. God forbid other people get to enjoy what they want to enjoy. Where’s my option to play a reforged storyline? Aka what they promised when the game was announced? OH RIGHT! It was taken from me because of whiny brats like you.

The retcons already happened. Just because it wasn’t represented in a game doesn’t mean the retcons don’t exist. Since you’re clearly capable of ignoring that they already happened you should be very capable in ignoring an alternate storyline that the rest of us would enjoy.

Instead we get a barely finished broken launch replay. With the entire custom game and custom campaign community given a fat middle finger so we can never fix the problem ourselves. What a great way to treat a loyal fanbase…

I still love how you’re unable and unwilling to reach a perfectly legit compromise. Just more reasons why you and anyone that shares your outdated garbage opinions should be ignored. All you think of is yourself.

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Technically you’re selfishly thinking of what you want too. You don’t care who or how many people will actually like the addition you want. All you really care about is that you want it. Which is why it’s also easy for you to not care about what the other side of the fence thinks.

Not everything can be compromised, sorry.

Also you’re pointing to the broken launch replay and the custom map scene, as if that has anything to do with the Reforged story. Don’t play victim card and lump yourself in with people who have completely unrelated issues.

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