I've paid for a Remake Not a reskin

is there actually any source to those news? wanna read it myself, befor I believe any “news” from users on the forums. Don’t mean any offense, but there has been to many wrong news on the forums in the past. ^^

And basiscly you were NEVER promised more than reskin!

Especially in terms gameplay they said RIGHT from the start in 2018 that they would keep the gameplay 100% the same as it was in 2002-2003.

So again NO gameplay changes/the features you wish were there were promised back then, Reforged team made it quite clear that in terms of gameplay there would be NO CHANGES but apparently some of you were not listening/chose to stay ignorant.

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They also said they’re reforging it and it’ll be morethen a remaster and so far that’s a lie


No, nothing official has been stated other than the date of release (technically Jan 29th confirmed by a dev even if the official release was posted as 28th)

Nothing about the state of the game, not even the minimum requirements, are given to us. Just the emails/statement that were sent out back in December.

Everything else is hearsay. The official website’s features list is not to be trusted.

But NOT in terms of gameplay…again when it comes to saying it would be “more than remaster”, that came down to changing the design in some of the campaign maps to be more in line with WoW as well as those small new cutscene/lore additions and new voice acting that were later scrapped. So no you were not lied in that regard, but Reforged team had to scale the project down. Ofc you might argue that as they did the game’s name should have been changed to “Remaster” rather than Reforged, but again Reforged team did inform you about those things and thus you cant really claim you were lied to. If they had not informed about these things and you would have expect them to be in the game only to find out after playing it that what you were promised was not there…THAT would be lying. But you know exactly what you are getting with this game now, so you cant blame them for lying, even if you can rightfully say that performed below your expectations.

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It is more than a remaster.

They reforged the campaign; at least 8 levels are getting updates. A remaster means literally porting the old campaign with new graphics, and that is not what happened with the campaign.

Also there are skins feature now with new voice lines for female dk and dh.

Whatever they said, they promised. Whatever you expected, they underdelivered. But there is no lie, just very thinly veiled changes.

If you say so guys lol


"## Rebalanced Gameplay

We’re making hundreds of balance changes to heroes, units, and buildings to bring Warcraft III’s classic gameplay into the modern age."

Rebalancing is different thing than adding gameplay elements that were not there to begin with…

If you look at what ShTouR said he would have wanted (selecting whole army (basicly disregarding the 12 unit limit that you can select at most at one time) and adding things there that are in SC2 and many other more modern RTS games. Blizzard didnt want to change any of that from original WC3.

These are more than just balancing things and thats something Reforged was never about.

Keeping the gameplay 100% the same as 2003 version, as you said before, is not the same as adding gameplay elements as you say now :wink: .

My quote from blizz just states you were wrong with that absolute affirmation you kept repeating, admit it and move on.

Blizzard even said (sry im not bothering to link you pc gamers article of 2 days ago xD) they would CHANGE gameplay elements to adapt it to currents standards, not only balancing, so yeah, your statement of “keeping gameplay 100% the same” is WRONG, in caps xD

“There are two caveats to that, however. First, Blizzard is looking into reworking unit pathfinding to make it more intuitive so you’re not losing a match because your reinforcements took the long way to a battle. Secondly, Reforged’s multiplayer meta is going to be updated to provide a more competitive and balanced environment, with the team consulting pro players for any major changes.”

This is not “keeping the gameplay 100% the same” :wink:

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Okay I found a german article with an interview with Blizzard where it’s stated, that they really cut out campaign content. That was for me reason enough to refund. I’ve paid for what was promised to me as a customer.
If it’s really just a reskin, I’m not interested anymore. 40 bucks’ just too much for just a reskin.


I agree. A full gmae skin pack for a title from 2003, should be at around $10.00, and that would already be asking a bit.

$30.00 to $40.00, is too much, and it would indeed need to be the gradfather of all remakes, fundamentally changing the game (like Resident Evil 2 Remake) at the core, for that price.


Again I wonder why you ppl are saying 40 bucks when its just the Spoils of War Edition, unless you are really saying that the game is more expensive in US than it is in EU where the cost of the game is 30 euros = 33 dollars.

Still I can understand if you think even that is too high price for reskin/visual update, but when it comes down to campaign content it would have been VERY minor additions in the first place in terms of cutscenes and NO entirely new campaign missions were promised at any point, just some of the maps reworked to be more in line how those locations look like in WoW and thats something that they still apparently did, even if any tiny lore bit additions and tiny bit of extra cutscenes that they had planned were cut. But again in terms of getting one bit of longer campaing/more campaign missions, thats something you were not going to get at ANY point, just to make sure you understand if you had some kind of misunderstanding about that matter.

refund for order 542184741 - Warcraft III: Reforged Spoils of War Pre-Purchase for $54.98.

That’s in Canadian dollars. It’s my personal opinion that the multiplayer beta felt underwhelming, hence why I asked for a refund.

When we look at Starcraft remastered that is 20$ CAN or 30$ CAN + the cartoon reskin, clients for warcraft 3 reforged are evidently shocked by the price to features ratio in comparison.

It’s not that complicated to figure out guys, people are feeling cheated… with reasons.



I would buy this for between $7.50 to $10.00 USD. $30.00 to $40.00 is expansion pricing, and I want new content for that, or significantly changed content.


I bought it for new campaign maps I dont really care about “New lore” just new campaign maps like the stratholme part would have been ace.

And thats what you are still getting, MODIFIED campaign maps, though not ALL of them have been modified, just the ones like Startholme that needed it most.

Also modified campaign maps is different than entirely new maps and the latter you were never promised to begin with.

they said they just had like 8 maps of 62 that were modified.

preordering games in this day and age lol, especially blizzard games.


Dissapointing… A true dissapointing…