I've paid for a Remake Not a reskin

I don’t think you understand what selfish means. Selfish would be me demanding they make a new story and don’t even give you the option of playing the classic one with the updated graphics. Aka something you’re basically doing the reverse of to me. You’re a fool if you think I’m the only one who wanted a reforged storyline considering there’s thousands of other posts complaining about the same thing.

It can totally be compromised. They got the money and resources to do it otherwise they wouldn’t have promised it to begin with. There is a giant fanbase that demands it otherwise WoW wouldn’t be the genre leading giant it is to this day. You’re the kind of person I’d put on /ignore if this outdated forum had such a basic feature because it’s pointless talking to a greedy selfish uncompromising brat like you. Just know you’re in the obvious minority and this entire topic is a testament to that.

The ONLY reason Blizzard even sided with your garbage group is because doing it the way they originally intended would take slightly more work. Activision-Blizzard executives set a release date and were only willing to budge on delaying it one extra month. They want their money now, they want to gloat about their earnings and give themselves bonuses ASAP. Who cares if it screws over an entire fanbase? They only used “we totally listened to the fans!” as a clever marketing excuse to wipe the blame off their own shoulders.

Edit: I’m not talking to you anymore. It’s like talking to a wall. Don’t even bother wasting your time with a response. Go enjoy your garbage lazy reskin with outsourced graphics.

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Culling Of Stratholme Cutscene isn’t even the trailer version but is instead the original with a new coat of paint.

Blizzard did it again boys, they showed us a in development cutscene and then scrapped it so we all got FOOLED.

Like again, not talking to you. Not even sure why you’re still typing. Just more proof you can’t listen.

If you thought this was ANYTHING other than a graphical update you were being willfully ignorant at best.

Selfish means thinking of yourself. You can totally do something that appears charitable or kind while the intentions are purely for your own gain.

Selfish does not at inherently only mean getting something someoen else will not get. It can also mean getting things that someone else will get that they don’t want. Or something that someone else will get that dillutes or damages the quality of the original product.

In other words if what you ask for has an effect on the other side, such as becoming what everyone thinks of when they think of the story of warcraft III, then yeah, that affects the other side.

Also damn now we’re throwing the “You’re the minority I am the majority” huh?

I could’ve said the exact same thing and it would make just as much sense.

I am pretty stupid tbh. Still gonna play the game cuz its great, but if they just finished that cutscene for the hell of it, it would’ve been neat.

Yup, I tried to warn you too. It ain’t gonna be what anyone expects it to be. The signs were clear.

The signs were very clear and that’s why I didn’t bother buying it. I feel for those who trusted Blizzard to not scam them. Wish i had a reason to buy this thing but a $40 reskin isn’t worth it to me.

And yeah I know you can get the cheaper version of the game but why the hell would I do that? You get more stuff out of the other version and as a fan of Blizzard content I play their other games and would enjoy all that other stuff. Plus paying max dollar amount shows my support for the game they released… and tells them I want more.

I’d have happily paid for a WC1&2 reforge in the same engine as DLC or whatever. Hell the possibilities are endless since there’s many stories they could flesh out inside a game just like fans did with the WC3 custom campaigns.

Warcraft 3: Refunded.

Warcraft 3 Reforged is very bad. I used to be Blizzard fan but last years shown that blizzard is no more a company we used to know shame on this activision’s puppet

What’s the difference between a remake and a reskin?

Damn, I did not expected the final game to be THIS bad, I was willing to let the beta pass and hope for the best, but this is laughable, they reap what they sow.

I’m glad I refunded the game back then… This game isn’t Warcraft 3: Reforged to me or even Warcraft 3: Remastered, it’s Warcraft 3 : Refunded


In remake they told us that cinematics will change, every map in capaign will get changed a lot of things they didn’t do and they literally ducked


I’m happy that you’re upset because you’re a WOW fan and you’re the reason why we get all these cash grabs… because you support them via your WOW subscription.

Hahahahaha you get what you deserve for supporting Blizzard.

Thank god it’s only a reskin though… I was afraid that Blizzard would mess the lore up even more, thankfully the reforged team realized that anything the new Blizzard writers touch dies in a matter of milliseconds.


In my case, i pre-ordered because i never played Warcraft 3 and i thought it was a good opportunity to try it.

Even if they advertized the game with the demo, i knew that the later could change graphically.
What i couldn’t anticipated was the massive downgrade between the demo and what we got.
In this regards, i feel scammed because having another graphic art is very different from downgrading the graphics.

Experienced players pointed many others things wrong with this game, making me think that W3R is an inferior version of W3 Classic except the improved graphics.

I’m optimistic enough to think that the massive backlash over W3R could help to improve things but for now, i will buy a physical version of W3.

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I believed they could make a better Warcraft 3 to bridge WoW (and it’s stupid lore) and for a new generation of players who might have not experienced Warcraft 3 before this whole Reforged fiasco.

Have I assumed I played WoW? Because I don’t in case you were wondering, I was stupid enough to trust them with Reforged, but I won’t make that mistake twice. Even if the new lore that was going to be added may have been ridiculous, it would have brough something NEW to an already great game, but now, we have a worthless reskin because they though people wanted a reskin of this classic game.

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I was looking forward to playing this remaster even though I had my concerns about the art direction (I think the original looks better and more consistent), but seeing how it turned out as a whole, I lost interest completely.

Its not going to happen I dont think they can fulfill their promises anymore at this point.

We did warn them and knew this would happen. People wanted the Reforged in the demo and reaction from the release shows.

Why not? They could easily patch it and make decent in the coming months.

If they abandon it, lesson learned. Never buy from this company.