Incredible low FPS


i am posting this again on behalf of the funmap community. Most players experience terrible laggs at some point when playing custom games. We are all playing on classic graphics and I am not talking about anything below 60 FPS, but down to 0.1 FPS, reducing the game to a powerpoint slide show. This has not been addressed now for a long while and I want to point out that it was never an issue before If anyone has an advice on what can be done on the user side please let me know.

Is every player in the game in SD mode?

Does this happen reliably on a particular map? If so, please provide a link.

the funmap community? as opposed to the unfunmap community?

Anyways, this is just a reality of many maps spawning many, many more units than the game’s engine was designed to handle. Even lots of extra PC horsepower and even if the performance drain issue was completely fixed, it would still get pretty bad on a lot of the maps I know to be popular, because the game engine is pretty inefficient at the best of times, and we haven’t had “the best of times” in a long… time.

There’s only one thing you can do user-side really, and that’s making sure “reduce mouse lag” is unchecked in the input options, as this option does not do your framerate any favors- it makes it worse in most cases.

I want to point out that it was never an issue before

By all accounts of people complaining about performance issues, this began long before any 1.36.x version. And I definitely remember certain popular maps chugging long before 1.36 and even back in the days before Reforged. Your statement doesn’t agree with any of the people posting in the mile long threads about performance loss.

What is SD mode? Maps in question are Survival Chaos, Legion TD Mega 4.x and Legion TD from team OZE. low fps are ok on a game that is operated like an autoattack fighter, but not down to a point that you can’t click buildings anymore.

Are you playing the game in the old graphics, or the new graphics?

SD = Standard Definition. I.e. Classic Mode, as opposed to Reforged Mode.

Arcitct was someone who was on the game’s team prior to the original release of Reforged, and internally within the team they referred to Classic and Reforged as SD and HD.

And unfortunately the game suffers from poor optimization, so custom games that exceed the original design limits of the game are simply going to have problems, especially if you don’t have a really good system. Maps like Legion TD have huge numbers of units on them and it’s just going to lag. The devs basically just got the game working “well enough” for regular Melee games (i.e. non-custom games) and so anything more demanding than that is going to slow performance.

We are playing on the old graphics. And the map in question is mostly Legion TD from team OZE http s://

I will just link this post here http s://

This problem is really just introduced with with the latest minipatch, laggs were not uncommon, when huge numbers of units spawn, but never to the extend that you drop down to 0.1 FPS.

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search mengyi1234 on twitch, If your situation is consistent with the video, then there is an issue with version 1.36。

You must know who I am, war in the language/ltf

These custom maps are being destroyed by version 1.36, and when engaging in 4v4 or more multiplayer battles, the fps will decrease to 2-5fps.

In version 1.35, when engaging in 4v4 or higher multiplayer battles, the fps will remain at least 30fps or higher.

1.36 is an update that negatively optimizes game performance.

你肯定知道我是谁,war in the plague / ltf
这些自定义地图 正在被1.36版本摧毁,当进行4v4以上多人战斗,fps 下降到2—5fps。

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As for person CaptainJack, you don’t need to pay attention to him.

Because the maps I play on are the same as yours, witp/ltf/warcart legacies, and these maps have higher fps at 1.35 compared to the current 1.36 version,

“As for person” JaFrostcard, he is attacking other users which is against the forum rules. This is a violation of the forum Code of Conduct which I will be reporting. It is very sad that you dig up a bunch of old battles just to make personal attacks at someone else. You’ve made so many aggressive posts towards me that I hit the reporting limit.

Also, he keeps arguing about things that I don’t even dispute. Which just proves that he’s just picking fights for no good reason.

You want to fix the FPS issue? Get a better computer. Because it’s not going to get fixed.

Can you stop deflecting in the forums on this issue? Its obvious that a better computer is not a fix. Maybe I have 2 FPS instead of 0.1 FPS then. Is the game playable then? No. Fact is that there is a huge performance problem for most (if not all) users. I just want to document this issue, so it is registered and eventually addressed or hoping to get a hint how I can maybe tune settings on my end. If you can’t help us, please constrain yourself from spamming all the topics about it. Makes everything incredibly hard to read and people who are researching on this problem, might actually try all the “tips” that you spew out over the years without even trying to reproduce what users reported.

We need someone to lead us in promoting the repair of FPS issues

i’m not deflecting anything, I’m just pointing out reality: This has been a problem for years at this point. they’re obviously not going to fix it. They most likely had just one or two guys tweaking the already-partially-made patches to bring them to us and didn’t do anything more than absolutely necessary to release them and then that’s the end of support. With all the people laid off from the Activision-Blizzard offices, there probably isn’t even one person assigned to this project anymore.

It sucks, but it’s just the truth. If you want better performance, you’re most likely only going to get it by taking matters into your own hands.

I’m also really tired of the people who keep trying to pin this problem on AMD / AMD devices. Everyone is experiencing degraded performance from the earlier versions of the game- Not just AMD CPU or GPU users. It might be more obvious with AMD since many people look at them as the budget option (which isn’t really all that true anymore) and buy a cheaper, lower end Ryzen CPU, but the reality is, EVERYONE is affected. It is very obvious that they set regular melee games and the campaign for their performance standards, and did not spend any time testing custom games, which is where most of these complaints come from. Since Melee performance was “good enough” in their eyes they didn’t spend more time on optimization. At the end of the day, I’m in agreement with everyone here that’s blaming Blizzard for bad performance- just not the people who keep insisting it’s an “AMD issue.”

I find it so ironic whenever you invoke the community code of conduct seeing as you’re the biggest spammer and fight picker I’ve ever seen in any forum period.

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I find it so ironic whenever you invoke the community code of conduct seeing as you’re the biggest spammer and fight picker I’ve ever seen in any forum period.

You might not like my posts but they are not spam. There is a delicious irony here when you come out of nowhere to accuse me of such things and declare that I pick fights, but you just picked one right here yourself. You just came out of the blue and attacked me here on a thread you had no stake in.

I would demonstrate what spamming actually is for you, but, I don’t wish to violate the code of conduct. Having a lot of posts is not spam. Posting my true and honest opinions is not spam either. Reacting to other people’s toxic posts, well you could make an argument there, but those posts only occurred because of the other person (you in this case)'s aggressive behavior.

agree! agree! agree!!!!

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Don’t worry, out of my 11 comments I think 6 (55%) already have replies from you, so you have demonstrated spam already. It doesn’t take 5 minutes of reading into your hours long reply history to demonstrate the fight picking part.
Last year I called you out for your post history, which was around 2000~.
Even back then, on a normal distribution curve you are way in deep end, which plainly demonstrates both spam and fight picking.
Less than 7 months later you have 3150 replies as of this post. Take of that as you will.

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ps.: Blizzard Forum is recommending not to reply to CaptainJack anymore as its encouraging negative behaviour.

come back,
We need leaders

You are little more than a sockpuppet for Hecedu, JaFrostcscard and the couple other accounts here that I’ve seen post in Chinese. Heck, sometimes it looks like all of these accounts are actually the same person (or bot?).

You accuse me of making “noise” and spamming but all you ever do is post the same nonsense over and over and over. I’m not sure any of you have ever posted about anything other than FPS whining. You even hijack unrelated threads to complain about FPS even more.

It doesn’t matter how loud you scream, the game is done. they’re not updating it anymore. You will never get the old patch back, nor will it ever get fixed, so stop wasting your time.