I need to be able to select more than 12 units

…so much. It would change the game for me.


Agreed. I’m really hoping this can be done with the new modable UI.


clicking number 2 gives you 12 more units and 3 even more there is 10 numbers to assign with 12 per number max. So you can have between 10 and 120 units selected at once. Since half are usually workers that frees up alot of space most of the time.

Mine usually are 1 for heroes and raiders, 2 for grunts or meat 3 for casters and tab lets you switch between units in the group

Why would you change the core mechanics that exists for years and makes you learning the game faster?

P.S. The existing discussion is here: Remove the 12 unit cap for ALL MODES

Because it’s trash? Doesn’t make you learn the game faster at all, there’s nothing good about.


A lot of brainlets want to select more than 12 units but it’s not going to happen when WC3’s population cap is so low and even taxes the player’s income more for trying to reach it. Blizzard will not break the core mechanics of their own game to cater to you.

Basically all you special ed players can do is keep crying and getting stomped online lol.


i really alsmost never have the need to select more than 12 units at a time. are you guys playing a 100/100 peon rush?

I think you forget the fact that custom games exist.


If I have like 30 archers is good to have them in one group and like 30 melee in another one. Limitless selection Is more useful than having group 1 - 12, 2 - 12, 3 -10; melee and 4 -12, 5 -12, 6 - 10; archers. And you must put mages and siege somewhere. so I usually put them in groups to archers and groups like 6-7-8, but it’s pain to use those buttons since they far from my hand. Having groups 1 - all melee, 2 - all archers, 3 - mages, 4 -siege and etc is more comfortable + we need select all units button, so you could gather all units and not lose them on big maps.


I think most of the pro-selection-cap argument is pretty flat for a couple of reasons. Firstly, most melee match games rarely have you control more than 36 units. Generally those army compositions (unless it’s something cheesy like 100 food Gyro) will be made of less than 12 of any one unit, making a unit-by-unit selection cap meaningless. Secondly, the unit selection cap hard-limits custom map makers in their flexibility. Even with modular UI’s, if the hard-coded 12 unit selection cap remains, that will be a hard hurdle to overcome for unit-intensive army games. Thirdly, the argument that having the selection cap pushes you to become better is pretty bogus. After recently watching quite a few pro-player replays, I’ve noticed that nearly all of their unit groups are 8 or less, not even talking about when they box-select for micro. So any argument that this would effect pro-level game is pretty silly as well. If anything, having a higher selection cap would ease new-users into the game (something that Reforged is clearly aiming to do, as the graphics overhaul wasn’t really set in motion to give back to the older fan base).


you think you do but you don’t

but when you have 350 towers in a game of winter maul wars that all need upgrading it would be really nice to have no max(i dont think there should be no max in standard matches but should be extremely easy to mod in for customs.)


playing custom games my dude.

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If you think that, for example, having to have another control group just because you produced a couple more archers than 12, is a core mechanic or a good game design then you are the one who needs to learn to use your brain ‘lol’


You call wc3 core mechanics trash?
Why are you here.


Making control groups too large would make “micro” impossible. Yes 12 units are still accessible but 20 isnt. pressing for example tab key would reach the outer end of the group units would take far too long.

You want game to be about making mass units and then attack ground to them and watch. But in that case 4v4 is for you or look for other games like sc2.

You don’t have to use only one large group, do you? If unlimited units selection is available, what prevents you to create several small groups of units, just like in the current game? Micro will still be possible. And people who want macro management will be satisfied too. Everybody wins.


it doesnt work like that in starcraft 2.

in starcraft you can pick “unlimited amount of units”.

that will cause excactly the effect what i told you and it is to order massive amount of units to target one single unit, like a hero that would die massively and instantly. in sc2 there arent so valuable units like in wc3 heroes are. thats why the units size are smallers. its intelligent design.

Dude I think you should just learn to play. I do not mean you are noob but probably you are doing something wrong and there are other ways how to improve your perfomance in game than here. Every pro player ( past time or present ) is playing with many small groups of units and control them very good.
Instead of crying on forum maybe take a look on your replays.

You can already do that in the current game, if you quickly pick all combat units then order them to attack a unit.
However, this has nothing to do with Starcraft, because the unit limit is way lower in Warcraft. In melee games, it’s capped to 100, and most games don’t even reach that limit. You will rarely control more than 20-30 combat units in a melee game. Therefore, it will be hard to nuke a unit or a hero with a massive amount of units, whether unlimited units selection is available or not.

It’s pretty simple. High-skill players will keep using several groups and they will micro efficiently. They will be able to use unlimited units selection as well, if they wish to, but I doubt they will do that often.
Low-skill players and custom games players will use unlimited units selection. It will be easier for newbies to get started with the game, and custom games players will enjoy the improvement when playing with big armies.
If you don’t want to use it, then don’t. Pros who use groups and have a good micro will always outcompete those who don’t anyway.
As I said before, it’s a win-win situation.