I need to be able to select more than 12 units

Because that’s impossible now? It literally takes like just a second longer to do that now. And so what if the enemy just mass orders all units to attack one unit? If you can’t counter that and micro yourself out of that situation, then the problem is on your end.


Yeah, and I bet you are going to say that the 12 unit limit in StarCraft 1 is a intelligent design, too.

Yeah, sure


It actually is LuL

Honestly, the position of keepers is indefensible. So much, in fact, that arguing against them only makes you look silly and make mistakes.

Like what is this even supposed to mean lol? Unlimited selection cap will allow the 13th archer to be put into the same group that her twelve sisters already inhabit.

To be honest I like more sc1 than sc2 in away that playing sc1 is less fast paced and more peaceful.

In sc2 I get overwhelmed by actions, like mining 2 gas mines instead of one. ect. also unit count get so large forme that managing one single unit in a fight becomes impossible.

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Lol, it is. Thats why SC2 is not an improved version of SC, its a completely different game.


Unlimited unit selection just isnt necessary, you rarely have 20+ units of 1 type unless your massing flying machines or archers. Increasing unit selection to 20 would be more than sufficient. The limit to unit selection was not because of technical limitations, earlier games had unlimited unit selection but Blizz chose to make WC3 with limited selection to encourage player to get smaller armies. Of course, it should be an option to allow unlimited selection for custom games.

A better solution to this debate would be to allow players the option to pre-set their control groups per unit type, so you can just press 1 for melee 2 for ranged 3 for casters etc… I posted about it several times before



unlimited selection is very necessary and the game can not BREATH for 0.05 SECONDS without its EXISTENCE and everyone that says otherwise is a traitor to the golden throne of our holy emperor of mankind and must be…

anyhow, ahem for custom maps… please… melee people dun like des change. but blizzard… PLEASE be a bro add this for custom maps. there are a number of RTS and altered melee maps that will take great benefit from this update.


U do not understand. It forces new players to use at least a few hotkeys. Simple.

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I feel that it is necessary… but not for melee games. It’s necessary for custom games. Being able to select more than 12 units at once would be a massive change up for custom games overall.


Other than custom games i think campaign aswell.

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That’s like arguing that 90’s computers with small amounts of memory were ‘intelligent design’ because it forced programmers to be more efficient. The reality is that it was a limitation of the times.

Having a selection limit is honestly fine imo simply because aesthetically it works better for the portraits to always be the same size in the UI, but 12 is way too few.


That is yours opinion but it doesnt make it fact.

No, it’s a not a good idea - from a very bad micro player

I don’t think 12 unit selection is relevant as a “core mechanic” for wc3 like it is for starcraft 1. Big difference in army power in sc1 when you control 96 zerglings over 8 control groups vs 2 control groups of dragoons. Warcraft3 youll always want at least 2-3 control groups to split them by role. It’s just a sweet bonus to not be limited, especially for bigger gametypes like ffa/4v4/custom games.

I really, truly expect 0 impact at pro play if unit selection is gone.


I use the UI to heal units. You may not.

Having unlimited selection means smaller icons means harder to cast spells on units in the UI. This method prevents misclicks like accidentally healing the wrong unit. The icon order doesnt change and displays health bars, but unlimited selection and smaller icons makes it harder to read and harder to click the right area.


Here is an example 18 unit selection, does it look too difficult to click units? (remove spaces)

ibb . co/SdjBHfL

I do agree with you, but screen sizes and resolutions are much larger today than they were in 2001 when this game was being designed, so the UI should be adjusted accordingly. Just look at web browsers from that time; you could hardly even see the page you were on because the UI took up half the screen.

The point of a remaster is to modernize a product. Every decent remaster that I’ve played improved the UI in some ways. Adding better control group options to this game is sort of like adding controller support to a remaster of a FPS game.

I this it might be nice too if they added some sort of option for showing your control groups on-screen. It could be helpful for some people, especially spectators.
Example: (remove spaces)
ibb . co/4fjXtCS


The 12 unit cap has always been annoying because it forces you to work harder to micro your units. But it rarely becomes a problem. If you keep your normal + heroes on 1, piercing on 2, magic on 3, siege on 4 etc you will almost never have this problem. Having all your units on 1 will make microing harder. The unit cap forces you to seperate units, which is ultimately good for you. If you’re massing 20 + archers… well, tough luck; the game shouldn’t be redesigned for mass strategies.

Xelfire replied pretty much what I was gonna say. I doubt you’ll have more than 18 units per control group if you make proper control groups, even with unlimited selection, but if you do, sc2 has “Tabs” for bigger groupsthan 18.

In the end, putting 30+ units in one group is always going to be a rookie mistake, so if you use group icons to heal units and you have 30+ units… your fault.


Joke’s on you, but in modern web pages, half of it is covered in UI that scrolls along with your screen. Like on those pesky phones.

But paging solves this problem, no? You can even have 12 per page, like in the current system.

idk why people are saying its “intelligent design” and all that bogus crap. it was a hard limit in the original game because gpu’s couldn’t handle displaying large armies back then. the average amount of ram on a gpu back then was 128mb. now days those restrictions don’t exist so neither should the limits. in a true remake it would have been changed and the supply cap increased to at least 200 like sc2. stop making excuses for blizzard “intelligent design?” doesn’t make you sound too intelligent

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