I canceled my pre order

Ok Buh Bye, you shall not be missed… go back to wow retail where the terrible lore you people seem to enjoy so much, is prevalent and thriving (well hardly thriving lol).
you can always make your own campaign storyline and your own cutscenes with the map editor if you feel like it. lets see how well it competes with the original storyline of warcraft 3, i dare you. i double dare you. go write a better story and lets see if you get revered or laughed at for your ‘creativity’ and ‘innovation’.

Hmmm, I kinda see the problem here. You assume that WoW players are bad, because they want change, but what if you have the option to play the old campaign, with the new graphics, and better Lader and multiplayer. And the reforged campaign.

I think that would be a win win, unless, I think, you want to put an opinion over another opinion.

And I play wow, and used to play Warcraft 3 a lot, I grew with it. And I love the original campaign, but in the other side, I really love seeing changes.

The new lore could be bad, but what entitles you, to put your likes over other the like of others ?

I just wanna 10 new voice lines for those named NPC on this game, is that much? I dont’t really think that.

Thanks for the reads. And hope that we all get a good middle solution.

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Ofc everyone just play the campaign only once or twice, so what u basicly said is u play the campaign daily all this year?! you dont even know what u r talking bro.

I didn’t pre order as I want to see a product before product will see my money. All those things with buying cat in the bag(reforged), no thanks :).

No one is saying they can do better than the game devs, personally I’m just saying that I payed for reforged which by definition is not the same as the original, not a reskin.

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As I’ve already said. I’d like to see the faces of all of you guys who decided to refund before the game is even finished, only to realise that the game was worth the money. I hope Blizzard does an astounding job with Reforged, which will just point out the lack of necessity of such threads and the lack of patience some people have.

Man. Thanks for informing me of this. How have I come back to the campaign at least once a year after 16 years of playing? You really showed me the light.

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We should not be mad at each other for what we want. The problem is that Blizzard has promised something and not doing it.

ignore these posts plz blizzard Warcraft reforged is the best don’t let the crying babies get to you

Don’t put words in my mouth.
Didn’t say anything of the sort.

Shows that you aren’t capable of any sort of discussion when you interpret someones words to what you wish to hear.

I said I play Warcraft every single week meaning It’s pretty much been my go to game since 2002.
Ladder sometimes // custom maps others.

And then I play the campaign when I fancy it like once or twice a year.

What I mean is that when you non-RTS players finish with the campaign I suspect you will just go back to WoW and never stick around and play the damn RTS.

So what you are asking for with all these WoW influenced change is to change a game THAT none of you even seem to really care about.

The Custom Maps and the Ladder will keep people playing the game for many years to come.
Changing the Warcraft 3 story SHOULD NOT have any influence from WoW because WoW came AFTER Warcraft 3.

Warcraft 3’s story has not changed for 15 years.

Now stop reading what you want to take from my damn posts and actually read it buddy.

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This Ch3rn0 is the same bot in this thread, praising another bot, trying to influence people to refund the game. Look at their profiles.

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I’m out as well not just because of one thing but many things over many years. Blizzard is just not a great company like it was in the 90s

The glass of water has never been more half empty in Tranquility’s life than until now.

Blizzard only promised you Warcraft 3 Reforged. The finer details of what it contained were always subject to change because the game isn’t finished yet.

Very good…i also canceled my pre-order since this game will not be ready by 2020…we dont have any system spec/client for mac or even for pc…so why should give blizzard money upfront since they cant deliver at least some minor details even after 1 year after.
Please do not pre-order games…
No idea how bad the monetisation will be, and it’s not smart to give them the confidence that they can do whatever they want… it would be sad to be ripped by actiblizz because of that…


typical purist who didn’t pre-order the game, but says what should be in the game and who should play it

Because the number of posts is a measure who the “true” fan

Will you buy it at a discount like true fan I suppose ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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The devs are telling a completely different story. We will see it release this year. They just haven’t told us specifically when yet. The game’s almost finished, it’s just in a polishing phase now.

Also, their internal beta build is ahead of ours.

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nothing has been removed

purists are the preorders that’s why they went this way, plus it’s way more work for no reward.

Excluding new campaign with cutscenes, voice acting, retcones, additional characters and new content. That’s what they announce at blizzcon before and I paid for actually