I canceled my pre order

I requested a refund on my pre order because I feel lied too that the game will not include the cut scenes and voice acting shown at last years blizzcon. I wanted a reforged Warcraft 3, not a reskinned Warcraft 3.


Its a damn shame blizzard let the whiners win, the new stuff was the main reason alot of people got reforged


Another 0 poster coming from WoW to complain about a campaign they would have only played once or twice and gone back to the MMO.


Sorry but im at the point I’m so sick of the self entitlement in these posts.
You have the choice to NOT pre-order things you know.

Until you know EXACTLY what your paying for - don’t spend the money.


Man, people like you are annoying. Your assuming so much about him and thats all your argument is really, assumptions. And yeah sure, we have the choice not to pre-order but we did because of all the things Blizzard said they would do for this game and now have cut for no reason, Blizzard making a game to make you happy is what will be the downfall of the game.


Isn’t that the whole point of a campaign? How many times do you really play a campaign?

This is solid advice though. You just can’t trust people or companies nowadays.


You never saw a movie twice? Or did you read a book twice?


HELL NO! Unless it’s a short book. Comic books don’t count.

Yes, some of them when I was a kid or when I wanted to watch one with a friend. How many times are you really going to play a campaign though? Three? Four? Hell no, the campaign ain’t designed as replayable content. That’s what the multiplayer aspect of the game is for.

Agreed, anyone that is going to play the campaign more than once is a very, very miniscule audience that should not be catered to at the detriment of the larger audience.

What you’re saying is not fair. I’ve never played WoW before nor do I like it, but let me tell you this, a good campaign SELLS. Look at SC2, Blizzard has mentioned previously that the majority of the sales come from single-player, not multiplayer like most people thought. For a non-subscription based game I’m not surprised.


Guess what.

Warcraft 3 already has a good campaign.

You just get to play with HD graphics and updated maps now that reflect the actual lore because it doesn’t have the constraints the original did.


Then go play it, this is reforged not a reskin and after everything that has been going on with the forums Blizzard will understand that, will you?


The original campaign doesn’t have a proper Stratholme or Dalaran or Silvermoon or Black Temple though.

Reforged campaign will.


Well now I have no idea what side your on

I’m telling you that only the side content that would have required new voice acting got cut. The map changes and lore character cameos did not.

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What’s your opinion on 2000+ posters that have been with the series since the first game but still disagree with the decision to backpedal on the campaigns?

What about different difficulty levels? Or speedrunners?


I played it the first time I didn’t make it.
The second time when I did it.
and years later I played it twice as hard and to appreciate history. (the Good parts)

I assure you that many here do.


I have no issue with that at all. In fact I would respect it.

I’m not here to insult anyone who differs in opinion from me.
I just want our minority voice to get a fair chance to be heard.

At the moment we are literally being SPAMMED on these unmoderated forums by these WoW fans that REFUSE that we have any valid input or opinion because we don’t want the WoW retcons.

Which is nothing short of a joke.

Every argument has two sides.
My issue is the methods they are stooping to to silence my side of the argument.

(Spamming petitions everywhere and repeat posts, breaking forum rules to make their point)

And right now the sheer number of repeated posts is atrocious.

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Cool man. Reforged is a different title for their remaster. Not sure what screaming from the rooftops about cancelling is supposed to do. Farming some sorta karma and upvotes? Good for you man. See ya? Good luck finding a game that’s perfect for you.

Also you weren’t even a part of this community so it’s not a big loss, or a loss at all. I’m glad Blizz isn’t making the game catered to people like you.

What WoW “retcons” specifically do you not want?

I can also confirm I have requested a refund.

Blizzard promised ‘Reforged’ and after Blizzcon 2019 its clear this is actually a ‘Remaster’ only. For those that wanted this well done (you win), to everyone else welcome to Activison Blizzard - they only thing they understand is money. Hell, they even had the balls to claim they were doing this for the fans, when really they are just saving money on development costs.