[Feedback] General UI Ideas & Suggestions

I’m glad to see some updates again, and i hope to see more patches to come.
I’d like to give some suggestions that I’d hope be added at some point, as i feel like they would help improve the user experience. To open the image, just copy the link without the / in front.

a. Text is overlapping. Currently it looks like only the game name, players and ping has a limited box, but the mapname overlaps regions. I’m hoping that since there’s so much space on both the left and right side of the screen, that the whole menu could be extended some more to give room for game names and map names.
b. A minor wish for a future update is to somehow include the map author, map description (& possibly) the map preview without having to download the map first.

[a & b] /i.ibb.co/XJrhk9X/UI-scaling.png

c. Selecting ping shows unknown (?) on top before low ms maps, which should probably be placed at the bottom (see region KR Korea)

[c] /i.ibb.co/FKC3tbM/Ping-problem.png

d. Highlights would be a neat little thing to point out what a problem is. As seen below, i have no clue what the problem here is (apparently Champion is a banned word).

[d] /i.ibb.co/dk3zk5R/Clan-problem.png

e. An indicator showing whether you are currently playing on reforged or classic graphic settings, and maybe even the ability to change without having to leave a lobby.

[e] /i.ibb.co/WvscbvQ/Classic-mode.png

f. Would be nice to have the exit button on the main menu screen instead of having to reach the options menu first, or after pressing F10 (Which to me, should be binded to the ESC button as seen in most games).

(Also), I’m hoping for options to include images here on the forums.

That’s what i have so far.
Hope you will take it into consideration, and have a happy christmas.

  • Koga73.

[20/01/23] - Updated post since the overlapping issue has been fixed with the next patch. Awesome!
See: Warcraft III: Reforged PTR -- Version 1.35.0 Build 19836