Extremely low FPS on menus

Why hasn’t the issue with the lagging game menus been addressed yet…? It was fixed in a beta patch before, and now it is back again, why. -_-

I can’t be the only one having this problem…


Same here…
In game its smooth and ok. But when i get back to the menu its like my laptop switches back to the inferior intergraded gpu card and gets laggy as af!
Only when i put the res back to 1440xsometing or lower its smooth again.

Needs fixing? As in gpu driver support?
Well, maybe we should address nvidia? :grin:

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It doesn’t change for me no matter the resolution I choose. I expect Actiblizzard to give us a solution for this, having developed this whole thing themselves.

Any update here? Still having the same problem

Sadly it is still happening for me. :confused:

Thank you for your reports, everyone! There was an issue before where the menu was experiencing performance issues for resolutions 1440p and above. This is still an issue on macs that our team is aware of and working on.

[Redacted] Files are no longer needed.

I’d like to check if the 1440p and above Menu UI issue has returned to spin this back up to our team :slight_smile: Your reports and any information provided is greatly appreciated! Thanks, again!

Made a ticket regarding this but the “gm” blamed me and said it was my computer, which I can assure you is NOT the problem.

It’s low FPS because the whole game’s main menu is a web view process probably doing off-screen rendering (except the chat window). Basically a Chromium renderer is running with the game. I don’t know who at Blizzard thought it’s a good idea. Why the menu is not rendered natively? More web developers at Blizzard than people with C++?

I have this menu lag issue where it moves like 20fps and my eyes hurt.

It was in early beta, improved later in beta, and happens again in retail until now.

I have i7-4770, 16GB DDR3 and RTX2080 latest driver, on 1080p setting, don’t tell me that it’s my computer’s issue.

Btw I’ve never been able to join chat in Asia region.

Sent the DxDiag file now, I hope the issue will be resolved soon. The FPS on the menu was fixed in the beta so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work well now.

I’d like to note that it’s still the case with classic mode. The 3D backgrounds were fine before the release of Reforged but I’m now experiencing low FPS whenever the 2D backgrounds are animated. The only way to eliminate the lag is to reduce the resolution but for an 18 year old game that I had to intention in purchasing a remaster of, this is far from optimal.

Edit: Replaced “menus” with “backgrounds”.

It says I have 170-180 fps on menus(reforged) but it stills looks like its about 10-15 fps. I mean it looks like a fast slideshow. I’m not sure how or why.

That’s because main menu (most of it) is rendered offscreen via a separate web process. So the game renders the menu at a high frame rate (like the chat window which is natively rendered). But the frames from the external process are injected at a very low rate (the web view renderer for me eats whole CPU core and it cannot render more, it’s so sloooow).

are there any solutions about this ?? or we are still on waiting mode…

We’re still tracking this issue, but we’ve only received a handful of DxDiag reports. If you are experiencing this issue, please provide the requested information above. I did mention a note that we’re seeing this happen on 1080p resolutions as well.

I’ll update here if we find any workaround or resolutions for this issue in the mean time :slight_smile:

Sometimes in my nightmares, I find myself stuck, witnessing the 20 FPS sepia toned Reforged menu.


I play warcraft 3 in normal mode on a Mac with 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 and 16 GB Ram and Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB and a solid internet connection. The menu and the chat is lagging so hard. Can you please fix this. Its no more fun playing this game like this.


yeah, it’s embarrassing. On a Mac too with a 2016 Macbook Pro i7 CPU with an eGPU using and AMD 5700XT.

1440p is usable but 4k is horrid.

no updates at all on this matter???

Same, extremly laggy UI… also I can’t login anymore duno why

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