Deniying refunds! WARNING!

After this whole scam and violation to the map maker rights, I requested a refund. I have not played the game in beta, I have not even installed it. I was so eager to play it on release day but I got busy with work, then found out all the lies in details online about it. I requested my refund and it was automatically denied “You are no longer eligible for a refund on any of your product” I cant even go back to classic or wc3tft because they killed classic and wc3tft!

So sent a costumer support ticket with the following:

Game Warcraft® III: Reforged™

Topic Request a refund

Description Hello, i pre ordered the game because I thought the game would fulfill what it advertised and promised. When it did not came out in December I hoped it would be done and better upon release. It was not, nothing of was advertised is in the game, it is unplayable and bug filled for others. Map makers lost their right to make maps, are you insane?, all this is a scam based on Blizzard being subject to Penalty Under 15 U.S. Code § 54 (False Advertisement Law). Under this law i requested a refund without even installing the scamming game. And it was denied. I would like to request my refund one last time before I join in the lawsuit as i feel this was not only a scam but a clear violation of my rights as a costumer by selling me false advertisement and later rejecting my refund while on the ground to claim my refund.

If I am not refunded while still under 48hours of release, without even installing, playing or testing it. Then they just surpassed Fallout 76.

-Edit: Thank you everyone, I just had a pop up on my screen while just continuing talking here on the forums, I was expecting the ticket to be answered tomorrow, it just gave me an answer, no longer than 2 hours since it was sent.

The game was refunded, if the bugs, chat, maps and the promised missing parts are ever patched in or fixed, I will think about getting it in the future, if not. I guess i will just wait until classic or tft becomes playable again without the reforged engine. It took away so much from classic it is just sad to see the forced downgrade.


Prior to the release of the game they would refund you no questions asked because the game hadn’t been released.
This is something people need to appreciate when they pre order, your time to withdraw your right of purchase has time limits, it tends to be within 14 days for my country but digital software can be a very murky area in this regard, if you ever become hesitant about your purchase when you pre order you MUST refund it BEFORE release to guarantee you will get your money back. This is why companies (not blizzard though tbh) throw in the pre order predatory bonuses to get you to pre order and keep that pre order even if you start to lose interest.
I’d like to say this is one thing i can’t ever fault blizzard on, they don’t generally do pre order exclusive stuff, you can always upgrade your order well after release to get the extra stuff, so really there is no real need to keep the pre order running if you start to get hesitant… but at the same time they link all their orders with bonuses for other games that you can redeem right away so it kinda is the same predatory tactic just repackaged.

Now that it has been released they have that as a get out clause, you are now at the mercy of luck, getting a rep who won’t just instantly decline it. You should know that just making new tickets won’t change anything as they will refer back to your original ones that were declined.

Realistically if your ticket is declined your only option is to chase it up with your actual payment method, be it paypal or credit card etc.

I will tell you from my own anecdotal first hand experience that the whole scare tactics they give you and people tell you about how they will ban you and lock out your account etc are just complete BS. I have used paypal dispute with blizzard before with absolutely zero ramifications from blizzard other than them removing / locking out bonuses you received from the purchase (for example if you bought spoils of war here you would lose the wow mount normally, or a wow expansion the character you used a boost on would be locked out until you bought a boost etc)

I cannot guarantee you that the same will happen with you, making a paypal dispute will ultimately just lead you to the mercy of their customer service judges which may or may not allow you a refund.

Be civil, explain why you feel misled, provide evidence, list what your local consumer laws are that apply to YOU that they are breaching etc.
There’s a good chance that DIRECT coms with blizzard reps will refuse it though, during my attempt to get them to refund my BFA purchase, i mentioned that the game director had essentially acknowledged my class would be released on live in a broken state and i would have to wait for a content patch until they would be fixed (that spriest shaman saga), the rep was pretty damned rude, being pretty petulant with their demanding of evidence, i even gave him time stamps to ions direct quotes and on my life they just replied with “you’re just mad your class won’t be op”.
I provided all this info and the conversation with the blizzard rep in my paypal dispute and blizzard settled it and refunded me via paypal before it went to paypal making a final decision on it.

I don’t want to give you false hope with it, sometimes you just need to chalk it up to a loss and learn to never pre order things no matter what, i refuse to pre order anything now (except my favourite game of all time WC3) and even that turned out to be a mistake, i refunded back in november when i was not happy with development and started to see how things were being cut and how they didn’t seem to have actually did much of anything despite outsourcing what seemed to be the lion’s share of the work.
My personal example might have been refunded purely because of just how bad and unprofessional the rep i had dealt with was so don’t take it for granted the same will happen for you.

But i do want you to know that the scare tactics thing is BS, although i’ve dealt with it with steam as well who do take action against your account and i won my case vs them, i bought GTA V on steam years after release and something was wrong with their downloading of the game where certain files weren’t being downloaded, i spent well over the 2 hour grace period steam offer for refunds trying to fix it, (none of which was spent actually playing the game, only their launcher client open) naturally they declined because it was over 2 hours “played”. I forced the paypal dispute, they locked out my account entirely, i refused to back down and gave them the evidence that it was a fault on their end (it turned out to be a pretty well documented issue at the time that i didn’t know of until researching into my issue), eventually after about 10 days they offered to refund me and unfreeze the account if i dropped the paypal dispute.

Stick to your guns, stand your ground and don’t back down if you feel you’re in the right, companies can be terrified of paypal disputes as reaching a threshold can eventually block them from trading with paypal.

Good luck with your dispute and i hope you get your money back, this isn’t the game we paid for.


also you cant sue them because they technically did not false advertise. they have everything the promised in the game. If people read outside the lines and assume things that are true does not make them true


There are features listed on the wc3r website that arent in the game.


Technically not, the game is even so buggy and broken that many cant get thought the prologue. Not only that the difference between blizzcon and the beta are huge, and from beta to release there was no change.

Not only that, they take away the rights of map makes, not fix the game before launch and still lie to people on having new cutscene, ui?, I could go on it, but why argue on that when the basics are a lie too. You cant play with friends, custom games are not working and even some of the units are not reworked, they are the same models since classic, and then kill classic for this?

It is just not acceptable. This is not what I was sold, this feels, like a scam or a cashgrab, but Healy makes a good point, we have to remain civil and not resort to insults.


yes they are all of them are:

62 missions across Kalimdor, Lordaeron, Northrend, and beyond

In the game

40+ hours of epic gameplay, with 4+ hours of reforged in-game cutscenes

In the game you just misunderstand what this means the graphics are updated therefore it is technically reforged

Control over 20 legendary heroes and villains from Warcraft lore: gain experience, level up, master powerful abilities, and enhance nearby units


Visuals rebuilt from the ground up

Done in the game

62 single-player missions across Azeroth and beyond
Done in the game plus they added three extra

Over 4 hours of reforged cutscenes

done in the game

Approachable hero-centric gameplay
Thats what warcraft 3 is about

Four powerful races from Warcraft lore


Limitless custom games to explore

In the game

Updated UI and rebalanced gameplay

In the game

Modern Blizzard Battle .net features


Instant access to classic Warcraft III (Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne)

Yup they followed through


why act civil when you can just calmly join a class action


Just waiting for a class action lawsuit to start up, I’m on board for that.


thats dumb you have no ground to stand on thats what my post above is saying you can not sue blizzard for this

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Good you don’t deserve one :slight_smile:


Where’s this then?


thats a trailer and it even says subject to change plus that wasnt promised it was shown as marketing hype blizzard never said that scene or any scene like it would be in the game

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There’s thread out there now with someone boasting about getting a refund and helping others get it as well.

you cant come up with valid point so you go to insults?

Not a very strong argument you have


I understand, but as a grown up you learn that people tend to ignore the screaming angry people more than someone that tries to be civil. If someone from the outside comes in and watches this and all of us argument well and proper, they cannot call us trolls or haters.

We are the true fans and people that grew up with this, and we are not going to accept this. You promised something you did not deliver, like infinite maps and then take away the right of the map makes.

The lies are clears and we can see them, that is why the forums are so active. Even the reforged cut scenes are not there, the one from the village is a normal gameplay scene copy from classic. You cant even turn off the mode that blocks violence? What? why?


Sounds like what you did was buy it many months ago.

Stop doing that


Oh the Pearl clutching! Oh my 30$, how this company has taken advantage of me when I bought something blindly! Oh the humanity!

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If the automated process denied you, then at least wait for the manual ticket to be answered before yelling about denials on the forums.

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Here’s my argument:

Culling campaign trailer on website shows cutscene sniplits from blizzcon. An actual gameplay mission which would have gone in the game.

Then after a year they cancel everything through interviews, yet they still keep the culling campaign trailer (which is linked to the Beta by content) and use it to advertise their game.

This I would argue is false advertisement.