Deniying refunds! WARNING!

Multiply that for all the people on the forums not happy about the same issues, add up all those that bought the collectors edition to find out the end product was the same as the beta still without what was promised, plus killing their classic loved game.


There is no actual gameplay in the trailer it shows clips of arthas stand there and knights and ghouls but no actual gameplay in that video.

The next one they showed did have gameplay and that gameplay is the same minus the UI HOWEVER they have a giant message in the corner saying nothing is finalized meaning still in development and subject to change so it would be really hard to sue them over that.

stop saying that i already posted why that is not a valid statement. Blizzard delivered what was promised just not to the degree they implied

Yes let’s call out, belittle and scream at the poor support guy who sits at his computer everyday listening to children screaming that “he” isn’t fixing what they think is wrong with the games.
Please dude just like… stop. The support people don’t even know what’s going on, most of them probably don’t even know what Warcraft 3 is.

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It’s not the gameplay that was false advertised though, it was the cutscene in the trailer that is also present in the Beta, that was used to mislead people into thinking that’s what they were going to get.

I think that makes for a sound case.

are Movie trailers 100% accurate no and you cant sue a movie for doing the same thing. A trailers job is to generate hype while showcasing potential. They did just that they never said in any interview or any written form that the culling trailer was the norm in the game or even included.

Sorry the paying customer who bought a game based off of advertisements and announcements that were changed doesn’t deserve a refund?
I really hope you never get a job anywhere near the managerial positions.


already have one and i have said the same thing there. Just because people fail to do research and buy abruptly is no excuse. buyers remorse is not a valid reason for a refund. You bought a game a year and a half before release when it was still in alpha meaning anything is subject to change. You not waiting till release or closer is not on Blizzard to rectify.

Wait wait wait. You’re saying Blizzard did nothing wrong?


What about the demo? why they were silenced for over a year and did not said anything that they would scrap the lighting/shadows, UI, terrain, trees.
I know why, cause ppl ( apart from those purist that want 2003 quality ) would not buy the game if they know that they would scrap almost everything that they advertised.
Question for any1: do we have a statistic how many ppl were/are playing the classic , lets say in 2019?

O you’re one of the bootlickers damn man, I really do feel bad for you. There’s a thing called buyers remorse and then there’s something called FALSE ADVERTISING! You should check it out sometimes.


I am laughing at people who dont know how to make their own appointment at doctor trying to pull out some random law bs they just ctrlCd from reddit against actual company …

like bruh your uncle working for counter strike doesnt work in real life …

No they did not, that is why people are angry, the game is not even playable for some and the only thing working on multiplayer is chat. They falsely advertised and now they want to take away the limitless custom map possibilities by taking away the rights of map makers, this is a scam and a cash grab at this point for not delivering what was promised.


I think the old WCIII falls into an category where you wouldnt have any ground for any action because its so old. They could have just said “we close online support. C ya” and they would have gone away with it.

Its a massive cash grab yes. And its very poorly executed and its absolutely unethical. But frankly you wont win in a false advertisment lawsuit as they are covered and can easily tweak stuff around (like the trailer from blizzcon. It was never bound to be in the game. They shouldnt have ever used it to begin with if they didnt want it to be in the game like that considering how important stratholme is to the lore) but they are legaly covered.

You have a bigger chance of them giving in because of an p****d off fanbase rather than a lawsuit.


Not sure but probably a lot to tap on that market and force them to buy it again by killing classic

They’ve always had a small window for refunds. This has been a thing as far as I can remember.

I got a refund of the game today, no questions asked. just talk to them in chat.

It did not gave me the chat option, just the mail one or phone, depending on the answer I get, I think by tomorrow ill have to see if I can get the chat option somewhere. I was really hoping this was a great game. I really wanted reforged to be the great game i wanted to play a lot this year, specially the custom maps, and they were killed day 1.

Click on Support up right corner.
Find and click the game.
3 choices popup. Account - Payments - and something else, click on Account.
Click Contact Support.
Write something, anything, to the bot question.
It will take you to another page and there I think there is a blue link that says “I still need help” and it will pop up a choice for Chat.

But they are not online 24/7


The Culling trailer is still available on the Battlenet-page of the game. That’s clearly false advertisement.

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