[Important] How to bounce-back?

Let’s make a list. So far, Blizzard has:
-Forced spyware under our noses during patch 1.28~
-Rushed updates filled with confirmed bugs.
-Broke dime-a-dozen custom maps that will never be brought back
-Forced us to update 30~ Gigabytes of wasted disk-space of something we cannot use.
-Gave us 0.2-10 FPS Menus made via HTML that you can run through browsers (Let that sink in)
-A game that you can easily tamper with through cheat-engine.
-Sounds that work for Classic and Reforged users (My ears bleed)
-Removed lobby-features such as /me, /stats, or clans
-Forced users we once knew to use a blizzard username - we no longer know who is who, and some folk don’t use discord.
-Broke almost every custom model since 2003… (aka, break every map with custom models).
-Gave us credits that keep repeating “Storm Earth and Fire” over and over again.
-Literally false-advertized the amount of content found in the game.
-Fiddled with the EULA clauses, removing many of our rights of possession to works we’ve made through our own time and effort (We already didn’t have much possession anyways).
-Got a legendary and iconic game, again, LEGENDARY AND ICONIC GAME, to the status of BELLOW FALLOUT 76’s., AGAIN, BELLOW FALLOUT 76!

This is no longer a sinking ship. This right here is called a catastrophe of epic proportions. There is absolutely no way to bounce back from the situation. Congratulations on surpassing Bethesda’s programming, you’ve just created a new standard of ‘broken beyond recognition’.

If you want to see a more detailed topic, best see this rant as well Come down from your high horse of PRIDE, Blizzard


I have to respectfully disagree. The Reforged version has gone above and beyond expectations. True fans of Warcraft have been gifted by Blizzard by yet another high quality product!

Alright alright, calm down Blizzard


its actually funny how the ONE SINGLE person commenting positively is clearly joking and/or trolling :slight_smile:


I agree, it went beyond expectations — but in a negative sense. I am a true fan of warcraft, I had it since 2003 from the very first version. I’ve defended Blizzard and told everyone ‘give them a benefit of the doubt’. I feel ashamed of actually defending them at this point.

Reign of Chaos released in 2002, and the first version of Warcraft was released in 1994 :slight_smile:

I’m speaking about a hand-held wc3 CD with its key.

Hand-held? that term is used for devices, such as phones or gaming systems (handheld)

the term you are looking for here is “physical” as in a physical copy of the game, along with its CD KEY

but that still doesn’t change the fact that WC3 was released in 2002, not 03

Fallout 76 offers a premium subscription. WC3 can’t possibly fall below that unless they start offering a monthly sub for premium WC3 content.

I’m gonna need some citations for: Spyware, menu running in html.
Also Bethesda and Valve have similar clauses
and 30 wasted gigabytes? I need some explanation on that one

Subscription to gain access to all the features that classic offered but which are currently inaccessible.

Deniying refunds! WARNING! I think this thread tells you everything you need to know. They are, as I said, bellow fallout 76 at this point.

I have little sympathy for you if you pre-ordered any game. And they haven’t started offering a premium sub for a broken game. So nah, still not below Fallout76

Dude, I didn’t even buy reforged yet I’m affected cause Classic got botched and integrated into reforged. Imagine having to use a client that you run on 1 frame per second and step into the shoes of someone literally forced into said situation. It’s outrageous not just for me, but 95% of the active community with the exception of those that want to believe something good will come out of it.

Okay, that sucks. My point is comparing it to Fallout 76 is a silly. This won’t make nearly as big a stink and will be forgotten about by the majority in a week or so.

…The community has been complaining for a whole good year already, this really won’t blow over after a week man.

[Edit] Alright so, the person in the thread got a refund after a bit of outcry. Congratulations to him! Let’s hope Blizzard keeps that up. Not under fallout 76 yet I guess.

They are even worst then EA, with this move. They used to be my favor developer. WTF. Heart broken