Concerns over Character Model Changes

Not insulting you but this is surely Blue:
That is my first picture I posted.

It’s the Night Elf Boxart and also featured in Wallpapers on


You used to have a wallpapers section where you could select a resolution on the website and download wallpapers from various different characters / scenes in Warcraft 3.
Similar to this (featuring Tyrande / Kel’Thuzad / Thrall or Grom cant remember which / Arthas) which is currently on the website:

But I believe that old website was remade and is now part of the one.

That night elf on the Warcraft 3 box isn’t Tyrande. Neither is the elf on the WoW box.

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There is also the RPG book, Shadows and Light, which has official art of Malfurion and Tyrande. In it, Tyrande does have Blue (though almost dark as black) hair, and Malfurion is shown with green/teal.

Despite RPG books being considered ‘non-canon’, I think this was still considered canon and supplemented a lot of pre-WoW material, considering this book was released in late 2004, about when WoW game just came out.

This book contained most of the information of the Pantheon, the Dragon Aspects and the Elemental Lords before they were formally introduced in WoW. It also has extensive lore on Azshara, much of which remains relevant today such as her Octopoid form.

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The WoW box is indeed not - but this was indeed Tyrande in the wallpaper.

Over the years people have just forgotten, or were not old enough to remember it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve never heard of the WC3 Night Elf box art being referred to as Tyrande. I don’t think it’s safe to assume it is without any official source telling us so, because for all we know it could just be a POTM and the Lich could just be a Lich and not Kel’thuzad.

The only one we are sure of is Arthas being Arthas, and that’s what is even listed in places like WoWpedia, who do not go out of their way to list any specific names to the box art.

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Also I just came across this – since now I am having to PROVE already 17 year old facts…

This was Tyrande in classic WoW can anyone tell me the hair colour?

Whilst this is not really good proof a quick google search and viola:

There are whole threads that have covered this specific topic about the blue hair all over the internet who have all the requires sources for people who wish to indeed research the topic. Personally I don’t feel the need to have to go out of my way to prove something that is indeed already fact :smiley:

Google is over there people if you wish to look for yourself :slight_smile:


isn’t it what you’re doing though?

if by that you mean “making a copy-paste of old wc3 designs (which aren’t even that good imo) but with just higher polycount and not changing anything to give the impression of newness” then no thanks.


To be honest, we already have that

And while it’s cool, honestly most of the time I can’t even tell they’re upressed.


This is a really neat opinion, let’s frame it and put it up with the others.

Reforged is for fans of Warcraft. Warcraft 3 specifically, World of Warcraft specifically, and the series as a whole. It’s almost like that’s why lots of character designs in it use influences from a few of their appearances across the series. And almost like that’s why the campaign is getting done up with the modern canon. You know, to help unify the lore better.

I really dig them because to me it feels like the optical illusion that Starcraft: Remastered was. Back in '98 the visuals were all astounding and amazing to me and my mind easily filled in the gaps for the units and buildings. Then when Remastered came out, it was like “well yeah this is always how it looked to me” but in the best way possible. It was like nothing had changed because Starcraft always looked that crisp to me.


Except for the part where we’ve seen Blizzard’s concept art and character reference sheets, which is probably what LemonSky is working off of.


Personally I think it looks like the WC3 Red Dragon, at least in general proportion. They’re doing some weird mixture though since they added the spiked tail, which only appears on WoW Dragons/Drakes.

So yeah, it seems like it really is it’s own thing, though I can’t imagine what a real upressed WC3 Dragon would look like in comparison to this. The proportions of the WC3 dragon really aren’t ideal for an upressed shape.


The crest along the spine is absolutely still there, what?

models are fine

The crest is there, but the WC3 version has a literal ‘Mohawk’ for Red and Green dragons that you don’t have for the other 3 colored types.


So the gripe is just that it’s not pronounced enough?

Why do you call it a gripe?

It’s an observation that it’s not even the same as the original design. Unless, you know, you’re willfully ignoring everything about it and just considering anything with 4 legs and wings as a ‘dragon’.


Because YourArthas is griping about it. Sorry, crossed wires between the off-handed remark about him while replying directly to you.


She looks nothing like Tyrande though, is my point.

The orc looks nothing like Thrall

And all liches look the same so Kel’thuzad’s SOL

Arthas was really the only character that resembled his cinematic self.

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She does look like Tyrande. The original Tyrande, with blue hair and the elune jewel on her forehead. It’s just not the way YOU are used to.

This is the whole point.

And now I will turn it around at you – whats wrong with Tyrande with Blue hair?
Sorry is it not nostalgic enough for your WoW memories?

This argument works both ways (sorry to aim at you but thats the response I get from this thread).

But the only difference is your version of Tyrande will recieve and get HD / 4k textures whilst my original version will be left out and seems more and more likely that I will be one of the sad people who’s voices were not heard and left to play Warcraft 3 Classic.
Instead of just catering to both sides of the fanbase…

The orc unfortunately is also Thrall or Grom cant remember which, again I could go on and do the research to prove it for you – but its only a google search away for anyone wanting to question it.

If the old website had not been replaced with the new I would actually go and find it for you – but the prospect of typing anything Warcraft into google and having to filter through 10+ years of Wowpedia or WoW results is not very appealing xD

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I’m sorry dude but it really does sound like you’re not part of Reforged’s target audience.

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