Concerns over Character Model Changes


I would say that I think I am well within the target audience – I am old enough to have been there for Warcraft 3 RTS glory days – remember all the good times I had there.
Old enough to have realised which games I like and which I dropped over the years and that I stuck with Warcraft for 17 years.

I dabbled a little in WoW so its not like I completely don’t understand what happened post-RTS.

But I am here providing my view on what I’d like to see from the game.

If anything the fact that I care enough to come here and type on a public forum – where up until now for any other game I have not done so:

Make’s me think I am indeed the perfect person for this product because I am VERY likely to be buying it.
My money is no different to anyone elses. The only difference is I am likely to KEEP playing after all the MMORPG fans go back to WoW and who aren’t in love with the RTS itself.


You don’t understand what “target audience” actually means, do you?

They don’t want just the WC3 players. They want the WOW players to play it as well. Having everything just be purely HD Warcraft 3 would be alienating to the new audience that they want.


Breaking News:

Will hero units have variation aswell?

Like the 5 different Archmage names have slightly different models?

I heard this rumour somewhere seems abit xtreme to me


Yes they will give some units like Shandris and other minor characters some extra love I hear :smiley:


No i mean for multiplayer fam

Something to do with random female and male units


I understand perfectly. Again making your own assumptions instead of actually reading the thread or what I am writing.

I am done with you now going back to doing something fun instead of being insulted and defending myself against someone who is here just for the point of arguing.


They’ve only ever specified for heroes in particular, which is where I think that line should be drawn and good on them for that (if it’s still holding true).


I’m not here to “just argue,” I’m trying to tell you why what you are asking for is not feasible. I really don’t even understand why this is such a big deal if you’re not a purist.


So they can offer Warcraft 3 classic – original game – and Reforged – which is WoW influenced, and offer various female skin versions for things like demon hunters etc.

But it’s absolutely impossible for them to give us HD versions of the original as an option or even as a skin?

Go away now I really do have to spell it out for some people don’t i? xD

Now really I won’t be replying to you unless you have some actual relevant input to the thread from now :joy:


Yes it is impossible, because Blizzard DOES NOT DO OPTIONS. Years of playing WoW taught me that.


I sure as hell hope we don’t get skins. The last thing Warcraft 3 needs is microtransactions and the requirement to always be online.


Im actually okay with microtransactions aslong as they dont provide an ingame benefit and aslong as they are optional

Because its then regular wc3


I’m not, because that adds an always-online requirement and I don’t want that.


I think the best way to implement skins would just be… hey did you beat some of the campaigns? Here’s campaign hero swaps for your melee heroes.

Or if you get to a certain ladder ranking or a certain number of wins with a race, you get a slightly fancier town hall skin.


That’ll never happen. That’s too consumer-friendly.


That’s the problem we’re trying to ease you into acknowledging - You’re one of the enthusiasts , the OG, the veterans like us.

Reforged is being marketted towards a new generation moreso than to the old crowd. Why do I say this?

  1. There is a heavy emphasis on the Chinese Custom games market. They have said in interviews that they take a lot of feedback from this group, because it’s still a big thing there and very much alive, and they want to support it. Thus the new style of models being higher res and more ‘realistic’ proportions, more similar to many of the custom models I’ve seen being used in some Chinese maps.
  2. They’re adapting the campaign with updated WoW standards, as well as adding new voice lines to well-established characters in WoW. While this isn’t a big indicator, it should be also known that-
  3. They’re revoicing everyone with the WoW voice actors in mind. This is the one big thing that tells me they’re trying to create a Warcraft 3 remake that appeals to the WoW audience; an audience that grew bigger and beyond WC3, and a majority of which probably haven’t played WC3 but would be interested in playing it to see the lore.
  4. Reign of Chaos is gone. They were unable to retain the client, and it’s been completely removed with no plans to return. I think this is the biggest piece of the puzzle that tells me the original fans are not the ones that they are looking out for with Reforged. They’re looking forward, and letting old things slide into obscurity in the process.

So there we go. We are not the primary audience for Reforged. It’s the WoW players and the Chinese market that will sell the big bucks. Cuz honestly, when it comes to hardcore fans, even if you piss off the most hardcore Star Wars fan, they’ll still see the movie eventually.


Yes I agree with all you have said.

It makes me sad but I accept that is probably the reality we are in for.

Thank you for expressing it in a normal way :smiley:

But the point of this thread is to raise the issue that – whilst likely to be forgotten about. We are still out here.

The old fans who have stuck with Warcraft 3 all the way back in 2002 to now.
Maybe there are complications – or maybe it doesnt make sense to keep RoC seperate to TFT.
Maybe the designs need to be updated to go along with WoW to finally erase problems that were created along the long road to this point.

But damn it - if that is the way it will be – I want mine and others voices to be heard about what we also would like reforged to be.

IF that means we just get some skin variants and a tiny little bit more investment from Blizzard to appease us – then I want to fight for it!

Blizzard if you read this – do not forget about us too! :wink:


Yes, WoW events start after WC3, but there has been so much looks and revisiting of past events on WoW, that now WC3 itself is part of WoW, not only being the foundation of it. as you can see you artwork is listed as PotM hero and not Tyrande, it’s not that hard to understand, since she’s wearing a different dress compared to the semi-plated one of Tyrande from Chinajoy that has a HotS inspired gear and vastly different hair, more similar to the WC3 Artwork ones instead of the Anime looking ones showed on that 2D Concept.

First i don’t want to be bothered in reading a 140 pages thread and second, your first post looked to me more of a rant, now that i’ve read more i have a bit more infos and i can say that is not a 100% rant.

Btw good luck on a campaign with alternative skins, maybe a retro skin pack for multiplayer and an eventual coop mode like sc2, but there’s no way they’ll waste all that time and resource for single player only models, or maybe they will add a strong textures mode where all units have super bright colors like the option on sc2.

Btw the paladin is an artistic license they wanted to use, it’s not obligated to be an Uther copy like it was on classiC.

DoTC wasn’t shown yet, but DotT was

Yeah, what about Jaina? She looks like the HotS version of herself and she looks good, except for that weird metal breastplate that doesn’t make a bit of sense, metal plating on a mage lol

And ffs use </> “Preformatted Text” to post links


Just irks me, but I think you got that backwards.


Yes clearly a druid of the talon in this pic he mentioned as there is the crow form directly behind it :smiley: