Concerns over Character Model Changes


You and YourArthas keep talking a lot about “ignoring trolls” or not paying certain people attention.

And yet you cannot stop thinking about/mentioning those same few folks.


Oh my god what even is this post? Is it maybe a “Don’t ruin my childhood by changing unimportant details!!” thread number ninethousand?

Are you so engulfed on your own nostalgia to don’t understand that this whole project was done for both WC3 and WoW community and not for yourself alone? It’s done to overhaul WC3, modernize it and finally link it with WoW.
Are you pretending that the artistic freedom of an entire team should knee to yourself?

You may dislike WoW artstyle and lore and on a lot of aspects i am not too fond of it either, but you can’t pretend a carbon copy remake just because it could hurt your memories.

And what are these arguments you brought up?

WC3 is based on past events, but setting and franchise are shared with WoW, so as a matter of fact WC3 events are also WoW ones, it doesn’t matter if in your head canon they aren’t, why should WoW players (that i am not, i find it really boring) be greeted with a WC3R with outdated lore and designs?

Yeah Tyrande had Blue hair on WC3, but there are also illustrations of her with violet hair and now she has beautiful teal one, again, what’s the actual problem with different hair color, why is that so important to you?

Plus you post a concept art for the Priestess of the Moon heroic unit and call it Tyrande, even if the Reforged Render looks completely different, and btw she got a new model on BfA, i know that it’s a kind of Berserk Tyrande, but still
Of course she looks like the HotS version of herself, she looks amazing on it.

I still have to understand this “don’t ruin my nostalgia” mindset of yours btw, where changes to design and characters are bad because they look different from what they are on your WC3 memories that you are literally obsessed with… phrases like “this is my Tyrande” “the one i grew up with” or how you treat wc3 tyrande and wow one as two different characters… What even is Tyrande for you? The great love of your life? lol

Complaining about Cenarius WoW render by posting outdated pcitures when he got a new model in Legion? How typical…

This whole post looks like a “how dare you to update things to my favourite game” rant instead of a bunch of concerns.


your concerns r stuppid

next complain that she has a dot on the cheek en your old style hero does not


I knock, but it doesn’t open.

I’m trying to imagine something relevant to me - Kael’thas - and how I would feel if they “ruined” him. The problem is that I don’t consider his WoW/HotS design bad. And I don’t even see the newer Tyrande designs as contrary to the WC3 one. The hair colour isn’t even lore-significant. I guess, an objectively bad thing would be if the Verdant Spheres didn’t rotate, HotS went with a compromise - but even in HotS, they later added cool new physics.


is that even a question?

actually it wasn’t even cenarius but malfurion


This just shows that you didn’t read what I wrote – or if you did you ignored what was written and made up your own assumptions on what I must be thinking.

I agree and disagree - If I remember corectly when you start your character in WoW it explains the current timeframe is based on events AFTER TFT – again correct me if I am wrong someone?

But I thought even in Classic WoW the timeframe you are in is AFTER Warcraft 3?

Because to me Tyrande has blue hair – and it isn’t nosalgia driving that – as I have been playing the game for 17 years – it never ended.
I am USED to seeing the character with blue hair – since that how it has been for nearly two decades.

It’s very clear that this is in fact Tyrande potrayed - look at the bow.
https :// (remove space)

Compare that with the HoTS Tyrande Bow and the leaked bow (links are in original post for those).
It’s her white tiger with exactly the same armour as the latest leaks in the same colour scheme.
But no ofc I didn’t sit there and think about who it might be first no?

If you had read the replies and discussion within the thread properly you would have seen that I said the whole blue hair thing is just one specific example of MANY changes they are making across the board, and that this thread is a place to be discussing those concerns:

I listed a lot above somewhere:

Hopefully that clears some of it up.

The main goal of the thread is just to put my opinion out there – and hopefully its helpful for people to voice theirs and hopefully collectively we can be heard/considered for the final result of the reforge.

As written above I just hope we are not stuck with Classic graphics, but also able to have almost just straight remasters of the current designs for heroes / units :wink:


Imagine him blowing up the horn in the night elf outro cinematic. His wings/arms are ridiculous


Changed link for the Cenarius pic, now it should work


Please specify.

Because their target audience isn’t just the Warcraft 3 purists.

Because that’s what color hair she has now in almost all media featuring her except Warcraft 3.

At least it’s still generic-looking, assuming the character art hasn’t been changed since BlizzCon.

This is a good question actually. Hopefully we get a good answer.

Because the original Warcraft 3 paladins were just lazy reskins of Uther. This way the basic paladins can look generic while Uther looks unique.

Something’s wrong with it?

Please don’t. If you want a purist-only remaster, this isn’t the game for you. Just go play the original one.


You came in here - didn’t read half the conversation – latched onto the first bit you didn’t like the sound of, then procede to make assumptions on what I am thinking.

Who the HELL asked for a purist only remaster.

I literally quoted just above your post that I would like to see an option of and i quote AGAIN:

Are you are not here to discuss the topic at hand – or just here to find issues with someone elses opinion – and pick on every single sentence as an individual thing rather than the context the whole post was written in?

Go and re-read some of my above responses please.
If you continue on attacking my posts I will just ignore it – trying to have a conversation here not here to defend myself vs online trolls because they have nothing better to do.


My apologies. I’m too used to dealing with purists around here, I made the mistake of assuming you were one.

Frankly I’m just not concerned at all and it bothers me for some reason that other people are.


In other words, dealing with Purists.


Your words, not mine


dude in your first tyrande picture you can tell that they intended for the color to originally be a mix between teal and blue so the dark blue hair that she had in regular wc3 was wrong too


or maybe you’re just interpretting dealing as bashing. Could be either.


You’re a purist. Got it.

Sorry but Reforged is not for you.


I didn’t say it was the same. I said you could interpret dealing as bashing depending on your perspective.

Some people are harder to deal with than others. You can’t just deal with them all the same way. Some rougher methods might not be with the intention of bashing, and is more reactionary than motivated to attack.

I personally don’t think a motivated attack is what is happening, I think both sides are frustrated and simply dealing with each other in whatever passive aggressive ways they can. I don’t see that as bashing though, since it assumes that the Purists can be dealt with in any other way. And honestly, stubborn people need to be dealt differently than the rest, there’s usually little discussion to be had with someone who is singleminded in what they want with no room for compromise. I’m talking about both sides here too, not just Purists, though Purists is what we happen to be talking about.

Dealing with stubborn people can be frustrating, but what I’ve seen doesn’t seem like it was meant to bash for the sake of bashing, otherwise they wouldn’t have apologized.


You’re right, it wasn’t intended as a bash. I just don’t see the point in getting worked up over this since the people who wanted a 100% pre-WoW version of Reforged are clearly not the target audience.

They want to get the WoW players in on this too, and to do that without alienating them they need to have at least some sort of hybrid design.

That’s why they’re also including some side stuff that was introduced in WoW, like those extra bosses in Stratholme.


I’ve been saying the same thing about Reforged not being made for the ‘purist’ target audience.

I don’t agree with you that it’s not worth getting worked up over though. This is something that does frustrate people, and it’s better to acknowledge and accept that it is passion that fuels their frustration. We’re all enthusiasts here, so we should treat each other the same respect (and benefit of the doubt) that we’re all here wanting the best for the same game that we are here to enjoy.

That’s how I see things, even if I don’t act like it most of the time.


Makes sense. Thank you for explaining. Good to see we’re technically on the same page. :slight_smile:

And yeah, we’re all here because we love Warcraft 3. I for one am glad there’s a remaster coming (even though I was initially against it when the idea was first proposed on the Hive Workshop a few years ago).