Concerns over Character Model Changes


Please keep enlightening us on how half empty the glass is, Sylvos.


Alright, well for starters, everything looks rushed… No character design or thought out into the characters… Just like Christie goldie’s novels, they work perfectly as stand alone and they are good, but not excellent…
Jaina doesn’t have her basic shape, shoulders too big…
Lorewise alot of inconsistencies…
And so on…


That’s part of why Reforged is going to have differences from the original campaign. Iron things out.

That’s for another thread though.


Hardly, they couldn’t even get kaels eyes right.


Your record’s broken.


It still has the same effect and impact nonetheless…

So yeah I wasn’t talking about the inconsistencies from wow, that was later released…
Or their own ones
Was referring to the new ones that are being brought to the table


I mean Kael’thas’ eyes were inconsistent within 4 years of Frozen Throne but everything post-Warcraft 3 kind of outweighs everything else because we’ve had like 16 years of “modern” Warcraft lore in comparison to the RTS era Warcraft lore.

Portrayals included.


That inconsistency however was brought by wow, which was later released, but that’s not the point there…
If we are talking about the new lore… Kaelthas was still a high elf by the start of the humans campaign which means his eyes should be blue according to wow lore… Yet he looks more like a corrupted blood elf

So again is not the original game inconsistency,
Nor an inconsistency later created by wow
But a new one…


Which is the primary platform for a lot of the mainline, canon lore and has been since 2004.
Runner-up is novelizations and other material found in books.

I mean this is just me throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if (in the future) it sticks, but it’s not hard to imagine that maybe they’ll put in a little bit of extra detail for transitional stuff like that. I can’t remember who I was speculating with on the forums, but we were both like “wouldn’t it be neat that since Arthas has two human models for one wielding Frostmourne, his second model for the runeblade would have a much more haggard/weary face”.

They could always add additional models as well with it for the Reforged campaign only (since it’s a separate experience from the originals) where maybe Kael’thas’ eyes turn green a lot closer (and after) he meets Illidan.


Stopped reading there, original source is the one inconsistent, the chicken now came before the egg because chicken is mainstream… Hahaha

Kids will always be kids… I’ll leave it there.
Sense cannot reach some people.

Hopefully one day you will grow up kid


Gentle reminder.

You’re the one that thinks I’m the one stirring up trouble. But keep posting stuff like that as if it’s not potentially going to throw more fuel on the fire.

All because I’m just telling you that yeah, some lore is out of date now by Blizzard’s own decree. You know, the people that own the IP.


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My biggest concern is with the Undead designs due to China censorship (Which Blizzard is highly popular there)!


It has moved. Tyrande has always had the hair she has in WoW. They always looked like they look in Reforged.

It’s the same way Tolkien wrote first that Aragorn was a Hobbit. Now he’s the heir to the throne of Gondor. The same Aragorn? The same time period? Please.


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You show that you know nothing about lore. You just know snippets, but the bigger picture is all wrong. And KingOmelette is too much of a c… Canadian, i.e., polite to set you straight.

  1. Kael’thas was a Blood Elf all throughout TFT.
  2. Blood Elves are a unit of political division, not of racial one. The High Elves of Theramore or Quel’Lithien did not follow Kael’thas or his marshals, and thus remained High Elves.
  3. The Blood Elves’ eye colour was the same as that of the High Elves. According to modern lore, it changed after their (15% of the survivors) travel to Outland and subjugation of demons there. On Azeroth, their eyes turned green after Kael’thas had sent Grand Magister Rommath to aid them.
    3.a. I can see their explaining it anew - by admitting that their eyes had been corrupted by the necromantic energies of the Sunwell before its destruction at the hands of Kael’thas and others. That will also be the working hypothesis if Blood Elves start with green eyes in their earliest depiction in the Reforged campaign.
  4. By saying “corrupted Blood Elves”, you seem to subscribe to the wrong idea that “Blood Elves are High Elves under fel influence”. Wrong. Blood Elves are a [dominant] political group (90%) of the surviving High Elves.


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Hey once again people, can we please stop going off and talking about other subjects that quite frankly have nothing to do with what this thread is about?

Politics especially…

Thank you…


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