Concerns over Character Model Changes


You got your own answer in the other post, if you don’t care, then let the people criticizing blizzard alone, and speak their minds… Whatever it is the outcome u would be fine… You are creating conflict just for the sake of conflict


I do care about the game. It’s just in a way you don’t like, so you want to make an enemy out of me for some reason.

It’s almost like the use of public forums invites commentary or discussion to subjects.

Rich coming from Johnny Strawman over here with stuff like this -


Why are you always so simple minded? I really would like to know your age…
I wasn’t talking about whether you care about the game or not…

I was talking specifically whatever the outcome is, (old designs new designs) u would like it.


Is this a bad thing? If so, how?


You will never see me in a topic praising the new models lad, I choose my topics.
They can create their threads every day and I wouldn’t care…


It isn’t… And most of the other people wouldn’t care either, so there’s a chance they make something every body likes and is content with, but you again need the create conflict… Arrogant people would be arrogant


My first post in this thread wasn’t taking a shot at someone who wasn’t even present in the thread yet.


Sweetheart don’t try too hard, as long as you can disguise your comments we know who you are directing them towards… Like that one pou said abiut the chest plate being so heavy, directly quoting me…
See, the difference is, I don’t need to cover myself baby…
U’d understand that when you grow up… Even thou I don’t consider what I said about you could be bad… Just paraphrasing what u say in all other posts


Neither do I. If you’ve hung around these forums at all, I’m getting a lot less subtle.

If I were to offer any advice though I’d stop feigning surprise at conflict happening when you bait it out.


Have I ever done that? Lol
I merely state facts… Quotes… And other useful information, sometimes it even relates to the topic in discussion. Lol


In this very thread.

“State facts” all you want, you’re itching and always raring to go at the conflict you’re griping about.


Not my fault you take it as conflict baby…
Well conflicting people will always conflict themselves…
Sorry about that honey


I’ve never once directly aimed for it or declared it as such. It’s me using your own word choice back at you.


Alright ladies lets not turn this into a private p***ing contest.

I have no interest in reading who said who or what now.

If your not contributing anymore to the discussion at hand the exit is just over there!

Honestly I just want people’s opinions and the hopes that the voice of what is probably now the minority (the old Warcraft community) might be heard over all the new fans from the WoW days…


Is not minority… If u hung up here long enough you’ll see its always the same faces making posts to shut you down…

There’s like 100 topics about the old designs, and the same 3 or 4 faces saying how everything is perfect and how you should suck it…


Genuinely, I am crossing my fingers that there is some sort of “classic Warcraft 3 redone” kit that’s either something they’re working on alongside Reforged (and to come with it) or doing down the road.

The easy way out though would be to take when they made the Warcraft 3 assets available in Starcraft 2 and use those renders as an “HD” (heavy emphasis on the air quotes here) option for Reforged. For people who don’t want the new designs and artstyle but still have fresher graphics. Though I’d rather that they maybe do something a bit more from scratch while remaining entirely faithful to both original models and the original concept art.

Even if it’s not a thing on launch with Reforged, if they were to do that as a whole undertaking? It could still come out after and still give the Reforged release some breathing room. Granted their team is probably not the largest one at Blizzard, so they’d have to pool and spend dev time wisely. Which might conflict with features some folks might want (skins, downloadable campaigns, new melee maps) but I think would be worth it.

Especially if it spaced out release/announcement periods, since I think something like a Diablo 2 Remastered is still like 2 to 4 years out.


Something like that would be perfect.

I am not against there being new designs and optional differences to appease the crowd that would also prefer more WoW influence in the RTS – as maybe they have never played Warcraft and the characters would make better sense to them looking like their WoW variants.

But to someone like myself who cherishes Warcraft and would like to see the original designs respected – but not be forced into sticking with the old graphics.

Something like a ‘Remastered / Reforged / Classic’ option would work perfectly.

Remastered being old designs but up to date graphics.

Reforged being new WoW influenced designs in up to date graphics.

Classic being the original Warcraft 3 game – without any HD textures etc.
(Which we know they have already said will be possible regardless).

That would be amazing!

And who knows if this thread gained enough support, it might be something the development team would at least see, and possibly consider the idea of.

I am honestly not expecting anything. But here is to hoping that my voice of opinion at least counts for something hey? haha


Don’t expect anything yeah it’s the best.
But as I’ve already told you hopefully they will care for all the topics about this subject


To be a fly on the wall in those early Reforged design meetings, right?

It does make me wonder stuff like if the new “unified” (with modern Warcraft) artstyle was a pretty instant/easy decision to come to for them or if it was a big back-and-forth with the entirely faithful route.


They couldn’t even get kaels eyes right… So I wouldn’t wonder much