CALL TO ARMS - Fix Warcraft 3: Reforged

It breaks my heart to write this.

The most recent Developer update is another exercise in damage control and empty promises. This was not an apology, but a series of rationalizations for the release of an inferior product designed to deflect the blame.

Loyal Blizzard fans like myself have been playing since the beginning and have put up with a lot over the years. Blizzard has slowly ruined WoW, released overpriced and inferior content for Starcraft (Nova Ops), essentially abandoned HotS, and completely dropped the ball with Diablo: Immmortal and the HK/Blitzchung fiasco. While no company is perfect and there were surely several variables that factored into some of these decisions, there has been no transparency.

It doesn’t feel like the leadership at Blizzard has any idea what we want anymore. I know that some of you are fine with this release, but after several years of disappointments and betrayals, the botched release of WC3R was the last straw for me and several others. I am not giving Blizzard another penny until they release the game we were promised.

Still, if we want Blizzard to actually acknowledge and fix the problems with this game we need to act. Activision runs the show now, and they are only concerned with the bottom line.

They are under no obligation to do anything, so we have to vote with our wallets:

  • Get a refund for this game ASAP
  • Cancel any preorders you have for other Blizzard games (e.g. Shadowlands)
  • Do not pre-order any new Blizzard games
  • Do not buy anything from the Blizzard store (pets, mounts, gems for HotS, cards for HS, WoW time, etc.) until they give us the game we originally paid for
  • Only play Blizzard games you already own or have paid for

If we do not make it clear that we won’t give them more of our money, they won’t listen. Like several others in the last few days, I’ll probably be suspended or banned for this post, but I don’t care anymore. Blizzard, my favorite video game developer of all time, has lied and let me down for the last time.



I make a promise in good faith.
If they fix everything that should be in W3. I will buy the Skins that come out of the Kadlorei.

(I know they don’t give a damn about it. But hey, it’s what I can offer)


Yeah, well, as for the whole Reforged-debacle, I’ll make it easy on’em:

They got 2 weeks to roll back the Classic client for the people, who did not buy Reforged. I mean “roll back” as in EXACTLY the way it was down to the last pixel.

I’ll simply delete my account if they don’t. I’m sure that’s hardly a threat to a company, but I’ll do it anyway.


2 weeks? That’s impressive.

I swear I’ve seen at least 5 people on this board threaten to gouge their eyes out and light themselves on fire if they didn’t fix it in the next 2 days.


That’s hardly a requirement for deleting an account. I mean, I’m at the very least sure it’s not in the fine print…

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I’m sure they were going to rip someone else’s eyes off.

I stand with normal, rational people who want the game fixed asap.

I do not stand with the doomsday cult screaming into the sky shouting “burn it all down”. These people aren’t all there in the head…


Comments like these are important. I want nothing more than to give Blizzard my money so I can play WC3R. It’s their fault we can’t.


Sure. Offhand, I don’t recollect threatening with any dooms, though. You’ll have to quote me on that.

No one here is saying “burn it all down”, but the most rational course of action is voting with our wallets. Activision is a big enough company that they literally will not listen otherwise because they don’t have to.

The best thing would be for them to fix this.


And I’m pretty sure they could roll back the Classic client for the client users just as easily as they could roll out the Reforged patch… call it a hunch.


Sorry but beating a dead horse is no longer fun for me. Participating on the forums was fun over the weekend but there’s nothing left to do. I won’t listen to their empty words and lies about fixing the problems. If they were able to do so little to improve the game over two years, how long do you expect to wait for a patch that will revert all the removed features?

If I ever return to the game it will be when they have something to show us that they themselves can be proud of. Until then there are many other companies that value my money more.


Do it. If enough people actually follow through and do this, they will do something.


I hear that. I guess I’ll be back in 14 days. Doomsday!!! Maybe.

With a lot of sadness in my heart, I refunded. I really tried to play and enjoy the new assets, but all the dissapointments and false promises were just too much. The freakin game used more resources than The Witcher 3 in Ultra! It’s just too poorly polished to even be considered a game.


I refunded this myself. I was really hoping that they wouldn’t mess this one up. But here I stand wrong once again. Cancelled my pre-order for Shadowlands and will never pre-order another Blizzard game until they go back to the standards they once had, which probably won’t happen.


My machine plays Arkham Knight on Ultra and could barely handle this one. It’s just so sad.


Boy activision has ruined Blizzard big time.

Pretty much like what zenimax did to Bethesda and EA with Bioware…


The Dev update was definitely a day or two too late. I already got a refund for this game. :\

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Yes, because boycotting ALWAYS works when it comes to the gaming community. eyeroll

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