CALL TO ARMS - Fix Warcraft 3: Reforged

I might be wrong, but this time it feels pretty different. All of my RL friends were so pissed off they actually got refunds for this game. We play HotS together a few times a week and were going to transition to WC3 once this came out. Now we are going to find another non-Blizzard game to play, as we have all had it with them.


Thank you. I’m casting my vote and refunding this hot garbage. What a shame.


Here, here. I support this very much. I used to love “Blizzard.” Is this Activision-Blizzard that did this? I am not sure how I feel right now.


I haven’t ever bought it.For now, I will keep like that.

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I too agree that we have to do something. We can not let them destroy our wc3 game, we cannot let them take it away from us and we will not support any future games from them, until they give us what they owe us or give us what they promissed us.

I will do excatly what this thread is saying we should do, and i think that players from other blizzard games should help us. Because next time it’s there game that are gonna get destroyed and unplayable.


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So what exactly is broken with the Call to Arms ability in 1.32? It should convert Peasants to Militia as it always has.

I agree. Full support.

i wait that they fix all, the terrain the light portrait like was in 2018 etc
add the male dk and dh generic
give the old italian voice or the possibility to choise the old voice or at least to set audio and text with separete language like all other blizzard game
and i think for sorry to this disaster they must make the cut-scene like teased in demo 2 year ago because is not possibile to receive only some fix of this early access for sorry no way

I pLaY tD, aLL gOoD, gReAt gAeM :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:

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I refunded. I really wish this will make a difference. :slight_smile:

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I refunded too, and I bought the game on announcement date + with the WoW mount, thought they’d pull some excuse to not refund it. After the recent announcement from them though, I’ll be very skeptical of ever buying another game from them, and I have been an extremely loyal costumer for 15 years now.
They will clearly not do anything about the game, just fix the bugs and add one or two very basic things. They aren’t adding to the game what was announced.

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So do I, man.
So do I.

Thats not enough… he should live, suffer, make this game good again and only than he will be allowed to die…

If they fixed this all would be forgiven, as it would show a step in the right direction for the first time in years.

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I guess i’ll say something. I’ve been a fan of Warcraft since Orcs and Humans. Warcraft 3 was a very large part of childhood, and I never could quite get into WoW. I was always hoping for a Warcraft 4 to come, but as the years went on I realized this would never happen. Warcraft 3 Reforged was the second best thing that could’ve happened, and its really saddened me that treatment this masterpiece received.

However, I remember another franchise that was given poor treatment in its sequel. Diablo. Diablo 3 was a disaster at launch, and I don’t think I need to recap on the many, many problems it had. Miraculously though, Blizzard had a team of individuals not only fix the game, but improve upon it. Its still no Diablo 2, but they turned a disaster into a very fun ARPG. I have faith that Blizzard will do the same here. If not out of care, then because of the outcry this is getting. Therefore I am not going to refund the game, rather wait, and see if in time, like Diablo 3, this port rise from the ashes.

That all being said, i’m very glad to see so much passion in this fandom. Its really nice to see like-minded individuals furious over this shoddy product, and I hope our words haven’t fallen on deaf ears.


I feel much the same way, but based on what Blizzards public response was, it sounds like they definitely never will actually finish Reforged as promised. Unlike Diablo 3’s auction house, where there was mostly silence and then eventually they changed it based on the feedback, now they’ve actually made a pretty clear statement: they’ll be fixing bugs, not making any significant changes. Which i find difficult not to interpret as; won’t invest the money and manpower to add in the missing (advertised) content, and won’t be changing any of the stuff they intentionally altered despite crystal clear fan backlash and mass refunds.

It’d be nice to hope for a proper Warcraft 3 Remaster, but that is not what Blizzard chose to release, and it is not (officially as per their statement) what Blizzard is aiming for with this product.

Hell, they won’t even listen if we DO vote with our wallets.

Blizzard’s so far up its own backside it can’t even see daylight.

Bro relax lol don’t be so dramatic. The game costs less than a half hour of work. Be happy they are trying to update an old classic. I don’t think it’s a good release, but I’m happy they made it for sure.

update? what do you mean?

update = cut off ladder, clans, friends list, players profiles


:joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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Pretty sure you have noticed they have updated the visuals.