Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

They cannot say they went through massive rescoping and had to cut all the new stuff. Hell they even cut old features such as ladder and profiles …


here’s the thing. you can redo the campaign with new voice acting and new cutscenes and new missions, and ALSO KEEP THE ORIGINAL CAMPAIGN


Will there actually be new campaigns? New races to use? or is this it?

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I’d like to apologize for those in Blizzard disappointed by my lack of purchase for Warcraft 3 Reforged. After announcing at Blizzcon that I would be buying and playing it to support Blizzard, I reevaluated and decided that I didn’t want to so I didn’t. And thought I’d tell you AFTER it was released instead of before.

I’d like to address some future concerns that I’m sure some people at Blizzard may have about my purchasing of the game. While I am aware that many people are upset that I made a promise I didn’t keep, all I can say is that I really wanted to keep the true, life-changing spirit of the original games by not purchasing a new one.

I appreciate all your feedback and concerns, thanks for your support and passion for at least 25% of the game you promised us.

I’m sorry, this whole post pisses me off. Not even specific to the one that posted it, since I know they HAD to post it and probably don’t even agree with most of what they said. It is absolutely insane to me that this company is still trying to hide behind this facade of caring about their games. From the disaster that was most of BFA to the Hearthstone tournament to Diablo Mobile that literally no one in the world asked for, right up to Warcraft 3 Reforged delivering on like…2 of 10 promises. I REALLY want to believe it’s all just the greedy non-humans at Activision trying to beat whatever change they can from Blizzard before they throw them aside to let them go under and move on to the next target. I really hope. And with that, there’s a big part of me that really wants to see this company go completely under and shut down. Not maliciously, but so those there that have had so much passion for these games can leave and start a new company that cares about the people that love their games more than the money in their pockets.

I’m sorry Blizzard. I’m sorry to all of you that still care and want to make something good from Warcraft. But I think it’s way too late now. I don’t think you can salvage this. Everything you do is going to be called into question and, unfortunately, the people are absolutely right to question it. Who knows what Shadowlands is going to be? You broke your promises about Warcraft 3, there’s no reason why you won’t just release shadowlands and say “We really thought about changes to gear and just decided we didn’t want to change it” afterwards. You’ve completely broken trust and aren’t really trying to salvage it. Not really. Sorry for my rant. I just…it hurts to watch a good company die.


Exactly. They are so inept now that they don’t even realize they just made this worse.


Refund your game, cancel all of your pre-orders, and don’t give Blizzard a penny until this game is fixed.


Just here for the ratio.

While I agreed with most of the criticism surrounding the launch of wc3R, I had a really tough time hitting the refund button. I hovered over it several times, and then talked myself out of it.

I wanted to wait, I wanted to wait to hear the response. Maybe they heard the community. Maybe the devs were in emergency meetings right now securing more funding for a game they see they came up short on. I believe it is important to give someone a chance to address the situation before taking action.

I found no solace in this blue post. Such a huge wasted opportunity. With a heavy heart, I completed my refund today.


Thank you for at least addressing this. Even if late it’s better than nothing at all (i know your hands are tied)

many eyes will be on to see improvements You can no mans sky this and fix the issues. Please just do not let this be another broken promise.

I don’t trust you anymore. You don’t want to stear far from the original cutscenes but the new one even worst.
“You hear me Malganis, TO THE END OF THE WORLD!!!” -Arthars standing there arkwardly.


You are a spineless, little worm. This response has addressed nothing. I will never again give a cent to this company. I hope you’re proud of yourself.


if i could download it i press play it

it can say error mean i cant play offline

what happened ?

If you didn’t plan on using the cutscenes as shown at Blizzcon then why did you still advertise them on your website? Even at the time of writing this response the cutscene is still being promoted on the FRONT PAGE of the WC3 website. I have no sympathy for a company who cares only about pleasing their investors so that Ol’ Johnny boy can get his own yacht.


I have played through the campaigns several times over the years. I don’t mind that the cutscenes haven’t been touched. However, for the last three years I have been playing the game for the custom campaigns, as well as dabbling with the editor. Therefore, I am quite sad that custom campaigns have been cut from the game. I was following the Beta closely, though because of time restrictions and real life I was not able to participate. I do remember seeing that people got their custom campaigns to work with the beta client. So, why is the functionality missing? Custom games were never just about co-op and multiplayer and it is disturbing that Blizzard has disregarded a core part of the original game. I WILL NOT refund because I still have hope that either custom campaigns will be implemented or someone will figure out a way to get them working. However, I have lost faith in Blizzard as a company.

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No new UI, no content aside from new unit models that move very stiff… No ultra wide support, how can you justify this costing more than 5 bucks


You do realize that if you do not refund this then they have literally no incentive to implement the things they promised, right?

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Please give us the UI that was shown in the 2018 demo


Boy that was a long winded post to say literally nothing at all, Blizzard.

All you typed was “We’re sorry you didn’t like it lmao”


They are under no obligation to do anything, so we have to vote with our wallets:

  • Get a refund for this game ASAP
  • Cancel any preorders you have for other Blizzard games (e.g. Shadowlands)
  • Do not pre-order any new Blizzard games
  • Do not buy anything from the Blizzard store (pets, mounts, gems for HotS, cards for HS, WoW time, etc.) until they give us the game we originally paid for
  • Only play Blizzard games you already own or have paid for

4+ hours of reforged cutscenes you promised. What you showed us with The Culling ensured I instantly pre-ordered the game. The cinematic camera work, the detailed animations as the characters gesticulated and used facial expressions, getting rid of the distracting auras – That’s what I wanted to see. I was fairly neutral towards lore revamps, I just wanted to see the story brought to life as it was in my imagination. But that was all lies and false advertisement.

I got my refund the other day. I bought the spoils of war edition too. I believed in you guys that much and was crushed to have this be the end result. If you want my money back you need to put all the features you promised into the game. I don’t blame the development team, I’m sure you guys did the best you could with the budget and manpower allotted to you. But your company is a disappointing shadow of what it once was.