BlizzardBrowser process takes a lot of CPU resources

I noticed that there are several BlizzardBrowser processes that consume 50-60 % CPU while I’m on the main menu.

So I can’t understand if it’s expected behavior or problem is on my side.

My laptop configuration:
I5-7300 HQ
Geforce 1050 4 GB

the entire menu is coded as a webpage and webpages are browsed with a browser. blizzard choose to render heavy animations and thats why the browser consume a huge chunk of cpu power.

Ch1cane is correct. The Blizzard Browser is used for the main menu. Our team is waiting on some new tech to improve the performance of this, since we have seen issues with the FPS and performance dropping when on the main menu. Here’s the forum thread for the menu issue.

if you have a dedicated graphics card, you may have luck with changing it to use the dedicated graphics instead. We’ve seen this help for the menu issue and it should take some load off of the CPU.

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These three links could be helpful to improve the performance:

  • Force Enable Hardware Acceleration in Chromium:

  • CSS Keyframe Animation - Avoiding High CPU Usage:

  • CSS Background Animation - Avoiding High CPU Usage:

Maybe incompatible GPUs lead Chromium to switch to the CPU instead, which leads then to bad performance because of heavy animations?

Thanks for answer, how can I check these settings in Warcraft app ?

Try this:

Switching to the Computer’s Dedicated GPU:

Do it for this file:
?:\Warcraft III\ _retail _\x86_64\BlizzardBrowser\ BlizzardBrowser.exe

Unfortunately , it doesn’t work

Maybe try this:

Or this:

maybe just bring back the classic war3 menus…

So it’s gonna get fixed in 2 years if they ever will

doesn’t work. it reverts to software rendering…

It could be that you picked the wrong BlizzardBrowser.exe of another game.

You could also try to disable the integrated graphics driver in the device manager.

Saido, I have 1 graphic card and I took the correct blizzard browser.
I had already tried it but I tried it again just in case.
Had the exact same problem with google chrome reverting to software rendering on WebGL.
Took it 2 secs o fix it.
It is based on CEF.
And reverting to software rendering is a known problem of CEF.
That’s all.
WC1 WC2 D1 D2 D3 SC1 SC2 BnetApp work.
May it be possible that they screwed it up simply not knowing how to launch it?

did more testing, the lag starts whenever there is a text that needs to be rendered, even when it fades away. For the rest it seems slow but not spiky.

is the transparency and the overlapping of different frames that cause the lagging.

Tried the windowed mode and the windowed full screen.
Even at minimum window size there is a short lag every time an overlay or fade needs to be displayed.

They should try to optimize the whole thing in a way that the CPU usage goes down enormously and it is not needed anymore to rely on the dedicated GPU for the Browser to work properly.

@Caterpepi maybe the two animation related links can be helpful to fix the problem?

Thanks for sharing, Saido! As technical support are not developers or QA, we only assist with technical issues that can be resolved through troubleshooting. At times, we do help communicate on known issues for you all, but this is as much as we do in terms of the technical support forums. Right now, our team is awaiting on new tech to fix this problem.

The developers may not monitor these forums as much since it’s primarily managed by the technical support team. If you wanted to provide feedback or suggestions on the matter, the #bug-report or #general-discussion is the appropriate place to provide this information to the team who can make direct changes to the game and test the game after the changes.

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