Beta Roll Out


Yep, the client has been fixed and we can download now!


Still nothing on mine.


Have you tried turning it off and on again?


Switched in and out of beta, logged out and close multiple times, restarted computer.

         .'       `.
         :)       (:
         \ (@) (@) /
          \   A   /
           )     (
    / ':-(_.-: :-._)-:` \
   / /' (__.-: :-.__) `\ \
  / /  (___.-` '-.___)  \ \
 / /   (___.-'^`-.___)   \ \
/ /    (___.-'=`-.___)    \ \

Waiting For Beta Like

(Pete Stilwell) #91


We’re looking into the issue with the invites not matching actual beta assignment to your accounts. Will update when resolved.


Got email for beta

Thank you!


I received no email but can download the beta, will let you know if i can log in after its finished.


would ya just let all valid purchase enter the beta…why aggressive invitation is matter? uh?


My beta has arrived guys!!! Let’s go!!! Just a few moments ago!!!


Should Spoils preorders still expect to be in before Blizzcon?


Nice! got it!


I’m in the betaaaa! I didn’t expect myself to be this excited, but to see the Night Elves and Orcs in HD is going to rock :smiley:

Hopefully we can have custom hotkeys as that would help me out a ton. Rock on!

(Pete Stilwell) #99


We’ve batched through the failed beta assignments, please recheck your access. Enjoy the beta; feedback has been great.



Thanks dad i eagerly await my invite


I’m waiting dad.


The game is freezing when I m trying to build anything


Although i agree with you about the hong kong situation and blizzard’s actions you are completely out of topic.


It feels good to be back!


:loudspeaker: gimme beta