Beta Roll Out

Howdy Friends,

Great to be back. And it’s even better to have the game in some of your hands. Server stability has been solid thus far, so we’ll begin scaling invites aggressively in the next day or two.

We appreciate your time and feedback; the team is looking forward to bringing more features, the missing races, and reacting to your feedback in the coming weeks. See you at BlizzCon.



Thanks dad.


incoming no beta for me yet people

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The game plays pretty darn well so far Pete. The whole classic team deserves a pat on the back for what has been done here, thankyou.


Great job! Hope you will show us some campaign and custom maps stuff at Blizzcon. Keep it up, Reforged is gonna be great


Blizzard: “We will aggressively send out invites for the next day or two”
Every Forum Post: “Why don’t I have beta right now??”


dear blizzard plz give me a beta. i want to test ultrawide scale resolution. Thank you.

I hope I will be among those who get the beta, I want to be the first to look at the female paladins :smiley:


I’m looking forward to Blizzcon and maybe getting into beta. :slight_smile:

I was happy to get invited to play, I wasn’t happy when I sat matchmaking for two hours and it wouldnt let me play at all. Been playing Warcraft for years so it’s super upsetting.

You should really calm yourselves. This is not the released version.

You will all get the beta. I got the beta and i never get betas. EVER…

Installed it, will play later!

Yea bois, aggresive that’s what I wanna hear

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i got the beta at the very least.

Aggressive uh? No beta email in my mail box just yet, please go extreme aggressive, would ya?


That’s great news. But you forgot my invite last night. I will forgive you if it’s out by end of day today :wink:

Thank you Pete! Thank you :blush:

Great news although I didnt get beta access, but! Oh how much I want to see Night elves and Undead at Blizzcon, or even a release!

We will definitely be getting the release date Saturday during the panel at 6:15 PM EDT.