Being brainless fan of old lore is stupid

This kid is brain dead man… I don’t know why I bother responding to him.

Maybe I’m also brain dead…


If that’s so,why you and other multiplayer people literally FORCED them to change the game for your selfish needs?

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Yes… the “multiplayer people” went to Blizzard HQ, put a gun to their head, and said “do this or else”… and Blizzard responded “OH OK”.

This is how most billion dollar studios operate.


Warcraft RTS had fairly good story. WoW on the other hand not.

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Warcraft III story is nothing,compare to canon novel

yes I agree, please help me point out more inconsistencies on the campaign to make the Warcraft RTS have farlier gooder story

and also help me point out more unanswered plot holes on the campaign to make the Warcraft RTS have farliest goodest story

no please the ones who wrote BFA story will be the ones making or advising it, it’s gonna be bad I tell you unless they re-retcon Legion and BFA in WoW Classic

I don’t think purists are forcing Blizzard to do the bare minimum effort. Blizzard ALREADY wanted to put in the bare minimum; they just took purists as an excuse to justify their mediocrity.


Blizzard is a great company with high standarts of quality

So I’m going to have to heavily disagree with you here.

First of all: “Reforged” is still “Warcraft 3” at it’s core. It’s the same game, just polished up. It’s the same story, same gameplay, same idea.

Secondly: They never said “complete overhaul” - They said “small changes to bridge the gap between Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft, and give certain fan favourites more room”. Now this, arguably, is where they could have implied a whole bunch of missions to be remade, or fairly insubstantial alterations. The traditionalists didn’t know the extent, but neither did the revistionists. You could have gone into this game expecting a full rewrite and you’d gotten maybe an ingame cutscene or two. What then? You’d be furious because you didn’t get your money’s worth. Now, the advertisement is crystal clear: You get the same campaign with prettier graphics. That’s much better to work with.

Thirdly: No, Warcraft 3 should remain the same, not because the lore “was better” or whatever reason, but because this is a time capsule. If the Reforged version and the “Classic” version had different stories to tell, the one who’s more widespread would be the point of reference. As we can expect the Reforged version to sell more due to being more relevant to the current game cycle, it becomes even more important to remain as it used to be back in the day. People need to know how the game was back then, how rough and actually quite lax the story was. They need to experience that point in time to get an idea of how far the game has come. Changing it would just cover up whatever mistakes were made back then or since then.

And lastly: Who are you to call us traditionalists selfish when you clearly speak from a point of self-interest, yourself? That’s a non-argument.


You’re selfish,cause you don’t thing about new aydience or people who thinks that the story is outdated
I’m okay with Classic campaing as Option only,so people like you will play it,but not the new audience
It would be better if new ones will enjoy fully animated cutscenes and cry over emotional events like The Culling,or Uther vs Arthas duel,cause they will never feel that way if all they’ll see - Just two models with defaulf atack animation,hitting each other from a far angle

Enjoy the story this way,is better than cringey and outdated WC3 camera

I’m not in the best condition today but do you agree that it doesn’t hurt for two campaigns to be available? That way we can finally get both the purists and the WoW fanboys to be satisfied

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I am glad no one, especially Blizzard is not listening to people lieke you.

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Summary of this thread, and all 800+ posts by МракоРыцарь if anyone wanted a condensed version.


I don’t tell that Blizzard should release this version right now,It’s too late
I’m here to tell how stupid the community who ruined it.
And yeah,I remind you that I already bought a “toy” the problem is - It’s just a cringey chinese rip-off of what was advertise on the box,and I have right to argue about it

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I’m here to tell how stupid the community who ruined it.

You stand alone, because “the community” is pretty united on what Reforged is, and always was, a simple remaster.

Reforged is not a “remake”, never was, never will be. And if you want new updated story, with beautiful animated cut scenes, you are going to have to wait for an expansion.

They obviously don’t have the time to do this by release, despite how badly you want it. It’s not going to happen. Hope that Reforged is successful and maybe they will come back and redo those things.


Remaster is visual update? Yeah? Then why game looks so poor,and cutscenes suck so much?

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I’ve played Warcraft since 1994. See, nobody cares (Insert Jurassic Park nobody cares meme here). I see a bunch of people making a massive deal about this when not much is really going to be changed anyways. Let’s all calm down.

Remaster is visual update? Yeah? Then why game looks so poor,and cutscenes suck so much?

The original in-game cut scenes have all been updated with 4k models and textures… They were visually updated, as advertised.

4+ hours of reforged in-game cutscenes

in-game cut scenes with 4k models and textures, are updated cut scenes.


But that is what happens and people watch the movies anyways, and even with a horrible plot they do well.

I honestly don’t see a difference in standard when what was shown was clearly labeled as WIP

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I just don’t understand why you want a worse product? Why you don’t want cutscenes,dialogues,UI,real Graphics?