Being brainless fan of old lore is stupid

I don’t even play WoW and it’s just sad that there are so many purists who are terrified of the mere existence of a second Reforged campaign instead of having both Classic and “New” campaign in Reforged graphics to appease both purists and WoW fanboys.

Gatekeeping much?

But why do you feel the need to change the past events to meet this new expectation?

Ask them to develop a new expansion.
Don’t go back and change missions and events that have been one way for 17 years to achieve it.

Many people like the old campaign and the way it was portrayed and don’t want the events to be changed. Why is that also so hard to understand?

We are not always against NEW things.
In my case I would be very upset if they changed the old one, just because WoW fans want to see new events.

Nowhere did I say change; I literally said second “Reforged” campaign because IIRC there was a leaked campaign pic where you could choose between old Classic campaign and new Reforged campaign - both in Reforged grapics

And as I said: that way both the old fans and the WoW fanboys will be both happy.

I’m still betting my $40 that hopefully they make an update soon about releasing a second “Reforged” campaign even if it takes them 2 years

But you dont seem to understand.
The current Warcraft 3 campaign is already a universal success.

It is remembered fondly by anyone who played it and still plays it to this day.
There is literally NO NEED AT ALL to go and change any aspect of it.

If you change or add things to the original missions, change voices, change how events are played out on the screen.

THAT is how Reforged will be remembered.
And Reforged is carrying the weight of Warcraft 3’s legacy on it’s shoulders.

If the current Blizzard storytellers (which are universally considered to be terrible by many fans), run amuck on Warcraft 3’s current campaign they are likely to destroy that legacy.

And if you ever want the prospect of new expansions being added, or possibly even a Warcraft 4 one day.
This game needs to be received well!

So the choice is pretty simple at least in my eyes:

Play it safe and stay true to Warcraft (which we KNOW people love already).
Change the campaign and add new events into it etc
And risk it messing with an already great campaigns legacy.

17 years this story has been told the same.
If you change it now in my eyes and a lot of peoples (clearly as Blizzard took that step back) you are taking far far too many unnecessary risks.

If you lot can’t see that - well that is too bad.
But Activision Blizzard ultimately makes the decisions and they made it already.

What exactly is wrong with the old campaign that needs to be changed?

As a radical fence-sitting playing-safe centrist, I stubbornly stay say we should get both since I’m such a hypocritical man of peace and I prefer both sides get what they wanted

Oh well, the main reason why I just want a second additional Reforged campaign is just because of the excuse to get new models and resources (and I also wanted to see some more characters from pre-WC3 novels)

But if Blizzard indeed decides we go for reskins, then at least…

Polish or expand on some things that were left unanswered, like how did Jaina manage to convince the people of Lordaeron to believe her and convince other Kingdoms to assist her, particularly Gilneas and Stromgarde; as well as how Sylvanas managed to get her body back

Or fix the inconsistencies since we care about the lore so much:

If they get answered then WC3 will be at least more polished (and expanded) without relying on the retconned WoW updated lore

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The fact that old campaing is out-dated compare to modern lore material.Less emorional and entertaining for a new audience,have less explonations or expositions about the events and characters and poor character development.
It was once a good story
But modern gaming has higher standarts to story telling - Modern gaming is art,which can make people cry,and feek emotional for characters
Many novels about the events of Warcraft III for examole were FAR more deep,emotional,epic and horrofying when it comes to Scourge. It has a lot of extended dialogues and details wich can help you feel sorry for character or understand his motivation.
Many people will come from WoW community,so if the game wants new audience - ir must stay true to the story they already know and love. And I don’t see why that’s a problem because if there will be an option to choose campaings - Why you just can’t leave new players with bigger and deeper story,and go play the old one then?
And also - old cutscenes style was good back in the day - because the models were low-poly and it was easy to use emagination and pring them to life - but in Reforged these Curscenes look like a horrible uncanny valley,and it would be better if we get a fully animated cutscenes like the Culling
Just look at this video,made by a fan - z–Q&t=956s

video unavailable

Just search for animation called “Reign of Chaos - Season 1”

Honestly I thought the demo graphics were worse.

They looked like StarCraft, not Warcraft. I’m glad it got changed.

Demo looked as good as game industry used to be nowadays.It was good graphics for good models. Now what we have is an uncanny valley - good,detailed models,but horrible,cheap lighting,renders,textures,trees and terrain - It looks like a cheap mobile game,not like the RTS we’ve been waiting for years.


I don’t want my fantasy RTS to look like a space RTS using fantasy skins.

Warcraft Reforged does looked like a great fantasy - I can show that what we have now DOES look like Starcraft

Here,beta looks just like this for most of us z

That’s not the beta.

That’s how Warcraft III looks with Starcraft Engine - And that’s how bad Beta looks

No, the 2018 demo is how it looks being run in the StarCraft engine. Not saying it was, just saying that’s what it looked like.

Beta actually looks better than that video and the demo imo.

It looks outdated,name me an objective reason why plastic and clay models,
artificial grass,emotionless UI and cutscenes are better than what was shown before?

They don’t look like plastic and clay to me at all, so I really can’t give you a “reason why.”

Emotionless UI? What? Sod off with your emotion BS, UI’s don’t need emotion. They need to be functional.

Grass seems to actually be the same as it was in the demo to me, unless you mean the color and not the rendering. In which case, yeah the current grass is better because now it looks like Warcraft 3 and not StarCraft 2 running a WoW map.

Old (Classic) UI portaits were having one single talk animation - but it was universal for most of the cutscenes. - You could understand that character is alive
With new UI portraits they just stand still,sometimes with emotionless lyp sync and smiling faces like Arthas,oe stupidly moving their heads back and forth while talking

and also not - the grass in demo has a better texture,and was look like an actuall grass

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