Answers on Bots/Custom Games?

I just wanted to get some finality on these answers… I think it’s pretty clear but as of 1.30.2 are ALL bots going to be shut down and unable to be used? I appreciate what blizzard is going for, but the whole tying hosting to one person and being able to ban seems like an issue.

My DotA clan of over 150 people on US East has been running tournaments and league games for years now, but without stat collection, ongoing bans/kick history there is almost no reason to stay. I don’t WANT to leave for a private server but if they are not replacing it with something viable we have no choice.

I am not trying to be a petulant child, I just want clarity so I know whether or not to make contingency plans for the group and move elsewhere, since without stats to upload to our website, and other tracking it’s kind of useless…

Thank you.


bots are gone, they didn’t say what else they’re planning to add, beyond the kick/ban/other commands they added in there.

One can probably use replay analysis tools to collect game results for a leaderboard of sorts. The replays would have to be manually submitted by one of the players, but it is better than nothing.

There is no point in playing DotA without stats loging and autoban.
I think I am going to leave battle .net after patch 1.30.2 releases

Yet that is what people did for near a decade before robots came… I suspect people will keep doing it for another decade to come well after robots are gone!


play dota2, is there still a big dota community? and if so how come? like why don’t they just play one the free mobas, im intrigued.

Bots needs to be trashed if you guys want the custom map scene to actually grow. Bot hosting was one of the main reasons why a majority of players ditched the game around 2010.

Maybe you can find some sort of solution for Dota only, like something similare to the ladder games. But again this should be for Dota only. Custom maps needs to return to its former state where players made and hosted games, and not its current state where the same 12 maps are in a constant circulation.

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Maybe 'cause of the nostalgic feeling. I never played, but, I will for sure in Warcraft 3 Reforged.

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fantom everyone knows your clan is almost dead.
And i can literally see the amount of players online your clan.
you keep saying 150 dota members, LOL. but theres barely 4 or 5 online at once in your clan. Stop trying act like your boss your not.
You had a chance, but you screwed yourself, because you couldnt trust.

After patch your trashbot wont work anymore. and nobody
wants to play dota 1 6.85 when you can just play Dota 2,
OR Real Dota (6.83d). And BK will also shutdown after next update.
And then there will only be Wc3Connect to play Dota 1.

KingKar how many game communities have you been banned from? Like I said, I have game listings and we get two games going every night except Fri/Sat cause most people go out and have a social life unlike you.

It’s nice to know you’re still a stalker with no life though! Enjoy whatever backwater sh*t dota you’re playing these days!

To everyone else thanks for the answers and input. I am sure there will be work-arounds or other alternative options in the near future whether it be replay collection or something else, so that might be a possible solution.

We may go to a 3rd party client till reforged comes out too. But moreso than stat collection, the biggest problem is going to be hosting… With server hosting its a usually stable and fast speed, even if we wanted to stay on the updated BNet after 1.30.2 we would have to host manually and that’s dangerous if someone disconnects or has less than spectacular internet.

But we shall see…

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Have you tried the PTR to see if this is the case? It could be Blizzard hosts all the games so they become even more reliable than some robots.

fantom your clan is already dead/?

Dihl is also dead you havnt had any games since
1.30.2 patch. You screwd yourself and you failed the dihl league.
you try to force yourself think you can lead anything. Your trash judgement is why your clan is dead zone.
now the only place to go is wc3connect if you want to play
dota. LIke i said before, GG fanton, you really sucked this one.

Hahaha keep trying Kar. You were always so closed minded… If you really think ENTConnect is the only place to play you’re a fool. I would tell you where we play but its not really worth it. But don’t worry we still play games 4-5 times a week and have plans to grow. Get a life bro don’t just lurk forums like a virgin.

Fanton you really think I waste my time spreading bullsh1t like you. You think your fooling anyone ?
youve gotten SO low now you Sound like Vaylen.

There arent ANY DIHL Games hosted. You can SEE for yourself go on UsEAST, and tell me if you see any DOTA games, retard. wc3connect is the only place for dota.
The DIHL is a dead League, and YOU ran it to sh1t. I dont care about you or the forums. Just stop trying act like you run something, but the only thing you did was destroy DIHL

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Because of Hostbots removal, DotA community in battle .net has moved to private servers. Now it takes long time to fill a DotA lobby comparing to previous patches. GJ blizzard separating War3 community.

The people behind the private-servers want to generate money off Warcraft3 nowadays… trying to sell “donator features” for custom maps to rip money off of users… just have them all play on the new crappy-bot-free warcraft3 <3

Like the people above said… There are many private servers now to play on. If you’re too stupid to know the others Kar I don’t know what to say, but then again I’m not really surprised lol. But you are correct we don’t play on BNet or ENT anymore. Good luck trying to find it though since no one would ever invite you back :laughing:

There is nothing Hostbot which autohost Legion TD 3.6h

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Lol, they’re all insanely easy to find… just pathetic that people play on it for the sole purpose to kill the main game… as there is no benefit over a private-server than the original other than NOT BUYING the f-ing game.

Not anymore, they were here pre-patch.