PTR 1.30.2 Updated Update with Updates

Greetings Raiders, Tinkerers, Harbingers, and Wardens,

Thanks for organizing playtests and feedback to help vet 1.30.2. Go team. Here’s another battery of fixes for your adept examination.

PTR Client Installers

Changes & Specific Improvements

  • Mac Reforged prepurchase verification flow now available

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed arranged teams
  • Zeroing out map files
  • Not always finding existing maps
  • Map download timeout increased to 10 minutes
  • Not being able to join full game when you have a reserved slot
  • Fixed kicking or banning player in reserved slot causing ui to fail
  • Game start disabled if players are downloading map files
  • Fixed issues with leaving and joining as Observer
  • Fixed not being able to join a game with only Observer slots free
  • Fixed being able to create fake player slots when swapping from observer back to full player slots
  • Fixed chat appearing from wrong player name
  • Fixed player color assignment in custom games

Known Issue

  • Some maps cause desync on game start (we’ve added the ability to track maps that cause the issue)
  • Blizzard maps included with game install will always cloud download

Edit: We have patched the server to fix a bug where multi clients downloading the map at the same time would result in problems.


Highly advised suggestion!

Please prevent team killers , ban auto-loss bots , penalize afk and early leavers as they are interrupting my games.

Many Thanks.


I’m very excited to be able to play on the live servers on December 1st, I had a blast playing the campaign on the PTR and I cannot wait to try out custom games on live! :smiley:



Attack interval time of Paladin is different. When attacking air units, it is still 2.2 seconds, not the new version of 2 seconds. I think it seems like this, please check it.

Thank you for letting the game revival.


Thanks for the hard work devs! Looking forward to mapping once again for WC3R :smiley:

“Updated update with updates” oh, c’mon guys, you can do it better!


Patch 1.30

Base Stats
• Reduced cost from 255 to 225 gold

The base repair cost for the Halls of the Dead and the Black Citadel still uses old values (30 gold more):

Building Gold Lumber Repair Gold Repair Lumber
Necropolis 225 0 225 0
Halls of the Dead 545 210 575 210
Black Citadel 870 440 900 440

Check out what bots can currently do and work on implementing it.
A notable feature for me would be ingame command support - most notably ingame ping and kick commands.

Nice, thanks for the update guys!

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Just a question. When you say [quote=“classic-1411, post:1, topic:1639”]
Fixed arranged teams

Do you mean you no longer need port forwarding to do arranged teams or just fixed a bug with it?


The Campaigns have been changed ?
Should i start the Campgains from the beginnning? (Also only campgains changed are from TFT ?

i think “Lee” guy played them for the first time ( or long time ago)… thats why he had a blast. The campaigns are not changed.


Here I am just now remembering that I have access to the PTR :expressionless:
oh well, I’m attempting to play it now :smiley:

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[Mac Graphic Glitch Bug Report]

When press ‘F11’ during the game, the screen immediately scrolled to the top of the desktop on Mac OS.

[MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015), OS 10.12.6]

Please fix this issue. Many thanks.

-nativefullscr doesn’t work for me on the shortcut. Is this a normal problem for test builds? It’s my first one.


Currently can’t host games on ptr (neither was my friend able), error message (can’t host game as specified) I was able to to host before the latest update. Can’t even start a lobby.

Someone seemed to be able to host a game, but immediate crash upon trying to enter the lobby.

Is there a specific place to provide feedback/bug reports for PTR?

Anyway, I’ve played a couple skirmishes against normal AI and something’s wrong with it. I have a Human AI ally right now with 21k gold and 9k lumber still at Tier 1 with no weapon/armor upgrades, still spamming footmen and riflemen. In a match earlier my Orc ally also stayed stuck at Tier 2. Night Elves seem fine as far as I can tell, as are Undead for the most part, tho the AI upgrades their expansion hall at times instead of their main one, which I don’t think is intended?

I also had a random crash way late into another match, but no error message showed up.

UPDATE: After more than 1h of game-time, at 27k gold and 11k wood and with no mine left for them, they upgraded their footmen’s armor and started tiering up in their second expansion’s hall (out of the three they have), another Human AI which got their expansion denied multiple times got their hall to Tier 2 way earlier. I guess it has to do with how many mines they have?
Also, another Undead AI stayed at Tier 2.
Aaand a NElf AI built its base so that the units it’s producing are stuck inside.


It is the AI we got since 2003… and sadly the purpose of the PTR is not fixing it, just testing connectivity crashes etc.

Well, it’s never been perfect but it’s never been this bad, I played 1.27 recently while I was testing some stuff and in that version it worked pretty okay.

EDIT: Yeah, still the same scripts

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