Beta Notes

Could you guys add MMR so that the game is actually playable?

Do you understand that experienced players get bored playing against people that don’t know a single build order 90% of the time? That new players don’t want to play against Moon in their first game?

Don’t you want people to play more than three games before getting bored or frustrated?

This is just… Awful, add MMR, until you do the beta is unplayable. At least add some basic simple skill tiers or something… Any

With the way you’ve gone about rolling out reforged I could swear that you are deliberately trying to annoy your fans.


well… Just what I thought would happen…

Hm, my FPS rate dropped aswell. I have a gtx1080ti, 7700k cpu and playing with 80 fps, dropping randomly to 40 for half a second every now and then.

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can we finally play on windows 8 and the black screen bug got fixed?

A-attack command not working correctly.
Canceling current buildings with ESC button not working correctly.

Have you guys fixed the bug of some buffs not being customized in custom games?

i agree, my friend an i are probably somewhere like 26-4 in 2v2 AT. Getting queued versus random team opponents isn’t fair and getting queued versus people who don’t know what they’re doing also isn’t fair. We’re decent at the game but not 26-4 good so adding some form of MMR or level system would be so nice. SC2 beta had an entire ladder with divisions. Even if we just had the classic war3 ladder it would still be more competitive.

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you mean the game releases on Monday morning? Custom games are already enabled

yeahh im in bro :wink: gonna search for bugs all day long -.-

Nooo(((( very litle

There will be bugs!!! Finally something for me, now my beta test finally begins :slight_smile:

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and they say blizzard games don’t have bugs…

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Even though my PC is kinda old now, the FPS in this game is just awful. Don’t know what their target market is if you can only run it on a top tier pc.

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He’s saying they updated early to give them more time to patch “aggressively” not that the game will launch on a Monday.

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but he clearly said “Monday morning”. And custom games are already there, so they can’t be coming on Monday morning. I guess it’s a typo and they intended to put something else there?

He meant this Monday morning ( it was morning in California when they added the new update )

They came today. This Monday morning. He was referring to today.


But this Monday morning is already gone, so why would it be called “Upcoming”?

cause their new updates will be fixing bugs from the update we got today, this week we might get more updates about that.


Are you really arguing about this lol, it’s very clear in written form that he meant today and that it was released this morning.
Perhaps this statement was written earlier this morning before actual custom game release and he just pasted what he wrote, in future tense.