Beta Notes

idk, in my opinion if he meant today, then he’d say “today”. You don’t say “upcoming Monday” when you mean today, do you?

Unless he was intending to post this before Monday.

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I see what you mean, could have been worded better and more clearly. I’m not sure why it’s written like that. I took it to mean what I wrote prior but who knows. Definitely possible it was written far in advance and never changed to grammatically fit.

Apologies for coming off as condescending - not my intention.

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AMD GPUs? It runs fine on my Ryzen 7 3700X

I have an AMD Ryzen processor and 2080 Ti nvidia card and I get a good solid 60 fps almost always even with 3 other monitors plugged in. I could concur somebody complaining about AMD is probably referring specifically to graphics card

You know what the purpose of a beta is?

beta bugs…they dun expect that…please dun patch any ! god bless america!

I have a basic pre build pc from newegg cost me about $4900… I think I am fine with the game…

The most recent match I played though I could only get 20 FPS though. Made the game unplayable and I use a RTX 2080 GPU.


Well, there’s always the RoC 2002 beta if you still wanna play war3 beta. I think it was released before the framerate cap was invented, so you get these creepy buttery smooth animations

quick question to everyone,
Is there anyone else that preordered spoils of wars but still isnt in beta?
I feel like i am the only one

Good to know, but I do like looking at the new models…even if some of them are telepathically talking to me.

Is the game going to have a saturation & brightness setting? because right now the game looks so dark and lifeless.

most likely gonna end up playing classic instead of reforged.

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i still cant see the menu screen i can only hear the sound of the game but the screen is still black i can test the game on world editor but after a minute or 2 the screen goes black but i can still hear the game is there any reason for this bug happening i have windows 8.1

Is the beta going to be available for Mac users at any point?

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it makes us better human beings

There will be bugs.


Chat window is not always selected and its difficult to write in lobby than W3 General chat. Can we have that fixed? Also how to invite a friend to play custom game? He need to know the exact same name of the game name?

I hope you guys are getting all the data you need! :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m liking the improvements so far. Hopefully we can put more emphasis on the terrain such as the Northrend and Sunken Ruins tilesets.

Can we get cheat codes to make heros reach lvl 6 and 10, respectively?

That’s would save alot of time

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