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@pete stilwell

it seems like keeping the compatibility with wc3 classic is a huge problem. wouldnt it be better for the whole project to drop compatibility (except for the option to import old maps)?

almost all wc3 fans are gonna get reforged anyway, sooo down the line, say 12 months or something, the whole fuzz about having classic and reforged crossplay possible will be kinda irrelevant and we’re stuck with lots of complicated issues.

you clearly put alot of effort into making it possible, but still it seems to be extremely hard and prone to bugs and limitations.

maybe it is time to evaluate the situation anew? i certainly wouldnt be mad about “reforged only”, as aoe 2 definitive also isnt compatible with the old version, but makes up for it with lots of improvements.
id imagine coping with the engine would be easier, if you wouldnt have to support two games simultaniously.

@ topic

should we report errors with maps in the forums (+ download link at e.g. epicwar)? can we have embedded pictures enabled in the beta forums please? its such a hassle to do the stuff with links. thanks :slight_smile:

love the progress you guys do! keep it up


We should make a mega thread “There will be bugs feedbacks” and not allow trolling.

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Сhannel connection error!

I expected everything, but not that.

There shall be bugs. And bugs there be!

Finally a replay option. <3

There will be Anub’araks


Why am I downloading a 15GB patch? Can you include what you guys changed, a whole patch list?


Looks like cheat codes don’t work in solo custom games.

Because its online mode. They never worked online.

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  1. When you guys gonna release the game?

  2. What is the actual size of the final game?

  3. Are you going to fix Grom Hellscream? (No Blademaster class and abilities please)

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will there be bugs? yes there will, tribore always finds bugs

There will be bugs…

Zerg as the 5th race in Warcraft 3 Reforged…heard it from Pete Stillwell himself :slight_smile:

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How about making this playable to people with AMD? Friends of mine want to try it out with me but still cant play it.

Any updates coming to shaders or graphics?


the game still needs to be optimized, one of the thing that it needs the most right now

  • Bugs with recent patch atm
    Can’t change the AI difficulty on custom games tab
  • the music from the menu still plays during a match in an endless loop
  • Moonwells have missing model and animation (at times) while building

-not entirely a bug, but we still can’t play against AI in an offline match, Custom lobbies are hosted through the current beta servers

Ah, don’t have time tonight. But thanks for the patch!

There will be bugs :smiley:

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I guess no one doubted that there will be bugs

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Agreed. Imagine EA trying to allow NHL 2000 to play seamlessly with NHL2020. It’s just absurd.

Pete, are you still doing well? Don’t be afraid of bugs.

My Name is Bugs,
Ther will be bugs

From james Bond :smiley:

Nice update, 100 fps to 30 fps in versus games, blizzard god! congrats

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