Pre-order Skins - Remastered - Sale

I missed my pre-order by only a few days back when this game released, and all these years later I’m still wondering if those who missed out will be able to acquire these skins at some point.

Will these skins ever be put on sale?

I inquired with the customer service team and they told me to consider making a suggestion to the development team within these forums.

Any information would be greatly appreciated



I made a similar topic a year ago or so. No blue responses. I’m in the same boat as you, and would love to be able to purchase these.

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Hello there,
I too want those skins and I cannot get them.
Blizzard, pleas add them as purchasable item.

Best regards


Very little of the original development team is still working at Blizzard. No harm in asking but I doubt you’ll get a response. The blue posts here are mainly community managers and customer support reps.

As far as I know the skins were limited to preorder and to some limited edition boxed sets that were only released in South Korea.

There were consoled connected to BlizzCon and live concert tickets that were supposed to be available for purchase later, but those still haven’t shown up in the online store. Aside from Remastered and Cartooned it’s just been some announcers who only speak Korean.


We already asked and made thousands of post about this topic.

The reason why they dont do it, is because that would undermine the narrative of pre-order skins. That they are unic for that interval of time (before release).
Specially in connection with the call of duties that Activison, the company that actually owns Blizzards, launches every year.

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Hay que tener fe hombre

I dont want this skins to ever be on sale, that is the one asset only pre-release owners should have, if they make this skins available for purchase i would be mad. So no Blizzard never sell those.


Wow, are you for real? Are you seriosly deny people from that small content that’s been released for the game? For the same game that has such a low playerbase, and you deny these people some content just to feel exclusive? You are disgusting.


I am nobody to chose anything, i am just saying what i think, there are certain things that signify a value that is unique and shall not be shared. I agree that skins for the CC, NEXUS and HATCHERY should be created for people to purchase (we need another skin change like Cartoon)…just other skins, maybe they can look quite similar but never the same, people that supported the game prior to the release should always get a feeling they are unique. Life is like that, at the beginning of last year I signed a petition in my bank to give certain amount of money to different charities every 2 months, and other every month, the people that donates once per month where given bigger letters in a plaque that is now on placed on the corridor of the Stock Exchange center, everyone can see their names, while mine (because i only did it every 2 months) only received and small Email of thank you. i don’t feel that all of a sudden i should be able to have my name on that.

You have to learn the difference between something that signifies an extra commitment from something that is uniquely aesthetic.

If you are to young and immature and feel entitled to things you have’t payed for then so be it, it is your opinion but is nothing than just a child tantrum. I am so sad that you where not capable of purchasing pre order skins. Those should be unique, they are a unique identifier and a badge of honor not to be shared ever, at least that is my opinnion…now if Blizzard ever want to do a survey and you have to logging with an account that has the pre-order skins to vote on behalf of opening them for sale, ill probably vote YES,…but not like this.

In the other hand things like the “Music Special Console” that was sold in Korea are quite unfair because people on the west had no way of paying them, people totally miss that special skin. But the pre-order skins NEVER


Im 37, and I have pre-ordered the game twice on two different accounts, so you are as far from the truth as one could ever be. I just understand people who want to feel a little fun and variousness in the game that is considered dead by the vast majority of gamers, and only those who passionately love the game are still playing it. And to deny these people that little piece of cake called “visual aesthetics”, which is not like one out of one hundred, is a very selfish egoistic act. The rule of uniqueness for pre-order bonuses is a pretty common and normal thing in normal games, but we are talking about a 23-year-old legendary game, which is being starved by Activision. Playerbase is low, content is abscent, very few of those we have are actually purchasable — cartoon, Korean commentators and 2 Orchestra skins, that is all. On the other hand we have pre-order skins, Blizzcon-17, -18, 20-year anniversary all of which are barred and inaccessible. That’s 4 available vs 4 blocked pieces of content. I think regular rules do not apply to such a unique game as SC:R, which is very poor on content.


I also have preorder skins and wouldn’t mind Blizzard selling them


Like The100YOU said, it should depend on the will of the owners of the said pre-ordered skins. You just want to take away what others have earned.
I don’t like any benefit that’s solely based on exclusiveness, but I don’t like unfairness either.

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What did you do to call them “earned”? Did you pay any more than anyone else? No. You just did it earlier, but still same amount of money. This is not what I define as being “earned” in my book. We don’t have almost any content for the game. The last being Orchestra skins which I’ve been asking Activision to add into the game (#1 Console skins discussion, #2 ADD NEW CONSOLE SKINS ALREADY! Come on, Blizzard, how long does it take?!), as they promised to do when they first announced them for Korean community only back in the 2019. The game is literally dead but you keep fighting over damn cosmetics to be exclusive, instead of encouraging Activision to make them available, to keep new players interested in the game and to allow the playerbase to grow. You are greedy and dumb.

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And lets not forget that if you didnt purchase Warcraft 3 Reforged you wont get that either, me you ask?, i have a complete perfect account with all the assets. (Insert Evil Laugh)

Lol, funny to speak about charity and entitledment in the context of premium pre/order skins…

Funnier is even the fact thay you take the example of korea in connection to some consoles that supposedly were only sold there…
Korea the place that literally changed starcraft, BLizzard, games and created e-sports …
Why does Korea not have the right to feel special ? Not the west or what ?
You cant have it both Mr. entitled either they are your argumments or they are not. Either you buy into the philsophie of exclusivity with social consequences or your words can not be taken as what they claim.

I would imagine that the first point concerning more of a class system dividing pre-orderers and the rest is mainly based on being part of the previliged class.
But carefull, when they get the wrong side of the stick. Because they are already expecting to get everything. Funnier is the fact that at least the golden and silver music console is already avaible for anyone that likes to do charity for Banks or Blizzard.

More interesting would be to actually do research on the fact that you still can get pre-releases of starcraft remastered, with the pre -skins in Korea.
Points to research would be are they still producing them? Does Korea still have some sort of japanese retro phyisical copies of video games store. Only in KoreA?

wtf, whats wrong with you?

Aun tengo fe… por ahora

Well, at least the console skins from the orchestra concerts are available for purchase now.

I would love to pay to get the pre-order skins if they are ever for sale again.