[Main Thread] Graphics Driver Too Old Error

When I tried to load the sc, it says that I need to update my laptop with the latest graphic card driver. However, my laptop manufacturer does not provide a newer driver anymore. Can I resolve the issue?


It happens exactly the same. Intel HD 3000 (1.6GB).
Before the update I had no problems

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Same here. The patch notes say the driver update monitor was intended. However, it prevents the playing of a game that was perfectly playable before. And, BTW, no new driver updates are available for my hardware.

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Yup. Worked about 8 hrs ago for me, now after the update, no good. I don’t want to update my driver because then I get the “unexpected error” bs.


It happenes to me the same

Blizzard did it again…

Common Blizzard’s Guys, back to the lastest patch or made a new one!!

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I managed to fix the problem by updating my graphics driver through HP instead of the intel site listed.

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fixed for intel hd 3000 ?

Hi to all. Im afraid Starcraft remastered isnt longer compatible with HD 3000

I visited Intel homepage and not found any driver for Intel HD 3000

But i found this driver compatible with 2nd and 4th gen intel video drivers . Please test if this driver works with Intel HD 3000

Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows [15.33]*

(just add the https)

Hey all,

A patch just rolled out to help with some of the HD driver issues. Give it another try and post results in this thread if you like.

yes, it works with intel hd 3000, but the performance is bad

Surprises me that I can launch Hearthstone and Diablo III as well as SC2, but not the original 20 year old starcraft that doenst have the high end graphics.

I got the same problem… Haven’t played StarCraft in a week… I’m sad grouchy nerd these days… I have hp 7900 with GMA Intel integrated graphics from 1500bc …someone smart please solve me problems! :persevere:

Thanks, I’m try that.

Yo I got same problem…sad face…

Y’all should try to uninstall your display driver and then check for update. You uninstall your display driver like any other program. Go to control panel under programs click uninstall a program then find your driver (mine says Intel graphics controller) if you can’t find it try installing a different version and the install date will be on the day you installed it so you will know which one it is. Restart your PC, and then go to device manager and right click on your display driver and click check for update. Before it kept telling me everything is up to date when I did this it installed the new driver version and brood war now works.

come back, they fixed the problem !

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