Your favorite Cinematic

I consider a single reaclamation and unity, se between several of LotV is really dificult to say which is better, Amon’s defeat in Aiur had its emotional point, the fight of Artanis from Zeratul, if I’m honest when they said best, the first thing I thought was Alone, after I was remembering the others

Too bad that blizard skimped on the expense, Skylemon could have done a great job
this artis is tryng remaking bit of cinematics like zerling in intro broodwar o fenix fall
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There are many of them, but I’m sticking to one per game.

Sc1 : Mengsk’s coronation.
BW : UED’s report.
WoL : A Better Tomorrow.
HotS : Opening Cinematic.
LotV : Alone.


Yo his stuff is amazing.

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Everyone already brought up the good ones, so I’ll just say “Lester & Sarge.”


I was teasing; don’t take it too seriously!

Back from the jail. Also I lost my profile picture (filed a ticket). Nrrgh.

I was kinda surprised you forgot it. Although I saw you saying Amerigo from miles away.

And say what you want about HotS, but that intro is fire.

Zerg steamrolling through an urban landscape, that music pretty much dominating my entire memory of HotS soundtrack, that one Viking pilot.

Also I will say it again, WoL’s intro was a mistake. They should not have made it clear Tychus was a mole. Fact that I accidentally skipped the cinematic when I played for the first time might be one of the reasons why I am so fond of WoL.


what can i say i’m not good at parties :laughing:. I saw the opportunity to talk about my internal discussions and I took it :nerd_face: :sunglasses: :face_with_monocle: :laughing:

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I was hoping this one would come up. Classic.

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We must agree that if there is something Blizzard did right, it’s the cinematics.


Yes and that’s why the fact that N’Zoth cinematic was such a failure is a huge indicator things are not healthy.

I got to see this. A link, please?


Also, you know you are allowed to look stuff up right :P’?

I am? Wow, I am!

(Actually, I did, but I’m not sure which cinematic you’re referring to, so I think it’s faster to just ask.)

Overall, I’ve always found Blizzard Entertainment’s pre-rendered and game engine cinematics to be top notch.

Have you seen the one I sent?

Not before you post it. And yes, it’s bad. It doesn’t feel epic, overly detail or well model.

Did wow go full chosen one with the adventurer?

Also yhea this looks underwhelming but than again packing N’Zoth away so quickly kinda guaranteed that.

I just realize it; the voice actor sucks.

They used to deliver their line with… I don’t know passion? Anyway, they sounds so bland here…

It’s a sad day when even Carbot mock your cinematic :3


It’s a sad day when he does so without affection.

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