Your favorite Cinematic

Titel says it all, what is your favorite cinematic? I have 2 and those are " a better tomorrow" and the Bar fight between Jim and Tychus

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Im a big fan of the one where the hybrid just beats the living daylights out of Kerrigan while Artanis watches. That was well played coming off of HotS.


Ahh yes where she got Hulk smashed


I just love that one where Artanis being badass with Zeratul ‘narrating’ the ordeal.


The bells ring when the prince arrives at the kingdom. The bridge comes down as Arthas and his “royal guards” approach it. The crowd is tossing flower petals over the corridors of the capital. Arthas catches one and rubs it, causing the petal to decay. He then tosses it to the ground and continues to the throne room. King Terenas hears his son approaching from the other side. Arthas slams open the doors as he walks towards his father’s throne. Terenas stands up from his throne as his son draws out his sword Frostmourne and kneels.

This one is better for me than any other WoL-LotV cinematic. That’s pretty disappointing. However, probably Shakuras and Intro ones would be close behind it.


My 2 favorite cinematics?
I guess the final cinematic of Legacy of The Void (the one where they exile Amon from Khala). Can’t find any better.
Maybe the Zeratul VS Artanis battle.

  1. LotV Intro
  2. Death of the Overmind
  3. Battle on the Amerigo

The LotV opening cinematic remains my favorite. It just perfectly encapsulates everything that makes the Protoss so awesome.


It’s hard to choose. Even the cinematics from some of the worst story beats are beautifully done. I’d have to go back through and look at them all again to really decide. HotS’s and LotV’s openers were really good. But LotV also has some really good in-game ones too.

Honestly that one is a joy. Cathartic af.

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Speaking of cinematics from terrible story beats. I have a soft spot for Azmodans introduction in D3 “You thought you were so clever… “. It’s a good bit where he’s both taunting Diablo and punking Leah into bringing the soul stone right to him, and I really enjoy his voice acting.

It’s just a shame that’s the only time in the game he’s anything other than an utter embarrassment.


reclamation+Unity and Alone (Artanis destroy shakuras)

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You dare put Alone in a third place!?

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I always liked A better Tomorrow, gave the raiders some more depth and made the different standpoints of the three characters very clear.

I also like to think that tosh was being prophetic again when he said the part about tomorrow being a different mengks.

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My top 5 are

  1. Death of the Overmind
  2. Battle on the Amerigo
  3. Alone
  4. Zeratul vs Artanis
  5. Bar fight between Raynor and Tychus
    Honorable Mention ( Haven’s Fall + where Kerrigan gets beaten by a Hybrid)
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Can anyone explain the appeal? I’m not saying that it’s bad; I just don’t see why it’s so appealing.

It’s like a scene from Alien.


I really don’t think anything comes close to LOTV trailer.

For a Starcraft fan, you know the story so it will resonate harder. For someone new, the animation is very fluid, and the action is just better than other cinematics.

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Hey all,

@Skehan is temp-banned, but asked me to post the following for him:

End of Rebel Yell, Death of Overmind

End of Haven’s Fall, HotS and LotV intro.

Artanis not looking at explosions on Shakuras.


For StarCraft II specifically, my favourite in-game cinematic is in “Heart of the Swarm” when Kerrigan thinks Raynor has been executed and screams. It’s a great scene where she basically breaks, and then the Zergling comes in and she clicks into “everyone and everything dies” mode.

In terms of CG cinematic, I’d say the “Heart of the Swarm” intro.


Forgot about that. One of the best speeches and world building in video games. Would love to see it remastered.