Your favorite character

There’s the civilians, female co-op mission leaders, female units/variations, and maybe a couple other categories I am missing. It’s not much, but there is a selection.

I’d go banshee myself for hottest sc2 terran, but if we’re including other races for whatever reason adepts are pretty nice.

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I couldn’t agree. Except for maybe the last mission. Kerrigan isn’t a menace that she was during Wing of Liberty.

The worst example is that mission where you destroy moebius’ data core. She just feel stupid and weak. Seriously, if I am in charge of making that mission, I would make her travel to our base and destroy it after each successful demolition; forcing us to make a new one every time. She could use the Nydus to travel around popping between wreaking our bases and searching data core. Not wasting her time walking. I don’t mind she taking time searching the core; she isn’t a programmer.

En Taro Zeratul

What are you guys smoking? Kerrigan was garbage in wings of liberty, nothing but Azmodan-style taunts. In BW her dialog would cut you with it’s biting sarcasm and wit.

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kerrigan goes up and down, goes uphill to broodwar, is menacing but with less interesting dialogues in WoL, becomes passive. go up with heart of swarm developing the real kerrigan in Lotv becomes the she can do everything alone and don’t get in the way. But unlike some here I liked all this about the infinite cycle and the idea that the xelnaga are a fusion of infinite beings. but end fight well, she is still stubborn as a goddess like Lotvoid campaing

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Pretty sure I’ve said this the last time there was a “favorite” thread, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Daggoth serving the senior-type role as the superior Cerebrate to the player. I’ve always felt that they could have done A LOT more with Daggoth.


I think we had different experiences. The first time you see her in game she chases you down in Zeratul’s missions. I thought that felt pretty threatening. First time I actually lost a mission. Every time she showed up the tension in the scene rose and the mission got harder. Besides, gameplay nitpicks don’t really have much bearing on a lore convo.

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Impossible! We first saw her when we took the second Artifact.

Okay, it kind of is.

I don’t feel that. Probably because it was all hard for me.

Usually, I would agree with you, but this is one of the few time where I think gameplay factor in. It’s about the feel, you know? Ever steamroll a boss because you are 10 level higher? The game can try to build the boss up to be a menace, but then when you face them for real, they need to live up to it. Otherwise, the whole experience is just all bark and no bite.

Kerrigan seems weak and stupid in that Data Core mission. The last mission, she just comes off as tedious than threatening; they should have send her just once at the end and have her truly be a force of nature.

Spirit I have a stinger for you.

Did you win WoL on Brutal yet?

Also, you can’t even harm Kerrigan in that mission. You avoid her (and most of the bigger threats) in WoL until Char as much as possible.

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Also, I will say it again, Vorazun is criminally underrated because she is overshadowed by Alarak.


Define “sus?”

Yeah, I don’t play too much anymore either, but I’m psyched for Mileena as she’s one of my mains from the past two games. Overall though, the gameplay of Mortal Kombat 11 is not very aggression-based and combo focused, and aggression and combos are what I like in a fighting game.

Completely agree. I personally don’t even mind “the bad years,” as you call them, though they’re obviously not as strong.

Still counts as a character.

Starcraft: Brood War is my favourite representation of the character. Writing her dialogue in the Custom Campaign I made a few years back was some of the most fun I had with said Campaign. She was just so nasty, arrogant, and in a position to get away with it.

Yup, she instant kills you if you get too near, as I recall.

And welcome back.

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Terminology from Among Us - short for suspicious.

Also hi.

Also Nova is animated damn fine that guy isn’t wrong about that.

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Well… yes.

I don’t want to sound like a tool, but the fact that you can avoid her is really bug me. This is not Prologue where she is indifferent to Zeratul. I just don’t understand why she isn’t coming to our base.

She is? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is that game any good?

'Aight you get a pass. I just remember you complaining about the difficulties of certain missions.

Because she sucks at strategy? How do you think she almost wasted Swarm in between HotS and LotV. Also, she focuses on the cores, and in her hubris she underestimates Jimmy. Being underestimated is generally Raynor’s biggest strength.

For many. To me she’s the unsung hero of LotV.

It’s great, but you need to play with friends. At least 6 of you and using voice chat.

She doesn’t seem suck back in Ω.

Because she has been killing numerous Hybrid all over the Sector?

Yeah, you’re right.

You’re not alone, Brother.

Not for me, then… I don’t have that many friend who are into video game. Also, I hate voice chat. It feels so intrusive, somehow…

This is SC2 Kerrigan.

It’s Swarm for crying out loud. Hybrids or not, how do you throw away almost inexhaustable resource.

Yeah, you’re paranoid we know.

My point exactly!

Isn’t the Hybrid controlling its own Swarm? Beside, she just need time to regrows her army; not completely lost it.

The point is mismanagement of her forces once she loses the Player tag.

Yeah that’s why I specified in-game. Probably should’ve been more clear. I mean when her unit first spawns in the mission, not the first time you interact with her at all.

“sus” as in “I want Zagara to hug me.”

Preach. I think all the new Protoss characters were decent to great.

It’s pretty fun, yeah. Also it ruins friendships.

As to the Kerrigan discussion; you’re talking about the same Kerrigan who got punked by Tassadar, tricked by Duran, and caught with her pants down on a space platform separated from her main forces on Char. Woman’s got a speckled history of being startlingly overconfident and just yoloing her way through fights. Because she’s stupidly OP, so failure didn’t really seem to be an option even when she made mistakes. Until the artifact came along.

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