Your favorite character

A classic thread topic. It’s been awhile since we visited this. Who is your favorite(s) and why?

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Mr. Malmsteen and because he took us into orbit.


“I fear no enemy for the Khala is my strength.
I fear not death for my strength is eternal.”


Overmind in SC it portrayed a threat that did not contemplate moral notions it was an entity that embraced a Darwinian predestination to unite life in a powerful enemy I still like when they call it the beast through missions and SC2, Artanis ,I liked Artanis’ trip and his way of approaching the problems, questioning situations openly or internally, he is somewhat clumsy when dealing with the emotion Vorazun and her represented but does it well enough to measure the waters

Ouros, fight me! 2020

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Could you even call Ouros a character? He feels more like a plot device.
Hill has a better characterization then he did.

And yes I am fighting you.

I name Matt Horner because as far as right hand man goes he does his job well.


Oh, it’s so on!

He is the motivation behind all of Zeratul act! And he give Kerrigan her sexy Phoenix form and…

Sorry, I can’t keep this up… Yeah, even calling him a plot device is generous!


Glorified battery maybe?

And who is your real pick?

Can we dissect them and only pick part that we like?

If we can, I will pick Kerrigan from Episode I to VI. She was awesome all the way through! Until Wing of Liberty happens, that is…

If we can’t, I’ll go Artanis. He was a very close third back then (with Zeratul being second, but then we know what happens to him). And then Legacy of the Void was released and his appeal skyrocket for me.


Nova is arguably one of the hottest chicks in the universe


I’d say Kerrigan was fine until HotS. Really until Flashpoint. That’s when the problems started.

But HotS, man. HotS hurt my soul.

Tbh I’d sooner date Zagara.


@Skehan asked me to post the following due to his temp-ban:

Original Game Jimmy, BW Stukov, Tychus in WoL, Aba in HotS, Vorazun in LotV… but the overall winner is current day Nova


BW Duran is under appreciated TBH.


Yes, he’s a character.

Is it weird of me to say I would too? By the way, still playing Mortal Kombat 11?

I personally think the character is overall.

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For me, Kerrigan is still my fav character in the franchise. I was blown away when she first emerged from that cocoon and the direction they took the character in. It was basically the equivalent of the Revan moment for me.


Dating Zagara is kinda sus, and I’m sus as heck.

And not anymore really. Kinda fell off with it. I played some Sheeva for awhile but got bored with the game.

Last night I was once again coming to terms with the fact that I still like Kerrigan. Her story took some hiccups in the last few years, and good lord did it end incomprehensibly weird. Like. What do you even do with it? Her doing the fusion dance with space Dumbo, turning into the Phoenix Force, and kamehamehaing space Satan? How do you even tackle that?

But I still like everything outside of the bad years, and even a few of the character beats from the weird times. What I liked about her 10, 15 years ago I still like about her now. And that stuff hasn’t really changed.


One that is far to bland to have any depth to it. They just added him to have a powerful good guy to balance out amon for some reason.

Still wondering why amon didn’t off him before the “heroes” arrived.


Something something “make him watch the world he made die” something something.

I think it was along those lines, but icba to care.

While I agree with the sentiment thats not really a testament to her hotness as it is the lack of hotness with all other starcraft characters. Like if your going terran waifu your left with what, Hansen, Han, early hots Kerrigan, are these characters really hot?