Your character rating (each campaign has own rating)

So let’s rate the characters within their games and say why. It is a personal opinion. I can forget some characters.
Wings Of Liberty:

  1. Raynor - badass.
  2. Matt Horner - He is just a good guy and his story with poker…
  3. Hanson. Nice researcher, I stopped to let her die on Haven.
  4. Swann - I liked him. Interesting version of the engineer
  5. Tosh - Somehow I started to like him. Phantoms are interesting but he is too radical.
  6. Stettman - He is nice but he shines only in COOP.
  7. Valerian - He is just… a prince. Like Anduin.
  8. Zeratul. If he appeared more often and was more badass, he would be higher.
  9. Selendis and all other protosses. They act like “don’t you dare enter our realm TERRAN”. Hate them for that.
  10. Nova - She will shine in NCO, not now. Right now she is just serving for dominion.
  11. Tychus. Traitor. I hate him for that.
  12. Kerrigan. She is just a villain, what did you expect?

Heart of The Swarm.

  1. Stukov - He is my fellow Russian, he has an incredible story and character.
  2. Zagara - It is incredible to watch her become cleverer through the game.
  3. Dehaka - Gotta love that beard.
  4. Abathur - He just roasts Kerrigan 24 \ 7. Love that guy
  5. Valerian - nice guy. Like him here
  6. Raynor - You appeared for like 2 missions… what did you expect?
  7. Izsha - Adjutant but zerg. Nothing else
  8. Kerrigan - Mary Sue to me. She is like “I am gonna kill everyone and die one day, so who cares?”
  9. Mengsk - Well… he just sucks here. Idk why.

Legacy of The Void.

  1. Fenix (Talandar) - Great character development, loved it.
  2. Karax - He has some character development, at least. From a shy technician to a warrior, that’s what I liked.
  3. Rochana - I loved her character development. She became less conservative, at least.
  4. Alarak - Badassness 100 but no development. Too selfish for it.
  5. Vorazun - Don’t hate Zeratul. Please. Don’t boo yourself for destroying Shakuras, please. Please.
  6. Terran and Zerg characters - they are just like useless teammates just giving you key story things.
  7. Selendis - 99% of the time she is under Amon, after that she is just “LMAO alliance is a joke”.
  8. Amon - He is just a strange villain, to be honest. Really. They could put more effort into his development, but right now I state him as “mad mad lad”.
  9. Artanis - Idk why but I didn’t like him at all. No development. Though it’s just me.
  10. Zeratul - he is the last because he died.

Nova: Covert Ops.

  1. Nova - That’s her time to shine.
  2. Valerian - nice emperor here I see.
  3. The guy that helped Nova (I forgot his name) - Why did they put a romance reference with him?
  4. Horner - again he just helps a lot.
  5. Alarak - Oh now you are the villain? Oof. Badass as usual, but you became dumb.
  6. Davis - Traitor, but she is why we have this campaign. So… why not?
  7. Those ghosts - They are just for 1-2 missions, that’s it.

Order is irrelevant.


Jimmy Boy - you should really drink less. Also you had a wife, where is HER foto?

Horner - the actual moral compass, pretty decent guy, while still practical. He could loosen up a bit though. 8/10

Tychus - Better Duke Nukem than Duke Nukem. Actual protagonist of WoL in the sense that he goes through character development. #HeLetRaynorKillHim

Ariel - Freaking Hypocrite who is completely fine with burning out Meinhoff, but goes apeshizzle once we touch her damn dirt farmers.

Swann - actually pretty funny sometimes

Stetmann - a stereotype, not a character

Tosh - He’s ‘da best ‘mon 9/10

Graven Hill - voice to die for NR

Selendis - was right all along NR

Nyon - don’t take drugs or you will end up as this guy 2/10

Valerian - very much like Nova he comes to his own right in NCO

Nova - hated my girl back there. Things changed. NR

Warfield - he’s with the bad guys, but he’s a good bloke 8/10


Kerrigan - wub, wub, wub, we took your artifacts you scrub. Applies to Nyon as well. NR

Orlan - you had that coming 7/10

Mira - you are nuts, but hey I don’t mind 8/10

Adjutant - absolute bae 10/10


Kerrigan - hypocrite, mass murderer, would infest your grandma 2/10

Stukov - yeah, he’s great 9/10

Dehaka - ESSENCE is one helluva’ motivator. 9/10

Abathur - our favorite mad scientist slug 10/10

Zagara - Good at being Zerg. What is Vision my Queen for crying out loud? 7/10

Raynor - hypocrite and a shizzy friend 3/10

Primals - dummies NE

Zurvan - Baal 2/10

Narud/Duran - dummy from DBZ 3/10

Broken-horned Zergling - Badass 10/10

That Viking pilot - badass 10/10

That Marine with a car - We feel ya buddy. 10/10

Lasarra - was right all along NR


Vorazun - my girl. Severely underappreciated. Only one who could stand being on a mission with Alarak 10/10

Alarak - John De Lancie at his finest

Artanis - a bit dull at times, but easily the best protagonist in the main second saga, because he actually struggles. 7,5/10

Karax - boring, but not terrible 6/10

Talandar - good homage to OG Fenix 8/10

Rohana - that one racist grandma. They could have made her right at least once you know.

Amon - worst character. 0/10

Ma’lash - it was fun killing you at least 4/10

Zeratul - bad way to go NR

Ouros - oh wait, you are the worst actually. (-1)/10

Kerrigan - is he though? NR


Nova - the best. Struggles most out of alk protagonist, averting player has to win trope. Ruthless yet compassionate. Loyal to people not to the government.

Valerian - showing shades of daddy and I like it. 8/10

Davis - no you two are not similar 5/10

Reigel - average loyal sidekick tech guy 6/10

Alarak - bit worse. I still love you though. 9/10

Ji’nara - trying to best Nyon at being trash? 2/10

Emperor Mengsk not rated.

Too great at everything.


burned it in a mourning and farewell ritual ith other objects in Mar sara

People have more problems with the death of the people they know and more with the communities that help build

people act like people like that don’t exist, stereotypes are born of people

[quote=“Skehan-2515, post:2, topic:11670”]
Selendis - was right all along NR
[/quote]Rohana - that one racist grandma. They could have made
selendis is almost Rohana

human act like human

the cycle is corrupt difficult for a mortal to understand

she decides to leave the government when it does not decide to shoot first and later ask really she was quite comfortable doing the dirty work of strange Arturus that is hard with Kerrigan in a much worse situation Nova entered service when the academies were a school course and not SAW’s game with a lot of drugs
and falls into discomfort when Valerian does not decide to break the law to carry out an illegal execution, she had no real pretext except that Valerian was soft.
Davis and Nova misses Arcturus the strong leader who doesn’t care about clumsy legality

I don’t understand what you mean by this.

He does!?!?!

Care to give me some advice on how to play him?

Why is he not the last place? I don’t care what kind of criteria you use, there is no way he places above anyone!

Yeah, what is it? I play the campaign multiple time now; yet, the meaning eludes me.

Nah, it’s Amo- Yeah, you’re right…


Hey, I’m just curious and meant no offend. Is there a reason why your English is hard to read?

even if are hater of Amon, yet we have Egon, Narud, the NPCs of the hyperion, or Nyon.

dyslexia, lack of care and use a traductor

Pot, meet kettle. Just saying.

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Obviously, but they were infested. That wasn’t Jimmy’s fault. Horner even foreshadowed that.


I alluded to her defending people on Tyrador from Tal’Darin without them even knowing it was her.

Davis had too much blood on her hands already. She escaped custody just before this mission happened.


Being human doesn’t mean being likable.


Point is he’s not exactly compelling. No depth.


Ok, that was funny.


That’s something a hybrid thrall would say…


Not as much as you would think.

Orders are orders

Wings Of Liberty:

Raynor - depressed guy, sad.
Matt Horner - THATS A COOL ONE, matt boi always underestimated, but he carrys the hyperion on his back…
Hanson. I like her, but actually dont like OMG I LIKE HER, i just like.
Swann - loved it, cool guy with cool jokes, but i dont belive that a combat version of swann on char was necessary, i true prefer him to be just the cool engines
Tosh - Man, i loved his development, "a cool ghost assassin crazy terrazined", but TOO MUCH CRAZINESS, its like: "oh i like you!... what are u doing? man stop... oh boi go back! YOU ARE CRAZY? JUST DIE!".
Stettman - stereotype that i like, good boi
Valerian - just a kid that belives that he is not a kid.
Zeratul - zera beeing zera, op fight against kerrigan, cool missions (protoss gameplay on terran campaing? loveit).
Selendis - ~~my secret crush~~ she was right, we need to stop kerri
Nova - Nah, random character but a cool one, killed tosh, thnks
Tychus - my reaction: "NO, YOU WANNA KILL KERRIGAN? MAAN..." i prefer my horner boi
Kerrigan - good villain, remember bw kerri but 'weaker' lorewise
Graven Hill - nice, a mercenary
Orlan - uuhhh, the bad merc
Mira - uhhh, matthew weaknessssss
Adjutant - <3

Heart of The Swarm.

Stukov - U ARE BACK! perfect character, zero reasons to not like it
Zagara - cool but, but i true dislike her interactions with kerri, she was like "omg learn vision", kerri was just a ghost with (while infestation) controlled zergs, zagara was a better zerg than u will ever be. (and zag is boring, but cool idea and utility)
Dehaka - Zerg Primal... unecessary, but cool; nice voice
Abathur - this little brain was perfect, he can carry every campaign that he can join (aba+stukov = everything this campaign needed)
Valerian - Oh boi, puberty
Raynor - wheres raynor? he is just a feel-in-love kid...
Izsha - Adjutant but zerg. Terran Adjutant is better
Kerrigan - wtvr
Mengsk - sc1 mengsk is better, but this one is cool
zurvan - woah, big big big big boi...
Lassara - so unecessary character...
Narud - bring my Duran back... (dont take me wrong, narud is cool, but in that fight he could fighted like the DURAN in a few moments to joke kerri)
Cinematics - GREAT

Legacy of The Void.

Talandar - he is not fenix, he is a new guy with fenix memories. BUT I LIKE IT! Good idea, good mechanic, good good! He speaks about tassadar as well, perfect
Karax - Breaking the system, engine-boi and fighter-boi, thats cool; protoss with beard and cool personality
Rohana - in this campaign, every character has their own development, like it. Rohana good character but surely dont shine
Alarak - i like, but everyone likes. stereotype. (but i like)
Vorazun - Actually the new Raszagal, what a role! she is young and surelly dont have too much experience, but i belive thats a good character for the future
Selendis - you cant imagine how sad i was because she was with amon, man i love that character and dont having acess to it was very sad. i wanted to see some action with her on epilogue at least
Amon - Just bad
Kerrigan - she is good over here
Artanis - Perfect. Development, decision making, thats a good character (like him since sc1 and bw) (artelendis or artezun?)
Zeratul - died like a (censored), that was sooooooo sad, but that is the life
Ouros - i would prefer tassadar. 1000 times tassadar
Durannarud - U ARE UGLY HEHEH, stukov revenge!!

Nova: Covert Ops.

Nova - Cool character, cool campaign
Valerian - Adult boi
Stone - I feel in love for this guy, good character, good plot
Horner - doing 1vAll like always, best character
Alarak - Better villain than amon, but a little bit cringe that he loses after all that "hoho death fleet", if he was using 'part' of his army would be pretty awesome (dominion wasnt using everything as well)
Davis - there wasnt another character to be the villain? she is strange...
Reigel - cool one, i mean, nice to have you with us, u are very good and isnt cringe
Ji'nara - she is the new alarak from ma'lash, she could be a little bit less... trash?
  • Special thanks to Fenix (when Raynor talks about him with kerrigan, tells that Fenix was important to raynor)
  • Special thanks to Niadra (only viable sc3 plot)
  • Special thanks to Mohandar and Urun (cool bois but they dont appear anywere after in utter darkness)

It really be like that.


Can we have a Matthew campaign? It would be good.

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is funny because is truth, in frontline vol.4 Raynor went to his wife’s grave he took his most precious belongings from a safe and burned it, that survived the planetary destruction but jim gave his wife a farewell

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Oh, so he has the ability to move on. Cool!

But not when it comes to Kerrigan. He’s still crying over her picture and in love with her despite her murdering countless people.

Double standard & stupid writing.

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May be he didn’t love his wife that much. Stupid theories but i think it’s more of

1 is the romeo-juliet effect: the idealization if you find someone great chemistry but you lose them you will surely idelize it as a unique thing, there was no phase of landing the relationship kerrigan was always the girl who could never have the romantic tragedy, however his wife It was a concrete love with a slow loss
2 LMichale Liberty raises Jim’s empathetic bond with kerrigan with the memory of the loss of his son both were ghosts, he was allowed his son to suffer what kerrigan suffered
3 mourning process, Jim’s mourning is slow it takes several years before he meets kerrigan and his farewell ritual is performed in early WoL while the queen of blades is a living monument to the loss and it continues to kill people. this is more similar to the relationship Victor and his monster in the modern prometheus simply the monster you created will not let you forget that is seen in the zero hour cutscene
4 responsibility
Raynor assimilates the death of his wife as something due to life an illness and an accident of his son, Kerrigan’s death is a tragedy that directly considers his fault because he did not arrive on time

5 Ariel is a remembrance of his wife he has decided not to go through being a peaceful person and the slow process of losing his ideal life
Kerrigan is an animal “similar” to him, the Amazon, someone with whom he can identify with his normal way of life and as I said, it is not a question of forgetting that his corpse is around reminding him of his loss.

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Jimmity Raynor: has some solid moments, but overall is hurt by inconsistent writing (some of it the fault of mission order.). 5/10

Matt Horner: Fairly vanilla character but serves his role in the story well and also is the only person that seems to remember this is a revolution and not a crew of pirates hunting for the captain’s bug girlfriend. 8/10

Ariel Hanson: Even more vanilla than Horner, Hanson fills her role in the story effectively but not remarkably. Still a better love interest than Kerrigan. 7/10

Swann: Cowboy. Hotshot. Hotshot. Cowboy. A real shame, the robot arm is pretty cool 5/10

Tosh: I like Tosh, he’s the anti-Horner, the revolutionary completely given over to revenge. 8/10

Stettman: A cringeworthy collection of nerd tropes, he also gets his lab stolen by Hanson and doesn’t get any conversations so he’s barely a character. Somehow later on they managed to make him even worse. 2/10

Valerian Mengsk: Val is kinda just there, don’t learn much about him other than he’s really bad at entrances. 5/10

Zeratul: TIDINGS OF DOOM, Zeratul my boy, they did you dirty. 1/10

Selendis: Great character design, great voice. Is kind of an idiot. 6/10

Nova: Blizzard would like you to know they are very sorry about Starcraft: Ghost. Beyond that she doesn’t get a ton of characterization here. 5/10

Tychus: Hell, it’s about damn time. This guy here, he carries the entire campaign. He’s a bad guy, but a good friend, with enough redeeming qualities that you feel bad when he winds up biting it. 10/10

Kerrigan: Another BW favorite that got done wrong. Barely even a character here. Mostly shows up to inform you that you can’t stop her, usually while in the process of being stopped. 2/10

Arcturus Mengsk: You know the idiot ball he got stuck holding at the end of BW? Well he decided he wanted to keep it. Not the greatest life choice, but hey, you do you. 3/10

Warfield: criminally underrated character. I will die on this hill. Also punches a hydralisk in the face, which you know is in basically every Templar’s job description but is apparently a pretty BA thing for a human to do. 8/10

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Zeratul literally became the very strange thing to me: the person who tells about coming doom (that will come).
I more liked his role in BW and SC1 - from refugees that just want to help to the very needed people on the story.

I forgot about him. He is actually nice and I loved him in both WoL and HotS.

Warfield gives you some perspective.

That the people on the other side of the fence are still people.


To be honest that’s the main reason i disliked Tosh’s will to kill all dominion authorities. Like after Valerian, Nova and Warfield they seem to be not that bad, they just had no choice.

Nova had a choice, but it took time before she took control of herself.

In that sense she mirrors Kerrigan, but Nova got lucky Valerian got in charge eventually, so she could finally use her own brain unimpeded.